National “I Am Jazz” School and Community Readings

Join HRC’s Welcoming Schools program and the National Education Association and show your support for transgender and non-binary youth by hosting a reading of the children’s book “I Am Jazz” in your community.

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Everyone! Parents, educators, youth-serving professionals, allies -- all are welcome and encouraged to host an "I Am Jazz" reading on December 7.


National “I Am Jazz” School and Community Readings. These readings bring together thousands of people in schools and communities across the country to read and discuss the critically acclaimed children’s book, “I Am Jazz,” to show support for transgender youth.


A safe space such as a school, library, place of worship or home. Our numbers grow with each event, and so does the creativity of our hosts. Participants have held readings in community centers, backyards, bookstores, schools and even the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. You can host an "I Am Jazz" reading... here, there, anywhere!


Thursday, December 7, 2017


Now more than ever it is imperative we show our transgender and non-binary youth that they are seen, accepted and loved. Trans youth who go without affirmation face increased risks of depression, substance abuse and suicide attempts. Even if you don't know any trans or non-binary youth in your community, hosting a reading is an incredibly powerful way to show your support.


Be sure to download the "I Am Jazz" Organizing Kit for tips to help you organize and promote your event.

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The National “I Am Jazz” School and Community Readings are an annual event hosted by HRC’s Welcoming Schools in recognition of the first “I Am Jazz” reading in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. In 2015 after a school in the Mount Horeb area cancelled a reading of the children’s book after the notoriously anti-LGBTQ group Liberty Counsel threatened the school with legal action, parents, children and school staff came together and filled the Mount Horeb Public Library with nearly 600 people who gathered to show their support for transgender inclusion.

“I Am Jazz” was written by HRC Youth Ambassador Jazz Jennings and author Jessica Herthel and is a first-person account about being transgender. Jennings was one of the first trans children to talk publicly about her identity and the challenges she has faced as a trans youth. This groundbreaking book is often used by schools and families to help children understand transgender youth and adults.

National I Am Jazz Day of Reading

National I Am Jazz Day of Reading; Youth First

National I Am Jazz Day of Reading; Jackie Speier; House of Representatives

National I Am Jazz Day of Reading

National I Am Jazz Day of Reading; Boston; Marty Walsh; PFLAG