10 Things You Should Know About the American Center For Law And Justice

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1.)    ACLJ has raised nearly $75 million in the past five years to fight for anti-LGBT causes, despite not meeting 10 out of 20 of the Better Business Bureau’s standards for charity accountability.

ACLJ Has Had Raised Over $74 Million In The Past Five Years. According to IRS reports, ACLJ brought in $74,772,224 between fiscal year 2008 to fiscal year 2012 and had expenditures of $75,021,348. [American Center for Law and Justice IRS Form 990, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008]

2012: The ACLJ Has An Annual Budget Of Over $15 Million.  According to IRS reports for Fiscal Year 2012, the ACLJ brought in $ 15,684.893 in contributions and had expenditures of $15,579,134.  [American Center for Law and Justice IRS Form 990, 2012

2011: The ACLJ Has An Annual Budget Of More Than $17 Million.  According to IRS reports for Fiscal Year 2011, the ACLJ brought in $ 17,164,568 in contributions and had expenditures of $17,416,278.  [American Center for Law and Justice IRS Form 990, 2011]

2010: The ACLJ Has An Annual Budget Of More Than $16 Million.  According to IRS reports for Fiscal Year 2010, the ACLJ brought in $16,629,586 in contributions and had expenditures of $16,746,496.  [American Center for Law and Justice IRS Form 990, 2010]

2009: The ACLJ Has An Annual Budget Of More Than $13 Million.  According to IRS reports for Fiscal Year 2009, the ACLJ brought in $ 13,291,865 in contributions and had expenditures of $13,420,518.  [American Center for Law and Justice IRS Form 990, 2009]

2008: The ACLJ Has An Annual Budget Of More Than $12 Million.  According to IRS reports for Fiscal Year 2008, the ACLJ brought in $ 12,001,312 in contributions and had expenditures of $11,858,922.  [American Center for Law and Justice IRS Form 990, 2008]

According To The Better Business Bureau, The ACLJ Does Not Meet Ten Out Of Twenty Standards For Charity Accountability.  The Better Business Bureau reported that the ACLJ does not meet standards for board oversight, board size, board meetings, board compensation, effectiveness policies and reporting, accurate expense reporting, annual reports, website disclosures and cause marketing disclosures.  [American Center for Law and Justice Charity Review, Better Business Bureau, March 2012]

Since 1998, ACLJ And Another Charity Have Paid More Than $33 Million To Members OF Jay Sekulow’s Family.  “Sekulow is the principal officer of Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism and the American Center for Law and Justice. Since 1998, the two legal charities have paid more than $33 million to members of Sekulow's family and businesses they own or co-own, according to the charities' federal tax returns.”  [Associated Press, 9/6/11]

·      The ACLJ Obfuscates How Much Jay Sekulow Earns From The Organization.  “The IRS requires nonprofits to disclose the compensation of their leaders. But a donor to ACLJ wouldn't know how much Sekulow is earning from his work with the organization, even though he is described as CEO, chief counsel and board member on its tax forms. ACLJ reports that Sekulow has taken no salary since 2002 However, ACLJ's 2009 tax form shows it paid $2,382,770 to the law firm 50 percent owned by Sekulow --(AT) Constitutional Litigation and Advocacy Group.”  [USA Today, 9/5/11]

2.)    ACLJ suggests the “sin” of homosexuality might be to blame for the death of Tyler Clementi and the rash of teen suicides connected to anti-LGBT bullying.

ACLJ’s David French Said Concerns A Tennessee Law Would Lead To Anti-LGBT Bullying Were “Bad Faith” Because Compared To All The Complaints Against Christians “I Can Probably Count On The Fingers Of One Hand The Times That Involved Any Conflict With LGBT Students.” According to the Atlantic, “Bloggers at ‘The Gaily Grind’ and ‘The New Civil Rights Movement’ have claimed the [Tennessee] law [protecting religious speech in schools] would protect anti-gay bullies. ‘I think that criticism is in bad faith and absurd,’ said David French, a senior counselor at the American Center for Law and Justice. ‘I have not seen any evidence whatsoever that there is a desire to use religion as a thinly-veiled pretext to bully anybody.’ ….With this particular bill, it seems like LGBT bullying is a bit of a distraction. Of all the religious discrimination claims he's represented, very few have had to do with homosexuality, French said. ‘I have been on the receiving end of complaint after complaint: Teachers telling students, don’t bring your Bible to recess, you can’t discuss your faith or invite someone to church at school, you can’t form a club, you can’t pray. In all of that time, I can probably count on the fingers of one hand the times that involved any conflict with LGBT students.’” [The Atlantic, 4/15/2014]

ACLJ’s David French Said Universities Advance Values By “Conducting Orientation Indoctrination Sessions And Diversity Training” That Leaves No Space For “Traditionally Christian” Beliefs. In an article lamenting the Supreme Court’s decision in CLS v. Martinez holding that a Christian club had to open itself to leadership from other religions on a public university campus, French said, “As universities have grown in size, they have also grown in ambition. Most students are now aware of the concept of ‘university values,’ an all-encompassing worldview that tells us men and women are exactly the same, that ‘diversity’ is a paramount goal, and that one should tolerate everything except intolerance. Universities advance those values energetically by conducting orientation indoctrination sessions and diversity training, enforcing expansive rules governing student speech, and creating an alphabet soup of programs and centers serving different identity groups but pushing the same agenda. The message is clear: Out with the old (your parents' influence, your traditional religion, your intellectual independence); in with the new (sexual experimentation, group identification, and statist dependence)…. In other words, the rule isn't ‘Christians need not apply’ but ‘Christians are welcome so long as their beliefs are not traditionally Christian.’” [ACLJ.org, Schools That Used To Favor Openness Are Becoming Closed And Dogmatic When It Comes To Traditional Religious Groups, Accessed 10/23/2014

ACLJ’s French Said It Is “Absurd” To Suggest That “Christian Opposition To Homosexual Behavior Creates A ‘Climate’ Conducive To Suicide.” In a post on National Review, David French said, “First, the argument that comes largely from external (typically Leftist) critics of Christianity is that Christian opposition to homosexual behavior creates a ‘climate’ conducive to suicide. I think this is frankly absurd. Of course individually targeted bullying certainly can lead a person down that dark path (but let’s never forget that the suicide itself is an act of independent will), there’s no allegation — to my knowledge — in any of the recent suicides that some sort of Christian thug was taunting anyone. Nor is there any evidence that any serious Christian endorses bullying and other kinds of thuggish behavior. Lacking this evidence, what is the Left’s argument? That the mere existence of people who think homosexual behavior is wrong makes it more likely that a person who identifies as gay will kill himself? In a vibrant democracy, debates are often intense, and religious debates can be the most intense. Yet do we see a connection in other communities between intense religious debate and suicide? Lots of communities are publicly criticized for many reasons, but I’m not aware of any spike in the suicide rate accompanying public debate — even intense debate.” [National Review, 10/25/2010

