Equal Benefits Ordinance: San Mateo County, Calif.

Passed on Feb. 13, 2001
Effective on March 13, 2001

Applies to:

  • County contracts that exceed $5000; and
  • Businesses’ operations within the county. However, if the actual work related to the contract is being performed in another state, the law applies. Also applies to county-owned real property outside of the county if work related to the contract is being performed there; and
  • Does not apply to subcontractors.

Exceptions & Waivers

The County Board of Supervisors or county manager can waive compliance if:

  • Contract is responding to an emergency.
  • The contractor is a sole-source provider.
  • No compliant contractors are capable of providing goods or services that respond to the county’s requirements.
  • County is purchasing through a co-op or joint purchasing agreement bulk purchasing arrangements.


County manager can make recommendations for sanctions to the County Board of Supervisors. These sanctions can include:

  • Prohibiting the contractorfrom bidding on or being rewarded a county contract for up to five years;
  • Contractual remedies, such as termination of contracts;
  • Liquidated damages in the amount of $2500;
  • Other appropriate contractual and civil remedies and sanctions; and
  • Remedial action.


San Mateo County Code, §2.93.010

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