Our Values

At HRC, our values are essential to who we are and how we approach our work. As we strive to end discrimination against LGBTQ+ people and realize a world that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all, we are committed to doing this work in alignment with our values:


We are mindful that the actions we take have an impact on people's lives, and our duty is to them. As one of the world’s leading LGBTQ+ civil rights organizations, accountability is core to our mission. We are entrusted by those we serve to observe the highest standards and ethics.


Equity and Intersectionality

We believe that the diversity of LGBTQ+ people is one of our greatest strengths, yet deep disparities exist -- especially for those of us who sit at the intersection of marginalized identities. Oppression in all forms is inextricably linked, which means our mission for LGBTQ equality will only be realized when we collaborate with our partners to break down every barrier and ensure that all LGBTQ+ people have the same ability to thrive.

Learning and Openness

We build spaces for engagement, reflection and developing competencies central to our work. As part of that growth process, we must acknowledge our missteps with humility and lean into our responsibility to learn and evolve.


We are innovative, creative and courageous in our pursuit of making real and lasting change for LGBTQ+ people. It’s our job to hurry up history.


We know that adversity can build us up instead of tearing us down. And the strength and wisdom that are borne out of struggle are only possible through caring and healing, empowering each other, and finding moments to celebrate our successes -- large and small -- even in our most challenging moments.


We do our best work when we do it with a strong sense of purpose and a passion for a better world. Even when we’re doing hard things, we can find love and joy in unexpected places and understand the essential role hope plays in our work.


We root ourselves in our shared humanity and treat each other with kindness and compassion. We’re at our best when we honor the equal dignity and worth of all people -- even in the face of conflict.

Community and Teamwork

We value the transformative impact of collaboration. By working together, fostering open communication, furthering understanding, and building caring and supportive environments, we can achieve something bigger than we could alone.