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Today marks the beginning of LGBTQ History Month -- a time for us celebrate the pioneers and courageous advocates who have led us in our quest toward equality, and recognize the many victories and struggles that make our community what it is today.

This year, in honor of LGBTQ History Month, HRC is releasing a series of blog posts that pay homage to the diversity and breadth of our community. We will be featuring artists, athletes, elected officials and activists who have moved us a step closer to full equality.

While celebrating the many milestones we have achieved, LGBTQ History Month also allows us to pause and reflect on how much further the movement needs to go. Many the civil rights leaders who toiled for LGBTQ equality -- Harvey Milk, Marsha P. Johnson, James Baldwin -- never witnessed the true impact of their tireless advocacy. By remembering their lives and actions, we are also inspired to carry on their important work.

But this month isn’t just for sombre reflection. It also gives us the chance to celebrate the myriad of ways the LGBTQ community has lifted us up and allowed us to dream bigger.

In this vein, to kick off the month, HRC has put together a Spotify playlist for LGBTQ History Month.

Some of the songs featured were anthems on the road to marriage equality. Some of them celebrate diversity and protest injustice. And some of them just make us want to dance!

Join HRC as we recognize LGBTQ History Month with these tracks to make you sing, reminisce and fight for a better tomorrow.

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