French Said Recent LGBT Teen Suicides “When The Problem Is Sin, De-Stigmatizing Sin Doesn’t Actually Heal The Human Heart” And That Anti-Bullying Laws Are “Often Grotesquely Unconstitutional.” In a column in Patheos addressing the suicide of Tyler Clemanti, French said, “We don't know Tyler's roommate's motive for taping Tyler. Was he homophobic? Was it merely a malicious prank -- one that he would have played regardless of the sex of the person in the room with Tyler? We certainly don't have any evidence that Tyler's roommate taped Tyler because of any religious objection to Tyler's behavior (that would be a curious thing indeed). Nor do we have any evidence that other recent gay teen suicides have been caused by any religiously-motivated actions. But that hasn't stopped the finger-pointing. According to some, the ‘fundamentalist’ or ‘evangelical’ (those terms are often used interchangeably) Christian community has created a ‘cultural climate’ that stigmatizes gay people. Allegedly, this stigma ‘contribute[s] to the atmosphere’ that makes suicide more likely. Christian opposition to same-sex marriage, Christian disapproval of homosexual behavior, and even Christian opposition to so-called ‘anti-bullying laws’ (which are often grotesquely unconstitutional) harm gays emotionally…..As we de-stigmatize homosexuality, the human toll continues to mount. Why? Perhaps because the fundamental problem wasn't ‘stigma’ in the first place. Perhaps when the problem is sin, de-stigmatizing sin doesn't actually heal the human heart. Celebrating sin doesn't ultimately soothe the conscience. And in celebrating sin, we often stigmatize the one Truth that can offer light in the darkness of the soul.” [Patheos, 10/19/2010]

Sekulow  Said School Policies Protecting LGBT Students From Harassment Went Too Far, “There Is A Line Between Sensitivity And Indoctrination.” The Los Angeles Times, in an article about school districts improving their anti-gay harassment programs, reported, “Others say school districts are going too far. "There is a line between sensitivity and indoctrination," said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, which was founded by conservative evangelist Pat Robertson. Sekulow said schools should treat all students with dignity and respect, but they shouldn't promote one lifestyle over another. If districts are going to offer extra protections for gay and lesbian students, they should do the same for students who want to express their religious beliefs, he said.” [LA Times, 9/11/00] 

3.)    ACLJ goes after cities and municipalities, simply for protecting employees against anti-LGBT discrimination.They even call workplace diversity training “offensive.”

ACLJ Filed Suit Against The City Of Louisville Challenging Non-Discrimination Employment Policy Including Gender Identity And Sexual Orientation. In 1999, according to a press release from ACLJ, “The American Center for Law and Justice, an international public interest law firm, today filed suit in U.S. District Court in Louisville challenging the City's ordinance that extends protected status in employment to the categories of ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity.’ The ACLJ filed suit against the City of Louisville, the Mayor and other officials on behalf of J. Barrett Hyman, M.D., a medical practitioner, who contends that his Biblically-based Christian beliefs prevent him from complying with the City's ordinance. The lawsuit contends that because of his sincerely held religious beliefs, Hyman is compelled to deny employment and discharge from employment any person whom he learns is living a homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, or transsexual lifestyle. ‘By forcing employers who object to homosexuality and transgenderism to hire people who practice those lifestyles, the City of Louisville is attempting to legislate its own view of morality at the expense of the fundamental rights of its citizens,’ said Francis J. Manion, Senior Regional Counsel of the ACLJ-Midwest, who is representing Hyman in the suit.” [American Center For Law and Justice, Press Release, 11/6/1999]

ACLJ Filed Lawsuit Against City Of Henderson, Kentucky’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance In Employment And Housing Protecting Sexual Orientation. According to a press release from ACLJ, “The American Center for Law and Justice, an international public interest law firm, today filed suit in Henderson Circuit Court for the Commonwealth of Kentucky challenging the City of Henderson's ordinance that extends protected status in employment, housing, and public accommodation to the categories of ‘sexual orientation.’ The ACLJ filed suit against the City of Henderson, its Mayor, and the Henderson Human Rights Commission on behalf of Rick and Connie Hile, who own three rental properties in Henderson….The suit contends that the Hiles believe the ordinance ‘requires them to abandon and act contrary to beliefs which are central to their Christian faith.’ At the same time, the suit contends the Hiles ‘believe they are compelled to act in accordance with their faith’ and the complaint says ‘they have concrete plans to deny rental of their property to individuals who are homosexual or bisexual.’ On October 5, 1999, the City of Henderson amended its ordinances to extend anti-discrimination provisions to include sexual orientation, which the City defines as ‘a person's actual heterosexuality, homosexuality or bisexuality, or the supposed heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality of a person as perceived by another person.’ At the same time, the ordinance states that it shall be unlawful for a person to discriminate against another person ‘in any real estate transaction’ because ‘of a person's sexual orientation.’ Those who violate the ordinance are subject to fines of up to $250.00.” [American Center for Law and Justice, Press Release, 11/23/1999] 

ACLJ Represented Mother Who Sued High School After Being Excluded From Assembly Supportive Of LGBT Student Rights. According to the Associated Press, “A St. Louis mother who filed a civil lawsuit after she was asked to leave a high school assembly about tolerance for gay students has reached a settlement with public school officials. The American Center for Law and Justice said Wednesday that St. Louis school officials have agreed to revise their policy, clarifying the right of parents to observe school-sponsored events. The ACLJ represented the mother, Debra Loveless. Loveless's daughter attends Metro High School. The suit contended that in October 2001, Loveless decided not to allow her daughter to attend an assembly featuring a group that supports gay student rights. Loveless tried to attend herself but was asked to leave. In the suit, Loveless charged that her exclusion violated her rights of free speech, equal protection, and parental liberty. As part of the settlement, school officials can still exclude parents if they disrupt the event.” [Associated Press, 5/22/2003]

ACLJ’s Website Says Workplace Diversity Training “Can Be Offensive Because Of the Subtle But Often Times Open Hostility Towards Racial, Ethnic, And Religious Majorities.” According to the ACLJ website, “A religious discrimination claim can arise in the context of a mandatory “diversity” training program. Over the past twenty years or so, public and private employers have glommed onto the concept of promoting “diversity” in the workforce. As a result, most employers have instituted mandatory programs in “Diversity Training.” Often, the content of these mandatory training sessions can be offensive because of the subtle but often times open hostility towards racial, ethnic and religious majorities…. Additionally, employees should have the right to opt out of objectionable diversity training if it violates their sincerely held religious beliefs.” [ACLJ.org, Accessed 8/6/14

