Healthcare Equality Index

LGBT Healthcare Equality Index

The Healthcare Equality Index (HEI) is a unique and invaluable resource for healthcare organizations seeking to provide equitable, inclusive care to LGBT Americans—and for LGBT Americans seeking healthcare organizations with a demonstrated commitment to their care. This free online survey, offered annually since 2007, has been widely praised for transforming LGBT healthcare nationwide.

Each year, hundreds of hospitals and clinics show their commitment to optimal care for LGBT patients by using the HEI to:

  • Ensure that they meet legal, CMS and Joint Commission requirements for LGBT patient-centered care
  • Receive a benchmarked assessment of their performance vis-à-vis the Core Four foundational criteria for LGBT care and 30+ additional best practices for optimal care
  • Access free expert training in LGBT care for staff at all levels
  • Minimize risk and complaints—and maximize safety, quality and satisfaction
  • Win public recognition as “Leaders in LGBT Healthcare Equality” and reach out to an often overlooked patient group

The HEI 2013 report allows LGBT patients and interested others to learn which U.S. healthcare facilities have participated in the HEI and which have been designated as Equality Leaders. It also shows how each of the 718 HEI-rated facilities performed against the Core Four criteria for LGBT care, and how many of them have adopted 30+ additional best practices for LGBT care. The HEI 2014 report will be released in Fall 2014.

Healthcare organizations are warmly invited to participate in the HEI free of charge. Participating facilities receive extensive support from HEI staff as they learn about LGBT patient-centered care and register their employees for popular online training.

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LGBT Healthcare Equality Index

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LGBT Healthcare Equality Index

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