Equality Convention and Lobby Day FAQ

Q: Is there a Lobby Day?
A: There is always a Lobby Day on the Thursday of the Equality Convention and we highly encourage all convention attendees and guests to participate.  Fall Lobby Days are held on non-election years. (2019, 2021, etc.) 

Q: Regarding Lobby Day, why don’t I get my schedule ahead of time?
A: Working with the very busy schedules of our Congressional members can be tricky and we work until the last minute to get these appointments arranged. Rather than keep sending you changes, we wait until everything is locked in.

Q: Where are my board materials?
A: All board materials for review by members of the BOD or BOG are now posted to the board portal at hrc.boardeffect.com. For more information please contact Board Relations at boardrelations@hrc.org.  

Q: What events should I plan to attend at Equality Convention?
A: This weekend has events that are specific to your role as well as occasions when all volunteers together. The opening events on Thursday are Lobby Day, the Kick Off Reception. Friday and Saturday are filled with a combination of Steering Committee Member meetings, Training Tracks, Board meetings, and exciting Plenary sessions. On both Friday and Saturday evening, there are events for everyone. As always, if you are not sure where you should be at any time, feel free to contact Board Relations.

Q: What Training Track should I attend at Equality Convetion?
A: You should attend the Training Track that correlates to your role on the Steering Committee. If you have several roles, attend the Track that you have not yet attended. We recognize that there are volunteers who have attended these trainings for more than a few years. We now offer a Steering Committee Leadership Track which we would recommend those folks attend.

Q: My partner is coming with me, what events can they attend?
A: This weekend is targeted towards equipping board members and volunteers with a lot of practical information that isn’t really applicable for non-volunteers. However, there are events of a more social nature that your partner is more than welcome to attend, but may require RSVP or financial commitment. Also guest are encouraged to participate in Lobby Day. 

Q: I am having problems booking my hotel room, what do I do?
A: You may have missed the deadline or the block may be sold out. If that is the case, you can find other hotels on hotels.com or similar websites.  Please let boardrelations@hrc.org know if you are told that the block is closed but not reflected as closed on the website. 

Q: The room block is too expensive for me to cover, can I book at another hotel? 
A: Yes, we provide the room block(s) as a convenient way for you to book your hotel and to stay at the convention host hotel or nearby hotel at a reduced rate.  We do our best to negotiate the best rates with our hotels. The hotels where we typically host meetings at, and D.C. in general, can still be quite expensive.  We hope that you are able to stay in the room block and we encourage volunteers to book double rooms and share rates to save.  We do encourage use of the room block as it helps us negotiate better rates in the future. However, if you feel the rates are still too expensive feel free to make other accommodations. 

Q: What is the dress code for the weekend?
A: For Lobby Days most people wear business attire for lobbying. However, please dress in casual/comfortable clothes for the board and training sessions. We recommend that you dress in layers as the air conditioning in large buildings can be difficult to control and is often cold. For the evening events, you are welcome to don a sport coat (or equivalent attire) if you desire but it is not required.

Q: What if I have special dietary needs?
A: There will be an assortment of food offered in the continental breakfast which should accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and diabetic diets. We can also inform the catering staff ahead of time that some folks may have special needs such as gluten free meals or if you have particular allergies. If you want to ensure we have included something special for you please let Board Relations know.

Q: Who do I contact with more specific questions?
General questions about the weekend: Board Relations (boardrelations@hrc.org) or Mitch Johnson