Rebecca C. Hershey, J.D.

She/Her | Senior Vice President, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

A licensed attorney with a background in civil rights, Rebecca C. Hershey champions HRC’s vision for full equality, equity and liberation - without exception - by developing, implementing, and advancing strategies in support of this organizational imperative. Hershey has spent the past 30 years working toward a more just and equitable community for all, starting as a young leader and trainer in her local NAACP chapter in Maine. She has spent her entire working career in positions with large nonprofit organizations committed to racial justice, economic opportunity, and safe and inclusive workplace and community ecosystems. As SVP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, she advises HRC’s president and senior leadership team, drives accountability and shares the organization’s DEIB goals while fostering learning and growth within the organization and with key stakeholders. A graduate of Cornell University and the University of Maine School of Law, Hershey is originally from Brooklyn, New York but spent much of her young life in rural Maine. She currently lives in Washington, DC.