This post was updated on July 2, 2018.

HRC celebrated as Gov. Gian Raimondo signed S.B. 2614 into law, amending state law to require the sex designation on a decedent’s death certificate to accurately reflect their gender identity. By approving this bill, Rhode Island legislators have signaled that they support preserving the dignity and equality of all people, including transgender residents.

Furthermore, S.B. 2614 establishes a clear and efficient process for determining and recording a decedent’s gender identity when conflicting information exists.

Earlier this year, New Jersey passed similar legislation to ensure the accurate recording of decedents’ gender identity on death certificates.

HRC’s 2017 State Equality Index (SEI) classifies Rhode Island under the category of “Working Toward Innovative Equality.” The state currently has LGBTQ-inclusive non-discrimination laws covering employment, housing, public accommodations and adoption.

HRC continues to work to ensure that every state respects transgender residents’ gender identity on all government-issued documents.

More information on the SEI can be found here.

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