ACLJ Filed Suit In Minnesota Defending Employees Who Read Bible At State-Mandated Training Called ‘Gays And Lesbians In The Workplace.’ According to a report by Focus on the Family, “The ACLJ filed suit in April 1998 against the Minnesota Department of Corrections on behalf of Thomas Altman and Ken Yackly to force their employer to rescind the reprimands they received in 1997 after they silently read their Bibles at a state-mandated training session called ‘Gays and Lesbians in the Workplace.’ The employees contended that the training session was little more than a state-sponsored indoctrination aimed at changing their religious beliefs about homosexuality. Four years later, and several appeals later, the employees were finally vindicated.” [Citizenlink.com, Focus On the Family, How Sexual Orientation Nondiscrimination Laws Harm Businesses & Employees, 9/2009, Accessed 10/23/2014]

ACLJ Defended Right Of Parents Opposed To California Public School’s “Pro-Homosexual Indoctrination Program” To Homeschool Children. According the the ACLJ website, “The case came out of a juvenile court situation in which family members told WND they objected to the public school's pro-homosexual indoctrination program in California. In fact, just yesterday, California lawmakers decided to mandate a day of celebration and honor for Harvey Milk, the late San Francisco supervisor who was an activist for homosexuality. The ACLJ, along with many other organizations, had filed an amicus brief in the case which had been interpreted as threatening the very practice of homeschooling in California.” Jay Sekulow said ACLJ was “pleased” with the court’s decision affirming the rights of parents to homeschool. [ACLJ.org, 8/09/2008]

4.)    ACLJ defended the Boy Scouts of America in their fight to prevent LGBT scouts and scout leaders, with the group’s founder warning of “predators as Boy Scouts, pedophiles who will come in as Scoutmasters.’’

Pat Robertson Said Boy Scouts of America Welcoming LGBT Scouts Would Open Scouts To “Predators” And “Pedophiles.” According to Right Wing Watch, “Pat Robertson appeared rather confused about the upcoming vote by the Boy Scouts of America board to end the national ban on gay membership, telling 700 Club viewers today that Congress is trying to change the organization’s ban on gay Scouts. After misrepresenting the looming decision by the board, Robertson warned that if the sweeping prohibition on gay members is lifted then there will be “predators as Boy Scouts, pedophiles who will come in as Scoutmasters.’’Our prayers are with them that they will do what they feel is right for them, not what the political correct crowd thinks is right for them,’ Robertson said.” [Right Wing Watch, 2/5/2013

Sekulow Warned That Allowing Gay Boy Scout Leaders Would Lead To Targeting Of Religious Schools. The Star-Ledger reported on a challenge in New Jersey to the Boy Scouts’ of America policy banning gay scout leaders. “The religious groups argue the New Jersey ruling could have serious consequences for them beyond their Boy Scouts troops. In a fund-raising letter sent out by the Center for Law and Justice, the legal organization of Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson, attorney Jay Alan Sekulow warned that a decision allowing gay Boy Scouts leaders would be just the beginning. ‘Churches will be the next target. Homosexuals will then set their sights on religious schools,’ wrote Sekulow, who has filed a legal brief with the court,” the Star-Ledger reported. [Star-Ledger, 4/25/2000]

Sekulow Called 1999 New Jersey Ruling That LGBT Scout Leaders Must Be Accepted “A Very Dangerous Precedent” And Vowed To Continue Fight Supreme Court. According to The Baltimore Sun, following a court ruling in New Jersey that Boy Scouts of America must accept gay scouts, “Jay Alan Sekulow, a lawyer who took part in the case in support of the Boy Scouts, called the ruling ‘a very dangerous precedent.’ He predicted that the U.S. Supreme Court ‘will be very interested in a case involving the Boy Scouts’ because of the threat to their rights to choose their members and leaders and to project their own moral message. ‘If they can crack the Boy Scouts, it is an important precedent’ on gay rights, said Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice. Scouting, he said, ‘is Americana, it's mom, it's apple pie.’” [Baltimore Sun, 8/05/1999]

ACLJ Defended Boy Scouts Of America From Claim That DOD Sponsorship of Jamborees Violated Establishment Clause Due To BSA’s Religious Content. On ACLJ’s website, Jay Sekulow writes, “Tomorrow the ACLJ will file an amicus brief with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit on behalf of 88 members of the House and Senate. Since 1937, the United States military has provided supplies and services in support of the National Scout Jamboree held every four years by the Boy Scouts of America (the BSA).  Congress formally recognized this tradition in 1972 by passing the Jamboree statute, authorizing the Department of Defense to provide such support for the Jamborees. The militarys support of Jamborees came into question when Eugene Winkler and other federal taxpayers brought the current lawsuit. Winkler sought to enjoin the enforcement of the Jamboree statute and other programs under which the BSA is eligible to receive some form of federal aid.  The plaintiffs claimed that the Jamboree and other statutes were laws respecting an establishment of religion in violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution because the BSA has a religious component to its activities and beliefs. The District Court denied most of the plaintiffs claims.  The court sustained the challenge to the Jamboree statute, holding that it violated the Establishment Clause because it had the primary effect of advancing religion. “ [ACLJ.org, Defending the Boy Scouts, Accessed 10/23/2014]

ACLJ Amicus Brief To Supreme Court On Behalf Of Boy Scouts Of America Said “Men Who By Word Or Deed Condone Homosexuality Cannot, Therefore, Be Good Role Models.” According to Political Research, “Sekulow has championed the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on openly gay scoutmasters for years, telling donors in March 2000 that the Scouts have ‘come under attack from homosexual activists–who may well set their sights on your church next.’ In an amicus brief to the Supreme Court, the ACLJ defended the Boy Scout’s finding that homosexuals are not morally ‘clean,’ writing, ‘Men who by word or deed condone homosexuality cannot, therefore, be good role models.’” [Political Research, 11/5/2012

5.)    ACLJ defends criminal punishments for consensual, adult same-sex behavior, saying homosexuality is destructive to society.

