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A proposed regulation from the Trump-Pence Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would blatantly allow healthcare providers a license to discriminate based on their own personal beliefs.

By weaponizing HHS rules against women and LGBTQ people across the country, the Trump-Pence administration is telling millions their health doesn’t matter. The personal views of individual providers cannot and should never be prioritized over life-saving patient care.

It’s as simple as that.

Join HRC in fighting to stop this harmful and discriminatory regulation by speaking out.

We’re not going to mince words here: This proposal is dangerous for women and LGBTQ people across the country. By prioritizing healthcare providers' beliefs over patient wellbeing, it unjustly restricts millions from accessing critical healthcare services they need

We’re not just talking in hypotheticals:

  • These are transgender individuals needing access to transition-related care.
  • These are women seeking critical fertility treatments and reproductive care.
  • These are people fighting the spread of HIV with PrEP.

We’re talking about our community, our friends, our family members, and our colleagues. We’re talking about people like you and me.

A chorus of voices is stronger than one on its own. Let’s shut down this harmful proposal — and let’s do it together.

We have until March 27 to send HHS as many messages as we can. Use our template and take a few minutes to tell them exactly what you think of this proposal.

Join HRC in flooding the HHS with comments today. We need to shut this proposal down for good. Click here and submit your message.

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