Women & Leadership: Equality Leaders for the 21st Century

About Equality Leaders for the 21st Century

HRC believes that promoting diverse and intersectional leadership is critical to the success of the LGBTQ movement now and into the future. Investing in the leadership of those in our community who have long been at the margins and creating leadership models that lift up diverse voices will only make us stronger. It is imperative that we recognize that oppression is interconnected and that equality for our community cannot be achieved without a commitment to addressing all of the forms of oppression and marginalization. Engaging in active and consistent allyship as part of strong and effective leadership are critical components of building leaders for the 21st century.

The Equality Leaders for the 21st Century program is an intensive four-day leadership learning retreat focused on developing:

  • an effective group of diverse leaders committed to developing their own personal leadership skills.
  • a potent group of high performers with a commitment to inclusive and intersectional leadership to take on positions of leadership at HRC on steering committees and the boards.

Women & Leadership: Equality Leaders for the 21st Century

Women & Leadership; Equality Leaders for the 21st Century

Next Cohort of Women & Leadership

In February 2018, HRC will be offering the next cohort for the Women & Leadership: Equality Leaders for the 21st Century program. The purpose of the Women & Leadership program is to develop a diverse group of women leaders committed to enhancing their own personal leadership skills; develop a leadership practice that is inclusive, intersectional and transformative; and apply this leadership practice with increased engagement and greater responsibility within the HRC community.

The outcomes for the women attending the retreat are to:

  • become leaders and social change agents dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive social justice movement and an inclusive HRC.
  • understand the impact of gender bias through the intersections of power, race, ethnicity, gender, class and sexual orientation to be able to lead resourcefully.
  • develop a higher skill set regarding addressing triggers and breaking through the internalized voice of oppression that inhibits courageous leadership.
  • have an increased self-awareness of your approach to leadership and your impact on others.
  • have an increased capacity to influence people through more effective communication and powerful feedback.
  • have an ability to stand in your vision (individual and collective) as passionate, genuine leaders.
  • Leave feeling renewed and ready to lead.

It has always been the intention of the Women & Leadership Program to help fill the HRC volunteer leadership pipeline with women, with a particular goal of increasing the engagement of women of color and transgender women. We are looking forward to welcoming the next cohort of diverse women leaders in the 2018 class of Women & Leadership. The leadership retreat will be held February 8-11, 2018 in Washington, D.C.