Post submitted by Narissa Rahaman, Western Regional Field Organizer

On Tuesday, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed Assembly Bill (AB) 99, extending protections to LGBTQ youth in child welfare and juvenile detention facilities. AB 99, also known as the Youth Out of Home Placement bill, requires foster parents to be trained on working with LGBTQ youth and requires state and local agencies and facilities to treat a child in accordance with their gender identity.

“Ensuring that every child, regardless of background, identity, or expression is safe and secure is not something I am willing to compromise on,” Sandoval said in a statement. “This bill requires the appropriate levels of training to ensure that our state employees or state-sponsored guardians have the knowledge and understanding to provide the highest levels of care for the children they serve.”

The bill was introduced by Assemblyman Nelson Araujo, who has been a champion for LGBTQ equality in the Silver State. 

“This is a very emotional bill to take in, but it’s a very important bill,” Araujo told The Reno Gazette-Journal. “I strongly feel that if we allow ourselves to pass this bill and get it signed that we’ll be making great advancements toward ensuring that all of our youth have the proper protections in order to thrive in our great state.”

HRC remains steadfast in its commitment to ensure child welfare agencies provide support and services consistent with the identity and expression of LGBTQ youth. HRC Foundation's All Children - All Families program provides LGBTQ competency training to child welfare agencies across the U.S. Professionals who want to improve their practice with LGBTQ youth and parents can access the program's free, expert resources, including a Beginner's Guide for LGBTQ inclusion, online at "Field Forward," the program's e-newsletter, delivers the latest best practice tips and resources for LGBTQ inclusion to your inbox every month. You can subscribe today at

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