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HBCU Diversity and Inclusion Training

The HBCU Diversity and Inclusion Trainings offer an overview of LGBTQ inclusive practices and policies to further promote equality on college campuses and communities for students, faculty/staff, and administration. The training helps to cultivate a workforce for administration to engage with their students, reinforcing the importance of moral, social and political responsibility for many campuses, establishing diversity and inclusion for all.

Convening of HBCU Presidents and Senior Executives

HRC Foundation's Convening of HBCU Presidents and Senior Executives brings together high profile HBCU administrators to discuss LGBTQ-inclusive practices and policies and to share best practices for expanding equality on their campuses. The briefing is part of a multi-prong strategy to create high-level policy changes that will support and protect LGBTQ students and staff on college campuses around the country. 

Past Topics Include:

  • Introduction to S.O.G.I.E 
  • HIV & HBCUs
  • Supporting Transgender Students
  • Importance of Making investments in LGBTQ Diversity and Inclusion
  • LGBTQ Health and Wellness
  • Strategic Planning with Best Practices

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Campus Diversity and Inclusion Training

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Past Training Includes:

  • LGBTQ 101
  • Best Practice for Serving Transgender Students
  • Supporting LGBTQ Students' Health

We are currently developing training around our newly released Black/African American LGBTQ Youth Report.

Staff Symposiums

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