2023 CEI Criteria Evolution

Produced by the HRC Foundation

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is excited to share the upcoming changes to the CEI, and, moreover, grateful for the opportunity to raise the bar for LGBTQ+ inclusive workplaces.

This criteria adjustment reflects a 20-year history of observation, learning, and growth that the HRCF is proud to continue to this day. In many areas, we advanced our criteria because the law now codifies the benchmarks that we have identified during the 20-year history of the CEI. While we believe that our previous criteria set an ideal benchmark in the past, the current and continuing issues seen within the LGBTQ+ community required us to evolve our criteria to meet the ever-changing needs of the community’s members and their families.

2023 CEI Criteria Informational Webinar

Watch this recording to learn more about the updates and improvements we're making to the CEI for the 2023 cycle.

The Look Forward

The Look Forward is a bi-weekly webinar series from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation that focuses on what's new in LGBTQ+ Workplace Inclusion.


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