With Mother’s Day this weekend and Father’s Day around the corner, HRC asked young people to submit letters and share stories about a caring adult in their life.

This letter, one of many incredible notes received, comes from Miles Sanchez, a former HRC Youth Ambassador. Please read his note and, then share your own words about a caring adult who made an impact on you.

Whether you’re a mom or not, we hope you find this note as heartwarming as we do.

This Mother’s Day, I am grateful for my mom’s support of my crazy gay journey.

There aren’t enough words in the world for me to express my appreciation for my mom, Amber Sanchez.

We might not have shared that emotional teen movie coming out scene, but she has been my biggest supporter on my crazy gay journey … I don’t think I could have asked for anyone better to be there for me.

She has shown me nothing but unconditional love and it would be wrong for me to give anything less back. She has done everything for me -- from watching me get my first binder, taking me to safe spaces to find my community, advocating for me at schools and doctor’s offices, going with me to my first Pride parade, and simply just looking at me and telling me I’m handsome while we are sitting on the couch at home.

Her support helped me reach my own self-love and actualization, because I knew even if the world was against me I could always come back to loving arms and a loving home … and, as long as I have that, nobody else’s opinion of me matters.

It’s so important for LGBTQ youth like me to have a supportive parent or adult figure in their life.  Even if they don’t completely understand what you’re going through, they can still support you and give you the safety to explore who you are at your own pace.

So, thanks, Mom for loving me for me. You model what it means to be an ally of the LGBTQ community through your open-mindedness, your respect for pronouns, your mindfulness and your deep love.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Miles Sanchez
Former HRC Youth Ambassador

P.S. Have a few words to share about a caring adult in your life and their support of the LGBTQ community? Drop us a line!

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