Sekulow Said Lawrence v. Texas Ruling “Reflect A Political Approach To The Law That We Deplore.” According to the Albany Times Union, “In another closely watched case involving gay rights, the Supreme Court struck down the Texas sodomy law, ruling that the government has no right to control the private lives of homosexuals. The 6-3 decision overturned a court ruling 17 years ago that states could punish gays and lesbians for what such laws historically called deviant sex. The court's decision infuriated conservatives. ‘Both the affirmative action and the gay rights decision reflect a political approach to the law that we deplore,’ Jay A. Sekulow, the legal director of the American Center for Law and Justice, a conservative legal advocacy group, said following the decisions.” [Albany Times Union, 6/19/03]

Sekulow Said Sumpreme Court Ruling in Lawrence v. Texas “Strikes A Damaging Blow For the Traditional Family.” According to the Chicago Tribune, in response to a Texas sodomy law being struck down by the Supreme Court, Sekulow said, “By providing constitutional protection to same-sex sodomy, the Supreme Court strikes a damaging blow for the traditional family that will only intensify the legal battle to protect marriage and the traditional family.” [Chicago Tribune, 6/27/03]

Sekulow Defended Rick Santorum’s Controversial Comments Saying Sodomy Protections Could Cover Bigamy, Polygamy, Incest, And Adultery As “Out Of Context.”  “U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum said last week that if homosexual sodomy was protected as a private act, then the same protection could also cover bigamy, polygamy, incest and adultery. He made the comments to the Associated Press while discussing a Texas anti-sodomy law being reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court…. “‘All this tumult over Santorum's comments really were out of context,’ said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice. ‘They were simply repeating a legal theory that if you declare that activity (same-sex sodomy) as a fundamental right simply because it is consensual, you would thereby eviscerate regulations on sex crimes.’” [Birmingham News, 5/2/03]

Sekulow Called Reaction To Alabama Attorney General And Rick Santorum’s Equating Homosexual Acts To Necrophilia, Bestiality, And Pedophilia “Overblown.” According to the Assoicated Press, “A nominee for a federal judgeship filed a Supreme Court brief that compares homosexual acts to ‘prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography and even incest and pedophilia.’ The brief by Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor, nominated by President Bush to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, resembles comments about the same Texas sodomy case by Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum…. Pryor declined comment Thursday and referred questions about the case to Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, a Washington firm specializing in constitutional law. Sekulow said the reaction to Santorum's comments and Pryor's brief was overblown because Supreme Court Justice Byron White used similar language in a 1986 Supreme Court case when the court ruled 5-4 that Georgia's criminal penalties against homosexual sodomy were constitutional.” [Associated Press, 5/01/03]

ACLJ:  “The State Has A Compelling Interest To Ban The Act Of Homosexuality.” “Simply put, just as we have laws banning polygamy and incest because those sexual acts undermine society, likewise the state has a compelling interest to ban the act of homosexuality.  And certainly, there is no duty to promote the act that society deems destructive!  In fact, it could be argued that society has a responsibility to discourage such acts.”  [American Center For Law And Justice Chief Counsel's Confidential Report On The Homosexual Agenda, 1997]

The ACLJ Argued That Banning Same Sex Intimacy “Furthers Public Morality” And Protects Public Health In An Amicus Brief In Lawrence v. Texas.  “There are at least three, independently adequate, rational bases for the statute. First, a ban on same-sex sodomy permissibly furthers public morality. Second, the extensively documented health risks of same-sex sodomy supply a strong public health rationale for the statute.”  [American Center for Law and Justice Amicus Brief, Lawrence v. Texas

6.)    ACLJ literally helped write the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), parts of which were deemed unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court last year in United States v. Windsor.

ACLJ Helped Draft Language For the Defense Of Marriage Act And Jay Sekulow Testified For Its Passage. According to Jay Sekulow on ACLJ’s website, “There were also concerns among many that the same-sex marriage proponents would be successful in having declared the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional.  Our office helped draft DOMA and I even testified before the United States House of Representatives for its passage almost ten years ago.  Initially, a district court in Nebraska did hold Nebraskas constitutional DOMA as violative of the federal Equal Protection Clause.  But just a few weeks ago, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the district court.  That court found that the states asserted interest in steering procreation into marriage and encouraging procreation to take place within the socially recognized unit that is best situated for raising children was a sufficient basis, together with the states responsible procreation theory.  The Court of Appeals further held that the same-sex advocates possessed no fundamental right to be free of the political barrier a validly enacted constitutional amendment erects.” [ACLJ.org, A Legal Grand Slam, Accessed 10/22/2014]

ACLJ Gathered Signatures For “Petition To Preserve Marriage” In Support Of Federal Marriage Amendment.“The American Center for Law and Justice, specializing in constitutional law, today notified the U.S. Senate that nearly 415,000 people have signed petitions in support of a Federal Marriage Amendment - just days before the Senate is expected to debate the issue and vote on an amendment. ‘The response has been very strong from people nationwide who want to see marriage remain an institution between one man and one woman,’ said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ. ‘We have heard from people in every state and the message is clear: marriage must not be redefined. It is important for members of Congress to understand that most Americans oppose same-sex marriage and that there continues to be growing support for an amendment to protect the institution of marriage. As the Senate prepares to take up this issue, we are hopeful that Senators will get the message.’…For months, the American Center for Law and Justice has been gathering signatures on its Petition to Preserve Marriage in support of a federal marriage amendment.” [Press Release, ACLJ, 7/09/04]

Sekulow Called Massachusetts Decision Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage “Troubling” And Called For Federal Marriage Amendment. The ACLJ said in response to the legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, “It is troubling that an activist court in Massachusetts has succeeded in overturning hundreds of years of tradition by redefining marriage to include same-sex couples," said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ. "With Massachusetts now the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, it is clear that the need for a Federal Marriage Amendment is greater than ever. We call on Congress to act without delay and pass an amendment - and send it to the states for ratification - to protect the institution of marriage as a union between one man and one woman.” [Press Release, ACLJ, 5/17/04]

Sekulow Was “Delighted” With Bush Push For Federal Marriage Amendment. According to the Associated Press, “Bush called on Congress "to promptly pass and to send to the states for ratification" an amendment to define marriage as a union of a man and a woman….Bush's conservative supporters who view prohibiting gay marriage as a priority were thrilled. ‘We are delighted the president has stepped forward on this issue and his announcement serves as a critical catalyst to energize and organize those who will work diligently to ensure that marriage remains an institution between one man and one woman,’ said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, a law firm founded by the Rev. Pat Robertson.” [Associated Press, 2/25/04] 


Sekulow Said Judges Who Uphold Same-Sex Marriage Laws Were “Flouting The Laws Of Our Country, And Condescending To Every Major Religious Tradition In The World.” According to Mother Jones, “Evangelical values undergird ACLJ's legal work, and so it's no surprise the Sekulows have fought efforts to legalize same-sex marriage. Jay Sekulow is a vocal defender of the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, a federal law that defines marriage as between a man and a woman. (Last year, President Obama told the Department of Justice to stop enforcing DOMA.) In court, ACLJ has fought efforts to pro-same-sex marriage in New Jersey, Washington state, and the District of Columbia. Judges who uphold same-sex marriage laws, Sekulow told Congress in 2004, ‘have simply ignored the custom and experience of recorded Western history, flouting the laws of our country, and condescending to every major religious tradition in the world.’” [Mother Jones, 12/2/12]

