Fireside Chat With Pulitzer-Prize Winning Poet Jericho Brown

HRC President Alphonso David will join 2020 Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Jericho Brown in conversation on Wednesday.

HRC President Alphonso David sits down with Pulitzer-Prize winning poet Jericho Brown to discuss the resilience of the Black LGBTQ community and celebrate the power and importance of poetry as a vehicle for calling out injustice. 

Jericho Brown won the Pulitzer Prize last week for his book "The Tradition." Previous works include "Please" and "The New Testament," which explore themes of love, race, violence, masculinity and sexuality. In describing his writing, Jericho has said, “I’m a Black gay Southern poet. I’m writing poems that tell the truth and that encourage someone to be more truthful.” 



“The arts have played and continue to play a critically important role in bringing people together, providing comfort and inspiration during difficult times, such as the COVID 19 crisis, and raising the visibility of the stories that are too often pushed to the margins. That is why I’m so honored to speak with poet Jericho Brown. In his powerful and illuminating writing, he moves us closer to the truth and shines a light on the pain, power, resilience and beauty of the Black LGBTQ community. I am grateful for the opportunity to sit down with him, and look forward to what promises to be a deeply impactful conversation.” - HRC President Alphonso David