All Children - All Families: Organizational Statements of Support

​​The national child welfare organizations ​below ​have joined the Human Rights Campaign Foundation in urging all agencies nationwide to implement pro-equality policies and practices changes.​ For more information on All Children - All Families, visit

The Adoption Exchange Association

“All Children-All Families has been a valuable partner to AEA member organizations across the county as we build families through adoption and support those newly-formed families. As a national leader in LGBTQ children, youth, and families, All Children-All Families has been an essential collaborator with AEA providing training and technical assistance to our members, ensuring our work is always inclusive, and sharing effective practices to help unite children in foster care with families.”

-- Kamilah Bunn, Chief Executive Officer, The Adoption Exchange Association

Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Child Welfare Strategy Group

“We know that children who are LGBTQ and involved in child welfare are disproportionately represented, are very often children of color, and experience disparate treatment and negative outcomes. Sadly, the field is hampered by a dearth of data on LGBTQ children and a lack of LGBTQ culturally informed policies and practices. HRC has been a leader in helping child welfare agencies improve their practices for many years and their enhanced tools and technical assistance will be a benefit to LGBTQ children and families throughout the country. The stakes are too high. It’s time we ensure equity and opportunity for all young people.”

--Tracey Feild, Director & Manager, Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Child Welfare Strategy Group

Child Welfare League of America

“With the recent increase in the number of children entering foster care and accompanying increase in children waiting to be adopted, child welfare agencies need all the useful tools and support they can find.  HRC’s All Children-All families project can be just such a support.  Training and technical assistance can be a challenge in the best of times and this program offers one more important resource while also helping agencies strengthen their efforts in addressing diversity and making sure they are serving the best interest of the child.”

--Christine James-Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Child Welfare League of America

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

“Now, more than ever, the groundbreaking All Children-All Families program must be woven into the work of every child welfare agency to ensure that LGBTQ children and families are treated with understanding, personal respect and professional competency.  With the program’s new tools added to its innovative and ongoing technical assistance, training and support, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation simply encourages each of us in child welfare to build up, rather than tear down, the significance of human diversity.”

-- Rita L. Soronen, President & CEO, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

National Center on Adoption and Permanency

“The importance of the work conducted by All Children-All Families is hard to exaggerate. It fills a critical void in the field; it provides a level of expertise and professionalism that would be great to have in all aspects of child welfare; and, most importantly, it serves a population that needs and deserves our support. NCAP’s mission is to enable children, youth and families to succeed. That’s exactly what this extraordinary project of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation is doing, and we should all be very grateful.” 

-- Adam Pertman, President, National Center on Adoption and Permanency

North American Council on Adoptable Children

“NACAC has been a partner of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s All Children - All Families program since its inception and we applaud their great leadership in bringing LGBTQ awareness and inclusion to a new level in foster care and adoption. Now—more than ever—it’s important for welcoming agencies to understand and embrace best practices for serving and supporting LGBTQ families and youth.”  

-- Mary Boo, Executive Director, North American Council on Adoptable Children

Voice for Adoption

“Voice for Adoption has long understood the importance of protecting the wellbeing of children at all costs. Now more than ever, it is important for organizations in child welfare to protect, nurture, and celebrate the diversity of the children and families we serve. HRC's All-Children All-Families is an important step in the right direction. No child or family should be refused services or denied the ability to adopt, or be adopted, base on their sexual orientation or gender identity. We need every single family we can get, and we need to ensure that our children feel that they are safe and don't need to hide their true selfs from the world. Children belong in families, period.”

-- Schylar Baber, MPA, Executive Director