Blue and white design resembling a tile pattern, Queer Midrash

Queer Midrash

Queer Midrash is a compilation of prose and poetry, commentary and reflection, prayer and narrative retelling inspired from and based on texts sacred to the Jewish community written through a Queer lens.

Honoring the millennia long tradition of Midrash, Queer Midrash is a resource for LGBTQ Jews to be affirmed and supported in their faith journeys, while equipping allies and curious seekers to explore the possibilities of an LGBTQ affirming Judaism.

Queer Midrash was formed in partnership with Keshet as well as LGBTQ and LGBTQ affirming Rabbis, congregations, and organizations around the country as a living, growing resource to advance the work of justice, inclusion, and radical love for the LGBTQ community.

Latest Editions:

Past Editions:

In partnership with Keshet

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