Sekulow Said “Look, No One Wants Any American To Feel Like They’re Discriminated Against, But The Fact Is In America Not Everybody Can Get Married. We Don’t Let Cousins Marry.” In response to a caller upset that the recent passage of several gay marriage bans made him feel like “America had just voted that I was not a legitimate person and not entitled to what everyone else is entitled to,” Sekulow said, “Well, I--you know, look, no one wants any American to feel like they're discriminated against, but the fact is in America not everybody can get married. We don't let cousins marry. You have to be a certain age to get married. There are restrictions put in place. So I think what you've got is an overreaction to a cultural phenomenon, and the culture clearly has not caught up with where the lawyers for the gay and lesbian community are advocating and that's--and I'm an advocacy lawyer, so I know that from my end of it. You've got to argue not just in the courts of law, but in the courts of public opinion, and they overshot this and they got a pretty big negative. I mean, the Oregon vote, I think, is the most symptomatic of the problem. They overshot the electorate on this and it really hurt them.” [NPR, Talk of the Nation, 11/4/04] 

Sekulow Belonged To The Arlington Group, A Group Of Evangelical Christians Organized To Increase “Conservative Fire” With Gay Marriage Push. According to the Washingtonian, “The meeting's purpose was to discuss the religious right's to-do list and figure out how the evangelists could dovetail their efforts. Wildmon and others like Gary Bauer, founder of the Christian conservative group American Values, worried that the Republican lock on Washington was dampening the conservative fire….When the discussion turned to gay marriage, the group decided the courts were moving against them and the White House was sitting on the fence. By the end of the session, the leaders had decided to call themselves the Arlington Group and to push for a constitutional amendment that would bar homosexuals from marrying. Since its first gathering, the Arlington Group's membership has grown to 21 and its influence has reverberated across Washington. It has staged press conferences and rallies, using ‘the homosexual agenda’ to motivate supporters. Members of the alliance include Chuck Colson, president of Prison Fellowship Ministries, Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, and Tony Perkins, the new president of the Family Research Council. They have used radio, television, e-mail, and direct mail to tell evangelicals about a constitutional amendment.” [Washingtonian, April, 2004]

ACLJ’s David French Said Domestic Partner Benefits Drained The Word ‘Marriage’ Of Any Real-World Effect. In response to the Ninth Circuit ruling overturning Prop 8, French said “Yet when the time comes to evaluate the justifications for reserving ‘marriage’ to opposite-sex couples, the word suddenly means virtually nothing, with domestic-partner statutes draining the word of any real-world effect. Marriage can provide a liberty interest (because it’s important!) but not a state interest (because it’s meaningless!). We’re left with an odd conclusion: Marriage matters a great deal, but it has no effect on child-rearing decisions. Marriage is significant, but changing its definition won’t impact religious liberty. The bottom line is the word “marriage” matters, as a matter of law, tradition, and definition.” [ACLJ.org, Marriage Means So Much And So Little, Accessed 10/22/2014]

7.)    ACLJ opened an office in Nairobi, Kenya, where the group promotes discriminatory legal and legislative policies and engages in “civic education to warn people of the dangers of homosexuality.”

2010:  The ACLJ Established An East African Office In Nairobi To Lobby Politicians To “Take The Christian Views Into Consideration As They Draft Legislation And Policy.  “Lobbying the County Assemblies, National Assembly and the Senate to take the Christian's views into consideration as they draft legislation and policies. The aim is to promote policies and legislation that are good for Kenya as a whole, and are as inclusive as possible.”  [“About Us,” East African Center for Law and Justice, accessed 2/20/14

2010:  The ACLJ Spent “Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars” Trying To Defeat Kenya’s Draft Constitution.  “An American-based group opposed to abortion has said it is donating ‘tens of thousands of dollars’ to help defeat Kenya’s proposed constitution. The American Centre for Law and Justice’s Jordan Sekulow, told the Sunday Nation that his Washington-based organisation is working through its office in Nairobi to tell Kenyans that the draft constitution would allow ‘abortion on demand’. It is the first revelation of foreign funding given to church leaders in Kenya to campaign against the draft constitution.”  [Daily Nation, 5/10/10]

·      HEADLINE:  “US Dollars Fuelling Church Campaign”  [Daily Nation, 5/10/10]

The Kenyan Branch Of East African CLJ Works Closely With The American Home Office.  “Joy M. Mdivo, the CEO of the East African CLJ confirmed to PRA that her organization works closely with American Center for Law and Justice and was born out of the U.S. organization.  […]   Using American resources and mainly African staffers, the East African CLJ worked to ensure that the new constitution, drafted in 2010 would bar abortion and homosexuality.”  [Political Research Associates, 11/5/12]

The EACLJ Called Acceptance Of Homosexuality A “Foreign Concept” To Kenyans.  “There have been homosexuals among us, as our brothers, and sons, however, it is a practice frowned upon, and practiced in secret. There are parts of the world where homosexuality is embraced, even celebrated, but in Kenya, this is still a foreign concept, and does not have acceptability among the greater majority of Kenyans. For the Constitution to be amended to expressly allow homosexuality would be unacceptable for most Kenyans. For the Constitution to be amended to remain silent or non-committal on the issue means in future a simple majority of members of parliament, which could be as few as 21MPs could pass a law in support of the practice. The potential is that same sex marriages could be enacted in the same way, thereby altering the face of Kenyan Society forever.”  [East African Center for Law and Justice, 4/12/10]

After Failing To Defeat Kenya’s Constitution The ACLJ Promised To Go To Court And To “Carry Out Further Civic Education To Warn People Of The Dangers Of Homosexuality.”  “Yet even these minor concessions to protecting LGBT persons and women’s lives cannot stand, according to the director of the East African Center for Law and Justice. ‘The current constitution promotes gay rights and abortion,’ Joy Mdivo, the executive director, told PRA. ‘We are working on going to court over those two issues. We shall also carry out further civic education to warn people of the dangers of homosexuality and abortion in Kenya.’” [Political Research Associates, 11/5/12]

8.)    ACLJ-Zimbabwe has organized meetings with the country’s ruthless dictator, Robert Mugabe, and advocated for keeping criminal bans on homosexuality in place as the country reformed its constitution. This is the same Mugabe who threatened to behead gay people in his country.

