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A Stone of Hope

Since the days of slavery, the Black church has been a source of survival and hope, and the catalyst for social change, not only for the Black community but for the entire country. For too long, however, Black LGBTQ people of faith have sat in the shadows in some communities, fighting to stay true to their faith without sacrificing their identities. By bringing our struggle out of the shadows and into the light, we can do what Dr. King promised would be possible, and draw a stone of hope out of a mountain of despair.

“A Stone of Hope” begins a thoughtful discussion about LGBTQ progress within the Black church with leading clergy like Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley of Alfred Street Baptist Church; Rev. Dr. Yolanda Pierce, Dean of Howard University’s School of Divinity; Rev. Dr. Delman Coates of Mt. Ennon Baptist Church; Rev. Dr. Derrick McQueen of St. James Presbyterian Church; and Br. Merrick Moses, OSB, Community of Saint Benedict. Director of HRC’s HBCU Program Leslie Hall provides historical framing with candid thoughts from parishioners like Bennye Crawford and Keisha Michaels. HRC Alphonso David gives the forward.

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