Pilgrimage to Justice: Catholic Lenten Reflections on LGBTQ Equity

This webinar series, co-presented by HRC and DignityUSA, will gather Catholic leaders from a variety of sectors to discuss the Lenten themes of liberation and justice for marginalized communities, and how they are an invitation to consider how to develop a spirituality and praxis of LGBTQ inclusion. LGBTQ Catholics and other LGBTQ Catholic advocates will discuss their journeys and ministries that have sought to make the Catholic Church and the world more inclusive and just for the LGBTQ community. We will discuss the Catechism's instructions on non-discrimination and the affirmation of human dignity, the urgency of protecting LGBTQ Catholic youth, and the life and witness of the transgender community. These discussions are an invitation to Catholics and non-Catholics alike to live a life of respect, compassion, and sensitivity towards the LGBTQ community.

  • Play the Video "No Unjust Discrimination": The Catechism's Command to Not Discriminate Against LGBTQ+ People

    A discussion with Catholic leaders about Catholic teaching on non-discrimination and human dignity. This panel will explore how Catholics can live out their faith through protecting the dignity of their LGBTQ+ siblings, both in parish life, and throughout the world.

  • Play the Video Respect & Compassion: LGBTQ+ Catholic Youth and the Future of the Church

    This panel will discuss the environments that LGBTQ+ Catholic youth must navigate and how to create more just and inclusive spaces to support and protect youth from bullying, discrimination.

  • Play the Video The Witness of Dignity: Honoring the Life and Witness of Transgender People in the Life of the Church

    This panel will discuss the life and witness of the transgender community in and to the Catholic Church, and the role Catholics must play in bringing an end to violence and discrimination against the transgender community.

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