All Children - All Families: Participation On Behalf of Multiple Agency Locations

Under certain circumstances, participants in All Children - All Families may do so on behalf of more than one agency location. Typically All Children – All Families staff will discuss this option with an agency at the beginning of the participation process, during the onboarding call. The "General Agency Information" section of the assessment (question 7) gives you the opportunity to indicate whether you are completing the assessment on behalf of a "single agency location" or "multiple agency locations."

If "multiple agency locations" is selected, you must:

  • Provide a list of each agency location represented by the assessment
  • Indicate whether the assessment answers apply to all locations listed (if the answer to this question is "no" then the agency should reconsider completing the assessment on behalf of multiple locations)

When to Participate On Behalf of Multiple Agency Locations

Agencies are permitted to complete an assessment on behalf of multiple locations under these conditions:

  • Each location represents an actual "brick and mortar" agency site that recruits, licenses, supports and/or makes placements with foster/adoptive families and/or provides direct services to youth in out-of-home care.
  • Each location has full-time staff.
  • The policies and forms covered in benchmarks 1-4 are standard across each location (including evidence of how the client non-discrimination policies are shared with staff members and clients).
  • Staff training is standard across each location (benchmark 5).
  • Sufficient evidence can be provided that the best practices covered in benchmarks 6-10 are met at each location. Unlike benchmarks 1-4, the indicators of these benchmarks are specific to the agency location (for example, benchmark 8 focuses on agency environment and external communications).

Note: If an agency’s multiple locations are in different states and each of the five conditions above are not clearly met, it is highly recommended that the agency participates on a site-by-site or state-by-state basis.

What It Means to Be Listed With Multiple Agency Locations

If an agency meets the conditions outlined above, then once the assessment is completed, its multiple agency locations will be indicated on the database of participating agencies in one of two ways:

  • If space allows, explicitly listing the multiple locations on the database itself (see Family Builders and Devereux Arizona on the ACAF database)
  • If the list of locations is longer than two or three individual city/county sites, then only the agency’s headquarters location will be listed on the database and "(multiple locations)" will be indicated next to the agency’s name and headquarters location, with a link to the agency’s website
  • The All Children – All Families map will also show a marker at the headquarters location with a link within the agency description to the agency website