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During this time of uncertainty amidst the current COVID-19 global health crisis, supporting those in our communities who are the most at risk has never been more important. That includes older adults -- especially LGBTQ older adults. With that in mind, the HRC Foundation and Advocates and Services for LGBT Elders (SAGE) have released a new resource that explains the reasons why LGBTQ older adults are particularly vulnerable during the COVID-19 health crisis, and helps to ensure they are getting the care they need. 

LGBTQ elders are particularly vulnerable to the health risks of COVID-19 and are concerned about discrimination, in both in-home and residential care settings (60%) and with their health care provider (40%). LGBTQ older adults also face greater risks from social isolation -- a necessary public health effort during COVID-19 -- that can have a direct impact on their health and well-being. 

“This critical new resource is extremely important for LGBTQ older adults, caregivers and community members alike,” said Dan Stewart, Associate Director, HRC Foundation’s Aging Equality Project. “During this time of crisis, we must be protecting all of our community members, including LGBTQ older adults. And we need everyone to step up and do their part to keep each other safe and healthy. HRC was proud to partner with SAGE on creating this resource, and we’ll continue to work together to assist and uplift those who are most at risk in our communities.” 

“With LGBT older people at high risk for COVID-19 infection due to not only their age, but also health disparities and social isolation, it’s essential that we arm ourselves with the information we need to protect our community,” said SAGE CEO Michael Adams. “To that end, SAGE is pleased to partner with HRC to provide this important resource.” 

HRC is committed to taking care of our entire LGBTQ family, from our youngest to our oldest. In addition to this new resource for older LGBTQ adults, last week HRC launched a new initiative, titled “Welcoming Schools Wednesdays” for students who are now learning from home. The initiative offers a book and a related activity every Wednesday, adapted from HRC Foundation Welcoming School’s teacher lesson plans, for parents to use with children at home. 

HRC will continue to provide resources and support and to connect LGBTQ people of all ages and from all walks of life during this time. For a full list of all of HRC’s efforts and resources during this global health crisis, please visit this link. For more from SAGE on COVID-19, please visit this link

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