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When Texas’ 2019 legislative session began in January, lawmakers in Austin stated their intention to focus on key funding issues facing Texas -- issues like property tax reform and education funding. Yet anti-equality bills -- bills that are designed to harm LGBTQ Texans and, as a consequence, the businesses that depend on them -- are continuing to advance.

Three anti-LGBTQ bills are scheduled for a hearing Wednesday, May 1, in the House State Affairs Committee. HRC needs everyone to take action and help us stop SB 2485, SB2486 and SB 2487, three municipal preemption bills targeting non-discrimination ordinances.

Here’s three ways you can join the fight:

1. Come to Austin to make your voice heard.

If you’re able, please join HRC in Austin to share your story and testify against these harmful bills. Lawmakers need to know the impact this dangerous legislation will have on the lives of LGBTQ people across Texas.

2. Contact your representative today.

Text TEXAS to 472472 or click here to contact your representatives now.

3. Mobilize others to join the fight.

Right now, you can join HRC to make calls from home to mobilize supporters of equality in other parts of the state. Without a call from a volunteer, these folks may never know what’s happening in Austin. Sign up to help today:

LGBTQ people in Texas need meaningful protections from discrimination in employment. We need everyone to join this fight and tell your representatives to vote NO on SB 2485, SB 2486 and SB 2487.

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