March 2009:  Jordan Sekulow And The ACLJ Traveled To Zimbabwe And Met With High Ranking Government Officials.  “Over the course of our mission to Zimbabwe, we created new bonds with Church leaders like Dr. Goodwill Shana (Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe and Council of Churces) and Rev. Alexander Chisango (ZNRI), Pastor Vicky Mpofu, and Petronella Maramba. We also had an opportunity to meet with government leaders like Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai at his home, whose wife was recently killed in a car accident where he also suffered injuries – an accident reported in the news around the world, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Gorden Moyo, Minister of Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Eric Matinenga, and former High Court Justice Leslie George Smith.”  [Jordan Sekulow Facebook Post, 3/30/09]

·      On The Trip To Zimbabwe, ACLJ “Committed to the new Unity Government and people of Zimbabwe that we will be their representatives to the United States.”  “The ACLJ has committed to the new Unity Government and people of Zimbabwe that we will be their representatives to the United States – both our government and the church. As you’ll see and hear, if we don’t support this government soon with assistance, infrastructure, and investment, unity will crumble, schools will close again, AIDS/HIV will continue to spread, cholera will continue to kill, and our Christian brothers and sisters will continue to suffer while being forced by necessity to turn to Islamic nations for support.”  [Jordan Sekulow Facebook Post, 3/30/09

·      ACLJ Was Able To Gain Access To Zimbabwean Leaders Because Evangelicals Were Familiar With The Organization From Its Television Broadcasts.  “The importance of Christian Broadcasting: One of our new friends from the trip, Dr. Goodwill Shana – head of a Church organization in Zimbabwe that consists of over 10 million people, an attorney, and powerful leader in Zimbabwe, immediately began helping us during our trip because he was already very familiar with us. In our first meeting on our first day in Zimbabwe, Dr. Goodwill Shana, who had waited for us because of flight delays, informed us that he watched ACLJ This Week, our television broadcast, every week on the Christian satellite network Daystar. Because of this familiarity and trust in our organization, we were granted access to leaders in Zimbabwe and created new relationships that we could not have even imagined before this trip.”  [Jordan Sekulow Facebook Post, 3/30/09

December 2009:  ACLJ Opened An Office In Zimbabwe To Focus On The Country’s Constitution Drafting Process.  “When we arrived in Zimbabwe in March, we were greeted warmly by citizens and government leaders. Now, just months after our first trip, we're opening a full-time office in the country's capital. While our work in Zimbabwe focuses primarily on the country's constitution drafting process, we'll also be providing legal training and legal research facilities to attorneys throughout the country. Of course, one can never forget the hardships faced by the good people of Zimbabwe. We have taken proactive steps to assist orphanages and single mother's centers. In Zimbabwe, our mission is threefold: (1) help train attorneys while working on the draft constitution, (2) promote economic empowerment, and (3) provide humanitarian assistance when we are able. Part of the African Center for Law & Justice's launch in Harare is a neighborhood cleanup project in partnership with the City of Harare.”  [Jordan Sekulow Column, Washington Examiner, 12/26/09

·      ACLJ’s Zimbabwe Outpost Is The “Footprint” For Other Efforts In Africa.  “[Lisa] Bourland was the point person in the establishment of the African Centre for Law and Justice in Harare, which she calls a ‘footprint’ for other ACLJ efforts on the continent. The sequence of events that led Bourland to ask Jordan Sekulow to travel with her to Zimbabwe and ultimately set up the African Centre for Law and Justice was, said Bourland, ‘totally God’s timing.’ In 2006, following what she said was God’s request, she traveled to Zimbabwe and submitted to Mpofu ‘as a mentor in prayer.’ As she recounts it on the WWW Web site: ‘[God] revealed to me that if I would submit myself and these women under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Vicky that He would raise up an international army of mighty warriors, and together we would enter into a realm of intercession that would change nations.’” [Religion Dispatches, 8/1/10]

June 2010:  ACLJ Officials From The US Traveled To Zimbabwe To Meet With Leaders OF All Three Major Political Parties, Including the Prime Minister And Vice President.  “On the same day as the launch of the program, a team from the American Centre for Law and Justice, led by Jordan Sekulow, arrived in Harare.  In collaboration with the ACLJ Zimbabwe Team, their objective was to conduct a series of meetings with government officials and key business and church leaders in the country, as well as to evaluate and consolidate its humanitarian efforts in vulnerable sections of society.  The meetings all proved to be very constructive and provided insight into the progress in Zimbabwe and the potential for reconciliation, restoration and reconstruction.  The ACLJ Team met with leaders from all three of Zimbabwes main political parties, including Prime Minister Tsvangirai, Vice President John Nkomo, Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara, Minister of Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Eric Matinenga, and Minister of Tourism Walter Mzembi.”  [African Centre for Law and Justice Zimbabwe Update, 6/23/10]

Vicky Mpofu, Executive Director Of The African Center For Law & Justice:  “We’ve Had A Lot Of Support From ACLJ In America.”  “Together with the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe, the African Centre for Law and Justice is working to garner the support of religious leaders and activists for constitutional provisions that would ‘affirm that Zimbabwe is a predominantly Christian nation founded on biblical principles,’ and require application of ‘the Laws of God in order to prosper and avoid chaos and destruction,’ according to a pamphlet prepared by the EFZ and supported by the ALCJ. Backed by the ACLJ, Mpofu has been traveling Zimbabwe to rally religious support for the EFZ’s constitutional proposals. ‘We’ve had a lot of support from ACLJ in America because for me to be able to go around the country to visit the ten provinces we’ve received some help financially and also we’ve received some help from the teams from America visiting and working with us,’ Mpofu said. ‘The support has been tremendous.’” [Religion Dispatches, 8/1/10]

·      Mpofu Traveled To Kentucky For A Conference On “Women, Weapons of Warfare.”  “At the Fathers’ House International church in Henderson, Kentucky, Pastor Lisa Bourland is seated on the prayer room floor washing the feet of speakers for that evening’s Women, Weapons of Warfare (WWW) conference. […] Bourland introduces special guest from Zimbabwe, Pastor Vicky Mpofu, her ‘spiritual mother’ whom she likens to Moses, a figure “God has anointed” to ‘deal with an affliction on her people.’ Mpofu is, says Bourland, ‘an oracle of God to bring a warning to our country.’ She predicts that people, ‘will wake up and listen,’ then she prays for there to be ‘more than enough to take care of all the children of Zimbabwe.’” [Religion Dispatches, 8/1/10]

·      Mpofu:  ACLJ “Partnered” With Evangelical Fellowship Of Zimbabwe.  “The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) partnered with the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe to sensitise Pastors and key church leaders on issues that the church needs to take a stand on.”  [American Center for Law and Justice, 5/18/10]

ACLJ Zimbabwe Materials Called For Homosexuality To “Remain A Criminal Offense.”  “The EFZ/ACLJ pamphlet also calls for constitutional prohibitions on both abortion, by defining life as ‘beginning at conception,’ and on attempts to reform the country’s laws criminalizing homosexuality. It calls for defining marriage ‘as being between a man and a woman’ and for ‘any and all definitions of a family or marriages or relationships or legal unions that seek to include or permit same-sex unions to be prohibited,’ as well as for ‘sexual relations between partners of the same-sex, bestiality, and other perversions to remain a criminal activity.’” [Religion Dispatches, 8/1/10]

