Tell Your Senators to Pass the Equality Act

Did you know that LGBTQ+ people in 29 states still lack comprehensive protections from discrimination in housing, education, health care, financial institutions and more? The Equality Act would ensure every person is protected under federal law, and we need your help so the Senate passes this landmark legislation once and for all! Here’s how you can get involved:

Draft a post telling your elected officials why they should work to pass the Equality Act.

It all starts with a simple message about why you want them to pass the Equality Act. We've helped get you started with some sample posts below!

  • .@[SENATOR HANDLE], I'm your constituent and I want you to vote YES on the Equality Act. #EqualityActNow
  • I need the #EqualityActNow. Vote YES on the Equality Act.
  • Hear my voice as your constituent. I need you to vote YES on the Equality Act. #EqualityActNow

Record a video sharing your story.

Let your senators know how the Equality Act could impact the lives of your family, friends, coworkers and yourself. Simply take out your phone, record a quick 15-45 second video in selfie mode and post it to social media. Don’t forget to tag your senators and use #EqualityAct and #EqualityActNow!

Find your Senators' social media accounts and start posting.

We created this list to make it easy for you to find, and contact, your Senators via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you're posting on Facebook, please make it public - that's how your Senator can see that you tagged them. Don't feel comfortable making it public? Not to worry, you can still help raise awareness within your group of friends and family.

