HRC Honors and Celebrates International Transgender Day of Visibility

Each year on March 31, we honor International Transgender Day of Visibility! We celebrate the joy and resilience of trans and non-binary people everywhere by elevating voices and experiences from these communities.

There are over 1.6 million trans youth (age 13+) and adults across the United States. We are parents and family members. We are your coworkers, your neighbors and your friends. We are a diverse community, representing all racial and ethnic backgrounds as well as all faith traditions.

While we have made significant progress in recent years, with more visibility than ever before, we are still fighting for basic human rights for the community. Today we are experiencing significant political attacks by extremists legislating hate in the states and in Congress. We also face an ongoing epidemic of fatal violence, especially against Black and Brown trans women. Today and every day, we must celebrate all trans and non-binary people everywhere and combat disinformation, discrimination and hate impacting our community.

Unapologetically Myself

On Transgender Day of Visibility, read-and hear- Lucas Segal's story. The trans man living in Arkansas opens up about how gender-affirming care allowed him to thrive personally and professionally.

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Celebrating Trans Changemakers!

Read from our small grant recipients and ACTIVATE and ELEVATE fellows in their own words!

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Transgender Justice Initiative

Our Transgender Justice Initiative works with community-based advocates across the country to make impactful changes for trans people.

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Holding Conversations About Trans-Inclusion in Sports

Have you ever wanted to speak up for transgender and non-binary youth athletes, but weren’t quite sure what to say? Check out our chatbot feature to help with those conversations!

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Resources for Parents!

We’ve put together a number of resources and guides in both English and Spanish for parents, family members and caregivers of transgender, non-binary, and gender-expansive youth.

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  • Play the Video Trans Kids are Just Kids

    "You shouldn't be telling kids like me that they shouldn't live their life as their authentic self." Every kid deserves to be the person they were always meant to be.

  • Play the Video Trans Talks: Sex, Health & HIV

    Across the country, we have seen violence against our trans community and for too long other people have spoken for us. With Trans Talks, we are coming together to grow our trans community and define our future using our own voices.

  • Play the Video Debunking Myths about Transgender Athletes

    We sat down with Schuyler Bailar, the first openly transgender NCAA Division I athlete, to break down several myths about transgender athletes, specifically transgender female athletes, that have gained wide-spread traction amid the surge in transgender sports-bans in state legislatures.