Gender Identity and Our Faith Communities: Audio Files of Dramatic Readings

Below are audio files to be used in conjunction with Gender Identity and Our Faith Communities. Click on the links below to listen to audio commentary. Feel free to download for use with the curriculum.

Click on the links below to listen to audio commentary.

The Readers

We are grateful to the following readers who generously volunteered their time to help us out with this project.

Dana Beyer, M.D. is a Montgomery County politician, fierce advocate for LGBTQ and women's rights, a retired surgeon, and member of the Conservative Tifereth Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C. Beyer also serves on the Human Rights Campaign Board of Governors and is a member of HRC’s Washington, D.C. steering committee. In her essay for Gender Identity and Our Faith Communities, “I Chose Life: Reading Torah as Myself,” Beyer tells her story of transitioning and reclaiming the Torah as a text of liberation.

Thomas Coughlin is a transman living in the Metro D.C. area. He is a professional in the mental health field serving the LGBTQ population. Coughlin is also a busy volunteer within the community, with a majority of effort going toward organizing and facilitating a peer support group for persons on the transmasculine spectrum.

Colleen Fay is a recently transitioning transwoman, and an advocate for all trans people -- no matter what their state is in transition. She is a composer, critic and lecturer working in the Washington D.C. area in both public television and radio with a focus on classical music and the arts. As a life-long church musician, she continues to work to make places of worship more welcoming to all LGBTQ people.

Rev. Louise Green is the Social Justice Minister at All Souls Church, Unitarian in Washington D.C. She is also a community organizer and United Church of Christ minister. Prior to coming to All Souls Church, she worked for 10 years with the Industrial Areas Foundation, a congregation-based, multi-issue power network with over 60 affiliates around the country. She is a member of the Human Rights Campaign Religion and Faith Program’s Advisory Council.

Dr. Sharon Groves is the Deputy Director for the Human Rights Campaign Religion and Faith Program. She is the project supervisor for Gender Identity and Our Faith Communities.

Rev. Dr. Susan Newman has had a 32-year career as a pastor, community advocate, and author. Hailed by Ebony magazine as one of the Top Black Women Preachers in America, she has been called “down-to-earth,” powerful,” “life-changing,” and “a reality check for the church.” She has served in various advisory roles with LGBTQ organizations including the National Black Justice Coalition, Us Helping Us, People Into Living, the Human Rights Campaign, and is a former board member of Women In the Life Association. She has several publications including With Heart and Hand: the Black Church Working to Save Black Children; Oh God! A Black Woman’s Guide to Sex and Spirituality; and Your Inner Eve: Discovering God’s Woman Within.

Rev. Allyson Robinson joined the Human Rights Campaign as Associate Director of Diversity in 2008 to lead the organization and its volunteer base in promoting awareness of transgender issues and to ensure that all program areas demonstrate measurable commitment to transgender equality and inclusion. Prior to her work at HRC she served as a pastor-teacher to churches in the Portuguese Azores and in central Texas working on raising awareness to systemic poverty and the intersecting systems of oppression. In 2007 she earned a master of divinity degree in theology from Baylor University's George W. Truett Theological Seminary. Robinson is a key contributor to Gender Identity and Our Faith Communities.

Shiloh Stark is a non-profit web consultant who specializes in creating successful online activism and fundraising campaigns and optimizing web sites through multivariate testing. When not at work, Stark likes to spend quality time with his partner, dog, and pet hermit crabs (in that order).

Peterson Toscano is a playwright, actor and activist. In addition to many award-winning performances, in 2007 he created and performed a theatrical piece, Transfigurations--Transgressing Gender in the Bible. He and fellow ex-gay survivor, Christine Bakke, have created Beyond Ex-Gay, an on-line resource for ex-gay survivors.

The Human Rights Campaign reports on news, events and resources of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation that are of interest to the general public and further our common mission to support the LGBTQ community.