ACLJ’s Zimbabwe Chairman Led Dictator Robert Mugabe In Prayer To Kick Off A Constitutional Reform Drive.  “Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe is among the most ruthless dictators in the world—but in 2010 ACLJ-Zimbabwe's chairman, pastor Alex Chisango, led Mugabe and others in prayer to kick off Zimbabwe's constitutional reform drive. ACLJ wanted to ensure that, whatever else changed in the country's constitution, homosexuality remained illegal and same-sex marriage was banned.”  [Mother Jones, 11/2/12

Egged On By Groups Like ACLJ, Zimbabwe’s Leadership Is Virulently Anti-LGBT

Newsweek Identified Zimbabwe As One Of The “Top Twelve Most Homophobic Nations.”  [Newsweek, 2/27/14]

In 2006, Zimbabwe Expanded Its Anti-Sodomy Law To Include All Physical Contact Between Two Men.  “Zimbabwe has expanded the scope of its sodomy laws. An intimate hug or smooch between people of the same sex may now constitute a crime. The dramatic changes to the country's criminal law, which took effect last Saturday, are contained in the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act of 2004 passed by parliament two years ago but which only took effect last Saturday. It creates 15 new crimes, abolishes others and redefines sodomy and rape.  […] Before the changes to the law, sodomy, under Section 73, referred only to anal sexual intercourse between males. The code has expanded the scope of this crime. It now includes not only acts of anal sexual intercourse, but also includes any act involving physical contact between males that would be regarded by a reasonable person as an indecent act.”  [New Zimbabwe, 7/4/06]

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe On LGBT People:  “Animals In The Jungle Are Better Than These People.”  “Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has taken another swipe at gays and lesbians, condemning them as worse than wild animals, the state ZIANA news agency reported on Thursday. ‘Animals in the jungle are better than these people because at least they know that this is a man or a woman,’ Mugabe was quoted as saying in a speech of condolence on Wednesday at the home of Charles Chikerema, editor of the state-owned Herald newspaper.”  [Reuters, 4/23/98]

·      Mugabe Condemned LGBT People As “Filth.”  “Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Thursday condemned gay ‘filth’ in Europe, as he lambasted Western powers for maintaining their asset freeze and travel ban on him and his inner circle. ‘We don't worry ourselves about the goings-on in Europe,’ he told thousands at the burial of deputy intelligence chief Menard Muzariri, who died Monday. ‘About the unnatural things happening there, where they turn man-to-man and woman-to-woman. We say, well, it's their country. If they want to call their country British Gaydom, it's up to them. That's not our culture. We condemn that filth. We get alarmed when these countries have the audacity to schedule us as an item to discuss in their parliament.’” [Independent Online, 4/4/11]

·      Mugabe Threatened To Behead LGBT People.  “President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday took a swipe at homosexuality vowing to continue criminalizing the practice and dismissed demands that it should be treated as a human rights issue. Mugabe also threatened to behead homosexuals in the country and promised to uplift the status of women whom he said had a big national duty to perform whenever they deliver babies.  Mugabe, who was addressing a rally at Aerodrome ground, told thousands of Zanu PF supporters that Zimbabwe would never accept homosexuality under whatever condition.  He described homosexuals as ‘worse than pigs, goats and birds.’  ‘If you take men and lock them in a house for five years and tell them to come up with two children and they fail to do that, then we will chop off their heads,’ Mugabe said emphasizing that he would ruthlessly deal with homosexuality.”  [Newsday, 7/25/13

Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangerai Said There Was “A Very Strong Cultural Feeling” Against Homosexuality, But Acknowledged That He Would Defend The Rights Of LGBT People.  “Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has reversed his position on gay rights, saying he now wants them enshrined in a new constitution. […] Mr Tsvangirai told BBC's Newsnight programme that there was a ‘very strong cultural feeling’ against homosexuality in Zimbabwe, but he would defend gay rights if he became president. ‘It's a very controversial subject in my part of the world. My attitude is that I hope the constitution will come out with freedom of sexual orientation, for as long as it does not interfere with anybody,’ he told Newsnight's Gavin Esler. ‘To me, it's a human right,’ he said.”  [BBC, 10/24/11]

9.)    ACLJ’s export of hate isn’t limited to Africa. They’ve set up shops in Brazil, Europe, and Russia, all to push their anti-LGBT ends and oppose marriage equality and anti-discrimination measures across the globe.

Pat Robertson’s American Center For Law And Justice Opened A Branch In Brazil.  “With the opening of a new office in Brazil, a leading U.S. Christian conservative organization may be taking on one of its biggest challenges yet — but one with some big opportunities if it succeeds. Pat Robertson founded the American Center for Law and Justice in 1990 to provide a national presence opposing the American Civil Liberties Union — often filing and defending cases all the way to the Supreme Court. But in recent years it has been growing its foreign operations, making it a player in policies to constrain LGBT rights on three continents. The head of the new Brazil office, Filipe Coelho, is a scion of one of Brazil’s leading evangelical families, and aims to stop hate crime legislation from becoming law, opposes marriage rights for same-sex couples and speaks strongly about the dangers of employment protections for LGBT people.”  [Buzzfeed, 2/25/13]

The Top Priority Of The Brazilian Center For Law And Justice Was To Fight A Non-Discrimination And Hate Crime Bill.  “The ACLJ is sending monthly installments to bankroll the new organization. And, despite his Brazilian pedigree, Coelho has deep roots in the United States, where he lived for half his life and received his education at the Presbyterian-affiliated King College in Tennessee.  Coelho says that one of his top priorities will be to fight a nondiscrimination and hate crime bill sought for more than a decade by the country’s LGBT rights advocates. ‘[H]omosexuals are trying to treat homosexuality as if it were a race, while it is really an attitude, a behavior,’ he has said.”  [Buzzfeed, 2/25/13]

Funding For The BCLJ Came Directly From The United States.  “When I interviewed BCLJ’s Filipe Coelho in August 2012, the enterprise was so new that he was waiting for the Brazilian government to issue the affiliate’s legal registration. The funds for navigating this process, paying Coelho’s salary and maintaining BCLJ’s operations above the real estate office of Coelho’s father-in-law, are sent in monthly installments from the ACLJ in the United States—at least until BCLJ begins fundraising in Brazil. Making the shift to a domestic funding base won’t be easy, Coelho acknowledged. In the United States, the ACLJ benefits from a tax system and tradition that promotes charitable giving. Brazil has neither. Brazilian law also discourages volunteering, to avoid exploitative work conditions. But church people have their own ways, and, as Coelho says, ‘If people want to volunteer, they’ll be welcome.’”  [Political Research Associates, 1/26/13


