The election is in 92 days. Unite for equality. Like never before.

Post submitted by Paul Lisbon, HRC Political Research Coordinator

Several cabinet secretaries, along with Vice President Mike Pence, sponsor a White House Bible study group led by Ralph Drollinger, an extremist who says LGBTQ people are “illegitimate.” Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos attend the weekly sessions in Washington. While Drollinger claims he doesn’t tell members he’s advised in the past how to vote, he notes that he would “put the blueprint on the engineer's seat on the train.”

People look to their faith as a source of guidance and inspiration – and LGBTQ people and our family and friends are no different. Drollinger’s brand of faith, however, seeks to drive a wedge between the LGBTQ community and other people of faith. Drollinger calls “the ultimate outcome” of gay people “the discontinuation of the species since homosexuals cannot procreate.” He also said that endorsing LGBTQ equality is “to head in a direction contrary to God’s desire.”

In 2013, Drollinger went so far as to say, “Homosexuality and same-sex ceremonies are illegitimate in God's eyes.”

His problematic ministry does not end there. Drollinger has championed anti-women views, saying that “there is a prohibition of female leadership in marriage and female leadership in the church.” According to the BBC, none of his bible studies, which are in 43 U.S. state capitols and more than 20 legislatures abroad, are led by women.

Drollinger’s influence and involvement in the current administration is not only driving a wedge between faith communities and the LGBTQ community, but it is turning back the clock on progress with the spread of even more divisive rhetoric throughout the highest ranks of government.

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