Corporate Equality Index 2019: Criteria Updates

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The HRC Foundation is committed to maintaining a rigorous, fair, attainable and transparent CEI rating system. Apart from the survey process itself, HRC Foundation staff work year-round to develop tools for employers to meet the criteria through online resources and direct consultation. Resources for each of the criteria are available at

The HRC Foundation continually examines the criteria and gathers input to guide the future of the criteria. Changes to the CEI criteria are necessary to account for:

  1. The changing landscape of legal protections for LGBTQ employees and their families, both federally and from state to state, and
  2. Emerging best practices to meet the needs of LGBTQ employees and ensure that LGBTQ employees are treated fairly in the workplace.

In keeping with the tenets, the following criteria go into effect in the 2019 CEI (calendar year 2018). We will be conducting intensive education and outreach to ensure the success of CEI participants under this future 2019 criteria. 

Please take a glance at the criteria changes below, and click here for an in-depth look at the new requirements in our Criteria Updates & Toolkit for Success whitepaper.

For a 100% in the 2019 Corporate Equality Index report, businesses must:

  • ​Beginning in the 2019 CEI, participants must offer parity between different- and same-sex spouses and have coverage available for domestic partners of enrollees. 
  • Beginning in the 2019 CEI, participants must remove transgender exclusions from all benefits plans. 
  • Beginning in 2019 CEI, participants must include LGBTQ suppliers as part of their supplier diversity program (if such a program is in existence)