Corporate Equality Index: 2018 Statements from Employers Rated in the CEI

BlueCross BlueShield Tennessee

JD Hickey, President and Chief Executive Officer

"At BlueCross, we are intentionally diverse and inclusive. That’s why these objectives are part of our corporate strategic goals and tied directly to executive compensation. We believe being a diverse and inclusive company is the right way to do business for our members. It also gives us a competitive advantage by intentionally creating a workforce that’s a reflection of the individuals we serve. Diversity – like people – is always changing. Working with organizations like the Human Rights Campaign is one of the many ways BlueCross has made a long-term commitment to creating a culturally competent workplace where everyone is valued, respected, trusted, communicated with and part of the team."

Dunkin' Brands Group Inc

Rich Emmett, Chief Legal and Human Resources Officer 

“At Dunkin’ Brands, we are committed to improving the diversity of our employee base and to fostering an inclusive environment for all,” stated Rich Emmett, Chief Legal and Human Resources Officer, Dunkin’ Brands. “We’re very proud to have scored a 90% in our debut on the 2018 Corporate Equality Index, and will strive to reach 100% in future years.”

Saint-Gobain North America

Thomas Kinisky, President and CEO

“At Saint-Gobain, we create products that combine comfort and sustainability to enhance the well-being of people all over the world, and in that spirit, we must remember that well-being includes providing our employees with a safe, comfortable, engaging work culture that fosters a sense of belonging. We know that innovation is born when diverse teams come together, so we’re proud to be recognized on the CEI and view this as an ongoing opportunity for Saint-Gobain to evolve to meet people’s changing needs each and every day – just as our company has done for over 350 years.”

Micheal Cahill, Chair Diversity & Inclusion Council and VP and General Manager of Saint-Gobain Crystals & NorPro

“At Saint-Gobain, we encourage employees to bring their authentic selves to work each day. A diverse and inclusive environment entails more than gender and ethnic diversity – it also brings together diverse perspectives, experiences and ideas. We’re proud to be recognized for our diversity and inclusion efforts, as we know they offer a competitive advantage that creates a more engaging environment, helps us outperform our competitors and enables our businesses to grow beyond expectation."


Anne Leyden, EVP Human Resources

“Our people make all the difference at TransUnion, and we’re committed to providing them with an inclusive environment where they can bring their authentic selves to work every day. With the launch of several different Networking Resource Groups, we’ve been able to create a culture that encourages associates to embrace their uniqueness. I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished and will continue to accomplish in making TU a great place to work.”

VMware Inc.

Michael Thacker, Director of Corporate Public Relations

“VMware works tirelessly to build and strengthen our company as an organization that values all employees, customers and communities,” said Betsy Sutter, chief people officer, VMware. “Achieving a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index is another great example of how VMware is committed to diversity and to creating a flexible, inclusive environment for everyone inside and outside of the company.”