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Be a CHAMPION for LGBTQ Inclusion in sports.

Create safe spaces for all athletes, coaches and fants at all times — on the field, in the locker rooms, in the stands, at home and in the community.
Hold players, coaches, teammates and fans accountable for non-inclusive language or actions.
Arm yourself with information and resources about the laws and policies that impact your LGBTQ players, staff and their families.
Model inclusive behaviors. Weave respect, diversity and inclusion into your team's culture on day one.
Promote allyship and respect on and off the field. Your team culture isn't just formed at practice.
Implement LGBTQ inclusion policies. Make sure you have an inclusive non-discrimination statement, trans-inclusive participation policies, competent data collection policies, LGBTQ-inclusive travel and uniform policies and fan code of conduct.
Organize inclusion trainings for players, coaches and parents. Like in sports, it's hard to improve without practice and learning.
Never assume someone's sexual orientation, gender identity, pronouns or experiences. 

Download Be a CHAMPION for LGBTQ Inclusion here.