Post submitted by HRC Board Member Liz Baskin

Earlier today I joined with women from across Texas who traveled to Austin to stand against bills pending in the Texas legislature that seek to make discrimination against transgender Texans the law of our state.

As a mother, Texan, Board member of the Human Rights Campaign and an ally of the LGBTQ community, I know these bills are unwise and un-American. If passed, they would hurt Texas and Texans in myriad ways, for no good reason beyond the desire of certain political “leaders” to “win” by summoning division and prejudice.

What do they think – or at least say they think – they are they doing? Trying to "protect" women and girls in restrooms by discriminating against transgender Texans. No, thanks! These bathroom bills are just people playing politics and pandering to manufacture fear. Law Enforcement officials and others have made clear that these bathroom bills are a solution in search of a problem – in fact, worse, because they create problems where there were none. When was the last time you heard of a man pretending to be transgender in order to enter a women’s bathroom? Really???

From across our great state women and others are rising up and saying "No" to any effort to discriminate in the Lone Star State.

I felt empowered today hearing from strong women -- mothers, business owners, faith leaders, speaking truth to power to protect our most vulnerable.

Women do not want these types of bills, and that was clear today. 

I am grateful for the Texas Association of Business for having helped bring women -- from all over Texas -- together today. I am proud of the Human Rights Campaign and other LGBTQ organizations for organizing and mobilizing and helping to lift up and amplify transgender voices in Texas.

Together we rise and say "NO" to any effort to discriminate.

We must keep Texas open to ALL, and reject the politics of division. 

Liz Baskin; HRC Texas; Yall Means All

HRC Texas; Liz Baskin

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