Finding Support for You and Your Family

Most of the time, parenting a transgender or gender expansive child is just like parenting any other child – conflicts consist of bedtimes, eating vegetables, or watching too much TV. But there are some situations you will face as the parent of a transgender or gender expansive child that are unique to your family and your child. Moreover, unless you know someone else with a transgender or gender-expansive child, these situations can seem overwhelming and isolating. But you’re not alone. There are people and places you can turn to for advice and community.

This quick list can get you started:

Finding Support

  • A great place to start when you’re looking for support groups and other resources is an LGBTQ community center, if there is one nearby. Most of these centers can point you toward LGBTQ-friendly local resources like doctors, lawyers, and therapists. Many of them also offer in-house support groups for transgender youth and their parents. Several organizations provide support and resources for parents of LGBTQ children and youth:

  • Finding a doctor is often an important first step. While medical treatment is not an urgent need for younger children, talking to a gender therapist or a medical provider who has experience working with transgender youth and their families can help you better understand your child’s gender identity and the medical opportunities that they will have in the future. Start with this list of Clinical Care Programs for Gender-Nonconforming Children and Adolescents.

  • Talking to other parents who have been in your shoes before and have navigated things like social transitioning in school, or changing their child’s name on official documents can be an invaluable resource for you and your family. Ask your child’s gender therapist to recommend support groups specifically for parents of transgender children, or get you in touch directly with other parents who are willing to share their experiences with you.

  • Check out this list of children’s books written by and about transgender and gender-expansive children and their parents.

  • Online communities and blogs are one of the most popular places for parents of transgender and gender-expansive children and youth to share their experiences and offer advice to one another. Here are some links to popular sites:

  • Trans-Parenting - created and managed by Debi Jackson, a conservative Christian mom from Alabama who has become an advocate for the transgender community since her daughter transitioned at age 6

  • Raising My Rainbow - a blog by Lori Duron about raising her “gender creative” son

  • Facebook - Multiple groups exist for parents of transgender children -- for parents on all steps on the path to acceptance. A search of “parents of transgender children” can turn up some of the most active.