Stances of Faiths on LGBT Issues: Alliance of Baptists

The Alliance of Baptists is a movement of progressive Christians--individuals and congregations--seeking to respond to the continuing call of God in a rapidly changing world. The Alliance offers a clear voice for Christian freedom, distinctively Baptist and intentionally ecumenical in an interfaith world. From its inception in early 1987, the Alliance has called Baptists to stand for those values which have distinguished the Baptist movement from its beginnings four centuries ago--the freedom and accountability of every individual in matters of faith; the freedom of each congregation under the authority of Jesus Christ to determine its own ministry and mission; and religious freedom for all in relationship to the state.

In 1995, the Alliance accepted a report of a special task group on human sexuality which led to a series of honest dialogues and prophetic witness within the Alliance membership and congregations on the question of a Christian response to homosexual persons. As a result, the Alliance of Baptists and many of its congregations has become ever more inclusive, welcoming and affirming to all persons, regardless of sexual orientation.

In 2004, at their annual meeting on 2004-APR in Dayton OH, the Alliance adopted a "Statement on Same Sex Marriage" which supported equality in marriage for both opposite-sex and same-sex couples throughout the U.S., and opposed the Federal Marriage Amendment which restricts marriage to opposite-sex couples.