Today, LGBTQ people turned out in droves and nearly doubled their representation in the electorate according to NBC exit polling. In response, HRC President Alphonso David issued the following statement:

“Tonight, LGBTQ people showed up in record numbers and cemented our status as a crucial constituency to court. LGBTQ people and our rights have been on the ballot for decades, compelling us to register to vote and participate in politics rather than let others decide our rights for us.

“2020 marks the most pro-equality field of Democratic Presidential candidates in U.S. history. Our power has continued to grow and candidates are seeing us increasingly for the critical voting bloc we are and have pursued us vigorously, releasing policy after policy providing more details about their LGBTQ platforms than any other Democratic primary field in history.

“Over the last three years, the Trump-Pence Administration has repeatedly sought to allow discrimination against LGBTQ people in healthcare, housing, public spaces, services and other aspects of life, rescinded protections for transgender students, and banned transgender troops from serving openly in the military.

“The 11 million LGBTQ voters and 57 million Equality Voters — LGBTQ people and our allies — are ready to oust the Trump-Pence administration and elect a true ally in the White House. Tonight is only the beginning.”

LGBTQ voter turnout, Super Tuesday

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