MichiganHRC condemned Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for signing a package of extreme anti-LGBT adoption bills into law on June 11, 2015. In the name of "relgious freedom," the dangerously broad bills have enshrined special taxpayer-funded discrimination into Michigan law and permit rampant discrimination against committed and loving LGBT couples, putting thousands of Michigan children at risk of not finding the loving homes that they need. In the wake of 2015's rash of anti-LGBT bills, corporate leaders from around the United States have weighed in to declare that such bills are bad for business, with dozens of corporations signing on to HRC's "Equality is Our Business" pledge. Learn more about Michigan's dangerous anti-LGBT bills here.

Human Rights Campaign fights for LGBT equality in Michigan alongside state and local groups and lawmakers. Find out more about what HRC is doing for LGBT equality in Michigan and how you can get involved.

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