State Senator Twitter Instagram Facebook
Alabama Shelby (R) @SenShelby @senatorshelby @RichardShelby
Alabama Tuberville (R) @SenTuberville @SenTuberville
Alaska Murkowski (R) @lisamurkowski @senlisamurkowski @SenLisaMurkowski
Alaska Sullivan (R) @SenDanSullivan @sen_dansullivan @SenDanSullivan
Arizona Kelly (D) @SenMarkKelly @senmarkkelly @SenMarkKelly
Arizona Sinema (D) @SenatorSinema @SenatorSinema @SenatorSinema
Arkansas Boozman (R) @JohnBoozman @johnboozman @BozzmanforArkansas
Arkansas Cotton (R) @senatormcotton @TomCottonAR
California Feinstein (D) @senfeinstein @SenatorFeinstein
California Padilla (D) @SenAlexPadilla @senalexpadilla @SenAlexPadilla
Colorado Bennet (D) @SenBennetCo @senatorbennet @senbennetco
Colorado Hickenlooper (D) @SenatorHick @senatorhick @SenatorHick
Connecticut Blumenthal (D) @SenBlumenthal @senblumenthal @SenBlumenthal
Connecticut Murphy (D) @ChrisMurphyCT @senchrismurphy @ChrisMurphyCT
Delaware Carper (D) @senatorcarper @tomcarper
Delaware Coons (D) @chriscoons @senatorchriscoons @senatorchriscoons
Florida Scott (R) @SenRickScott @flsenrickscott @RickScottSenOffice
Florida Rubio (R) @SenRubioPress @marcrubiofla @SenatorMarcoRubio
Georgia Ossoff (D) @SenOssoff @jonossoff @SenOssoff
Georgia Warnock (D) @SenatorWarnock @raphaelwarnock @SenatorWarnock
Hawaii Hirono (D) @maziehirono @maziehirono @senatorhirono
Hawaiia Schatz (D) @SenBrianSchatz @senbrianschatz @SenBrianSchatz
Idaho Crapo (R) @mikecrapo @mikecrapo @mikecrapo
Idaho Risch (R) @SenatorRisch @SenatorJimRisch
Illinois Duckworth (D) @SenDuckworth @senduckworth @TammyForIllinois
Illinois Durbin (D) @SenatorDurbin @durbincampaign @SenatorDurbin
Indiana Braun (R) @SenatorBraun @senatorbraun @SenatorBraun
Indiana Young (R) @SenToddYoung @sentoddyoung @SenatorToddYoung
Iowa Ernst (R) @SenJoniErnst @senjoniernst @senjoniernst
Iowa Grassley (R) @ChuckGrassley @senatorchuckgrassley @grassley
Kansas Moran (R) @jerrymoran @jerrymoran
Kansas Marshall (R) @RepMarshall @rogermarshallmd @rogermarshallmd
Kentucky McConnell (R) @McConnellPress @mcconnellpress @McConnellForSenate
Kentucky Paul (R) @RandPaul @drrandpaul @RandPaul
Louisiana Cassidy (R) @BillCassidy @bill_cassidy @billcassidy
Louisiana Kennedy (R) @SenJohnKennedy @SenJohnKennedy @SenatorJohnKennedy
Maine Collins (R) @senatorcollins @Sensusancollins @Susdancollins
Maine King (I) @SenAngusKing @angusformaine @angusformaine
Maryland Cardin (D) @SenatorCardin @senatorcardin @Senatorbencardin
Maryland Van Hollen (D) @ChrisVanHollen @chrisvanhollen @Chrisvanhollen
Massachusetts Markey (D) @SenMarkey @senmarkeymemes @EdJMarkey
Massachusetts Warren (D) @SenWarren @senwarren @Senatorelizabethwarren
Michigan Peters (D) @SenGaryPeters @sengarypeters @PetersForMichigan
Michigan Stabenow (D) @SenStabenow @senatordebbiestabenow @SenatorStabenow
Minnesota Smith (D) @SenTinaSmith @tinasmithmn @USSenTinaSmith
Minnesota Klobuchar (D) @amyklobuchar @amyklobuchar @amyklobuchar
Mississippi Hyde-Smith (R) @SenHyde-Smith @sencindyhydesmith @SenatorCindyHydeSmith
Mississippi Wicker (R) @SenatorWicker @senatorwicker @SenatorWicker
Missouri Blunt (R) @royblunt @royblunt @SenatorBlunt
Missouri Hawley (R) @SenHayleyPress @joshhawleymo @HawleyMO
State Senator Twitter Instagram Facebook
Montana Daines (R) @stevedaines @stevedaines @SteveDainesMT
Montana Tester (R) @jontester @senatorjontester @Senatortester
Nebraska Fischer (R) @senatorfischer @senatorfischer @senatordebfischer
Nebraska Sasse (R) @sensasse @senatorsasse @SenSasse
Nevada Cortez Masto (D) @SenCortezMasto @sencortezmasto @SenatorCortezMasto
Nevada Rosen (D) @SenJackyRosen @SenJackyRosen @SenJackyRosen
New Hampshire Hassan (D) @SenatorHassan @SenatorHassan @SenatorHassan
New Hampshire Shaheen (D) @SenatorShaheen @SenatorShaheen @SenatorShaheen
New Jersey Booker (D) @SenBookerOffice @CoryBooker @CoryBooker
New Jersey Menendez (D) @SenatorMenendez @SenatorMenendez @SenatorMenendez
New Mexico Heinrich (D) @martinheinrich @senatormartinheinrich @martinheinrich
New Mexico Luján (D) @SenatorLujan @senatorlujan @SenatorLujan
New York Gillibrand (D) @SenGillibrand @kirstengillibrand @KirstenGillibrand
New York Schumer (D) @chuckSchumer @chuckschumer @senschumer
North Carolina Burr (R) @senatorburr @senatorburr @SenatorRichardBurr
North Carolina Tillis (R) @SenThomTillis @SenThomTillis @SenatorThomTillis
North Dakota Cramer (R) @SenKevinCramer @senatorkevincramer @SenatorKevinCramer
North Dakota Hoeven (R) @SenJohnHoeven @SenatorJohnHoeven
Ohio Brown (D) @SenSherrodBrown @sensherrodbrown @Sherrod
Ohio Portman (R) @senrobportman @senrobportman @senrobportman
Oklahoma Inhofe (R) @jiminhofe @senrobportman @senrobportman
Oklahoma Lankford (R) @SenatorLankford @SenatorLankford @SenatorLankford
Oregon Merkley (D) @SenJeffMerkley @senjeffmerkley @JeffMerkleyOregon
Oregon Wyden (D) @ronwyden @ronwyden @wyden
Pennsylvania Casey (D) @SenBobCasey @senbobcasey @SenatorBobCasey
Pennsylvania Toomey (R) @SenToomey @SenPatToomey @SenatorToomey
Rhode Island Reed (D) @SenJackReed @SenJackReed
Rhode Island Whitehouse (D) @SenWhiteHouse @SenWhiteHouse @SenatorWhiteHouse
South Carolina Graham (R) @LindseyGrahamSC @LindseyGrahamSC @LindseyGrahamSC
South Carolina Scott (R) @SenatorTimScott @SenatorTimScott @SenatorTimScott
South Dakota Rounds (R) @RoundsforSenate @senatorrounds @SenatorMikeRounds
South Dakota Thune (R) @senjohnthune @senjohnthune @johnthune
Tennessee Hagerty (R) @BillHagertyTN @BillHagertyTN @BillHagertyTN
Tennessee Blackburn (R) @MarshaBlackburn @marshablackburn @marshablackburn
Texas Cornyn (R) @JohnCornyn @JohnCornyn @JohnCornyn
Texas Cruz (R) @sentedcruz @sentedcruz @SenatorTedCruz
Utah Romney (R) @senatorromney @senatorromney @senatorromney
Utah Lee (R) @mikeleeforutah @senmikelee @senatormikelee
Vermont Leahy (D) @SenatorLeahy @senatorleahy @SenatorPatrickLeahy
Vermont Sanders (I) @berniesanders @berniesanders @senatorsanders
Virginia Kaine (D) @timkaine @timkaine @timkaine
Virginia Warner (D) @MarkWarner @senatorwarner @MarkRWarner
Washington Cantwell (D) @SenatorCantwell @SenatorMariaCantwell @SenatorCantwell
Washington Murray (D) @PattyMurray @senpattymurray @PattyMurray
West Virginia Capito (R) @SenCapito @sencapito @ShelleyMooreCapito
West Virginia Manchin (D) @Sen_JoeManchin @JoeManchin @JoeManchin
Wisconsin Baldwin (D) @SenatorBaldwin @SenatorBaldwin @SenatorTammyBaldwin
Wisconsin Johnson (R) @SenRonJohnson @@senronjohnson @RonJohnsonWI
Wyoming Barrasso (R) @barrassoforwyo @senjohnbarrasso @johnbarrasso
Wyoming Lummis (R) @CynthiaMLummis @cynthia_lummis @LummisforWyoming

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