Internship Questions & Answers

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General Information

Where are your internships located? Can I apply for an internship in my city?

For fall 2021, our internship program will be remote so you can intern with us from anywhere!

Are your internships paid?

No, our internships are not paid. We require our interns to receive college credit.

Will I be offered a job after my internship?

Interns at the Human Rights Campaign are encouraged to apply for full-time jobs as they become available, and many of our staff members are former interns. Our internship program, however, does not in any way guarantee employment after the completion of an intern’s time.


Am I qualified for an HRC internship?

Interns in each department or program undertake different tasks, so each internship requires a different level of skills, demonstrated interests and prior experience. The internship description for each program area lists the specific qualifications for that position. In general, we look for demonstrated interest and enthusiasm in the role of policy and advocacy around LGBTQ+ issues; ability to work in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment; and experience with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and Outlook).

Do I need to be enrolled in a university to intern?

We are requiring interns to receive college credit.

Do you accept applications from international students?

Qualified international students have participated in the HRC Internship program. Non-U.S. citizens must have a valid student visa that permits them to work in the United States. HRC is unable to offer assistance with obtaining a student visa – if you already have one you are welcome to apply. We generally do not accept applications that are facilitated by 3rd party groups, preferring that interns apply directly using our online application.


What supplemental application materials do you require?

We require a resume, cover letter, writing sample, and two references. Your writing sample can be an academic paper or something you wrote in your free time. It is what you feel is representative of your writing abilities. We encourage your references to be supervisors, professors, or colleagues. Please avoid using friends or family members.

To whom should I address my resume and cover letter?

Please address all application materials to "Internship Committee."

How do I write a cover letter and a resume?

The key word in cover letter is "letter". Do not just simply answer the questions; write your responses in the form of a letter. We realize that this is many of our applicants first internship, and that many have never written a cover letter or a resume before. You can use these websites to help you with the templates of both if need be. (Information provided as a courtesy and not an indication of endorsement)

When will I hear whether or not I was accepted into HRC’s internship program?

Because each department or program hires their own interns, our hiring timeline varies, differing from department to department. We review applications on a rolling basis.

Do you accept applications through internship placement programs?

HRC welcomes applications from students who are involved in an internship placement program. We do require, however, that these applicants submit our online internship application form. We would also strongly prefer to communicate directly with applicants rather than staff at the internship placement program.