Veterans Health Administration

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is pleased to recognize the following LGBTQ patient-centered care webinars offered by the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).  These webinars offered by the VHA are eligible to count towards the on-going LGBTQ education training requirement in the HEI for VHA facilities and employees.  In order to receive HEI credit, a participant must complete the webinar and the evaluation survey required for CEU credit and provide a copy of their CME/CEU certificate the facility's HEI survey submitter.

Note for HEI Survey Submitters:  The VHA does not provide training reports to the HEI with information about completed trainings.  In order to receive credit for individuals that complete these trainings, you must obtain a copy of their CME/CEU certificate and submit it to the HEI using this online form to request credit.  You may submit more than one CME/CEU certificate at a time for each training (bulk submission of certificates is encouraged).  These trainings may also be viewed by groups. If training is completed in a group setting, please make sure to have everyone sign in and then submit the sign-in sheet using the online form to request credit.   

The following two webinars are available through VA eHealth University (VeHU) and offer a non-accreditation education unit certificate.  Click here for more information about these courses.

Do Ask, Do Tell:  A Practical, Patient-Centered Approach to Working with Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Veterans
The purpose of this 95 minute web course is to equip VA providers with effective and engaging ways to deliver high quality care to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual (LGB) Veterans, using an inclusive, patient-centered approach. This program will address an education and training need to provide practical application skills providers can use in their clinical care setting and will identify key resources for additional information.

Learners that are new to the topic are encouraged to begin with a general introductory webinar on LGBT patient-centered care.  To meet the HEI’s on-going training requirement, a minimum of 10 of the 25 hours of required training for a facility must be from an introductory training such as this one.

Do Ask, Do Tell: Assessing Sexual Health of LGBT Veterans (and Everyone Else)

The purpose of this 95 minute web course is to address the knowledge gap of providers on the importance of taking a history of sexual health and to improve skills and foster comfort with doing so, especially with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Veterans. The program will present clinical and public health data about sexual health and will discuss common obstacles to obtaining assessing sexual health as well as offer examples of approaches to incorporate sexual health history taking into routine practice. This program will demonstrate how to present the need for sexual health information and how to collect this information among the VA patient population.

The following courses are available through the VA Talent Management Systems (TMS) and offer CME/CEU accreditation.  Click here for more information.

Do Ask, Do Tell: 5 Awkward Minutes to Better Patient Care

Veterans Health Administration Directive 1340, published in July 2017, establishes policy regarding the respectful delivery of clinically appropriate health care to lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) Veterans.  It is VHA policy that all staff provides clinically appropriate, comprehensive, Veteran-centered care with respect and dignity to LGB Veterans. Clinically appropriate care includes assessment of sexual health as indicated with all patients, and attention to health disparities experienced by LGB people. This video addresses how to ask the appropriate questions and provides scenarios to demonstrate the conversation.

The course offers CME/CEU accreditation.  Click here for more information.

An Introduction to Transgender Veteran Health Care

The purpose of this 1 hour web course is to provide training based on the VHA Directive 2013-003. The directive provides specifics on the rights of Veterans to self-identify their gender for pronoun use, room assignments, and sex-referencing in the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS). Many staff members are not familiar with the needs of transgender Veterans because formalized transgender healthcare is relatively new to the VHA. Thus, a gap exists in the staff’s knowledge of role of mental health providers in assessing and treating transgender Veterans.  This training will address how the initial presentations as well as the ultimate goals from gender transition vary widely among transgender Veterans.  The web-course will review the process of providing culturally-competent therapy to transgender Veterans and the elements essential to the mental health assessment of transgender Veterans to determine readiness to receive cross-sex hormones or gender reassignment surgery. This training will improve access to respectful, top quality healthcare to eligible Veterans.

Transgender Mental Health Services Program

The purpose of this1 hour web course is to provide training on the ways mental health professionals can provide services at various points in gender transition.

Transgender Health:  Prescribing Cross-Sex Hormones
The purpose of this1 hour web course is to provide training on the provision of cross-sex hormone therapy for all clinical personnel involved in the treatment of those transgender Veterans receiving or seeking cross-sex hormone therapy. The knowledge gained from this course will help enable the safe and appropriate use of cross sex hormone therapy.

Transgender Specialty Care Access Network (SCAN)-ECHO Core Curriculum Program
There are 6 live training sessions offered through this innovative and transformative healthcare education program.  In each of the live training sessions, transgender care experts cover topics ranging from Transgender 101, Mental Health Evaluation for Cross Sex Hormone (CSH), Being a Good Transgender Consultant, Prescribing CSH, Writing Support Letters for Transgender Veterans to Varieties of Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS).  The program is open to anyone and facilities are encouraged to develop their own teams to participate.  Facilities interested in registering for the program can do so by contacting the training coordinator (information listed on VA’s Transgender SharePoint). As a prerequisite, learners have to complete 4 TMS courses on transgender care.  All 13 of the didactic topics covered in the live training are consistent with VA/DOD Clinical Practice guidelines, and the learners can receive CEUs for each didactic, as well as a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Click here for more information. (Note: This link will only work for VHA facilities)

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