1997:  The ACLJ Established The European Center For Law And Justice. “That has led to yet another American export: Legal offices of the Christian right have moved into Europe to join the battle. ‘Discrimination against people of faith is an international issue,’ says Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, created in 1990 as a spinoff of the ministry of televangelist Pat Robertson and his Regent University School of Law to litigate First Amendment issues. […] Last summer the Christian litigation boutique based in Virginia Beach, Va., opened a similarly named international arm, the European Center for Law and Justice. By hiring a prominent British barrister and evangelical theologian who already was working a religious freedom case, it quickly was able to claim a big victory in February.”  [ABA Journal, June 1998]

The ACLJ Helped Defeat Marriage Equality Legislation In The Czech Republic And Aruba.  “In Aruba and the Czech Republic, Pat Robertson's legal organization, the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), helped defeat bills that would have legalized same-sex unions.”  [Christian Science Monitor, 4/17/07

Jay Sekulow Claimed The Purpose Of Establishing A Presence In Europe Was To Influence American Courts.  “’The idea [in setting up in Europe] was to establish a critical body of jurisprudence that would have an impact there and also at home [in America],’ says Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ), an offshoot of the American Center for Law and Justice, where he is also chief counsel.” [American Prospect, 10/22/07]

2007:  The ECLJ Gained Consultative Status At The United Nations.  “The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) today granted special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council to 10 bodies and approved the application of another for general consultative status.  […]  European Centre for Law and Justice, an NGO in France that promotes freedom of religion and speech through international human rights law.”  [United Nations Press Release, 5/15/07]


2013:  ECLJ Filed A Complaint Against The French Government At The UN For Subduing Anti-Marriage Protests.  “An international lawyer has filed complaints against France in the UN Human Rights Council for brutalizing peaceful demonstrators. Videos show French police beating marriage demonstrators, using tear gas and clubs against women, men, elderly and children.  Homosexual marriage and adoption became law in France on May 18. But a movement numbering millions of French citizens is determined to change that. La Manif Pour Tous, which means ‘demonstration for all,’ is not relenting despite the government’s attempts to intimidate and violently repress them.  […]  A human rights lawyer has brought a complaint against France at the most recent session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Gregor Puppinck of the European Center for Law and justice (ECLJ) laments that France, a country which claims to have an exemplary human rights record, is the first European country ECLJ has filed a complaint against at the United Nations. The ECLJ hosted a discussion of the repression of La Manif at the Council of Europe this week.”  [C-FAM Blog, 6/28/13]


2012:  The ECLJ Intervened At The European Court Of Human Rights To Try To Deny The Right To Marry To A Transgender Woman From Malta.  “A crucial case on marriage and family set to be heard by the European Court of Human Rights offers the increasingly controversial institution a chance to undo an error committed a decade ago and stop what Malta’s high court called ‘social engineering,’ according to the European Center for Law and Justice.  […]  The case, Joanne Cassar vs. Malta, centers on a ‘transgender’ person – a man who underwent surgery in 2005 to resemble a woman – seeking government recognition and sanction of a ‘marriage’ to another man. Following appeals, the deeply Catholic island nation in the Mediterranean Sea eventually refused to grant the plaintiff permission to marry a male partner. For Cassar, however, the decision was unacceptable. Last summer, Cassar sued the government of Malta with the ECHR, claiming that a ‘right to marriage’ outlined in the European Convention on Human Rights had been violated. The European rights court in Strasbourg, which ruled in the landmark 2002 Goodwin vs. United Kingdom judgment that marriage could not be based on biological sex, eventually agreed to hear the case. The outcome, however, is far from certain.  […]  According to the ECLJ, which recently filed a third-party brief in the case asking the European court to reverse its controversial 2002 decision, the right to marriage and to found a family are intrinsically linked as one right. And national governments must have the power to protect the institution of marriage by law.”  [World Net Daily, 7/25/12]

         Gregor Puppinck:  Trans Rights Are “Purely A Sociological Theory.”  “According to the ECLJ, the Maltese high court ruling, which directly accused the European court of ‘social engineering,’ offers the ECHR a perfect opportunity to undo its controversial 2002 ruling and respect the text of the rights convention. ‘We are conscious of the problems of transgender people,’ acknowledged ECLJ chief Puppinck, whose organization is asking the court to reverse its Goodwin ruling for several reasons. ‘But the court of Strasbourg cannot accept the gender theory and re-interpret the convention against its meaning.’  Puppinck explained that so-called ‘gender theory’ is ‘purely a sociological theory’ concocted by ideological sociologists.”  [World Net Daily, 7/25/12]

         The ECLJ Warned That Allowing Same Sex Marriage In Europe Would Have An Impact On American Courts.  “’If Europe confirms this approach of making social-sexual identity prevail over the biological one, it would also be difficult for the United States to keep clear laws on marriage,’ Puppinck warned. ‘Of course, the court of Strasbourg and the U.S. Supreme Court collaborate a lot.  Firstly, from a legal point of view, it’s interconnected, because the case law from the court of Strasbourg is acknowledged by the Supreme Court of the United States, and vice versa,’ he said. ‘Secondly, from a cultural point of view, there’s no real difference between them, and I think that if the court of Strasbourg continues to go in this gender theory, you have no way to protect marriage,’ Puppinck added.”  [World Net Daily, 7/25/12]


The ECLJ Provided Legal Support For Romanian NGOs Seeking To Define Marriage As Between A Man And A Woman.  “In 2013, a process of Constitutional reform was opened in Romania.  […] At present, both the Constitutional reform process and the law proposal on civil partnership are pending debate in the Parliament. In February 2014, the draft law on the Constitutional reform was sent back to Parliament after the Constitutional Court of Romania found that 26 articles were unconstitutional. The draft law on the civil partnership was inscribed on the agenda of the plenary of Chamber of deputies of the 6-7th of May 2014 with a rejection proposal.   The ECLJ, together with the 51 Romanian NGOs, was involved in the above mentioned decision making processes in Romania. Since July 2013, ECLJ followed closely the debates, supporting on one hand the adoption of the proposal of enshrining in the Romanian Constitution the definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman and on the other hand the rejection of the legalization of the civil partnership. To these purposes ECLJ provided the Romanian parliamentarians with a legal Memorandum on the right to man and a woman to marry and found a family.”  [European Center for Law and Justice Press Release, 5/19/14]

         April 2014:  ECLJ Attorney Andrea Popescu Gave A Presentation On Defending Marriage At A “Family Values” Conference In Bucharest. “On the second part of the Conference, dedicated to marriage and family values, Antoine Renard (President of FAFCE, Brussels) recalled the role of family as the basis of any society.  Andreea Popescu (Lawyer at ECLJ and former lawyer at the ECHR) drew the attention on the importance of the defense of family and marriage at national level. Presenting two pending cases before the ECHR against Italy, she showed how the LGBT lobby uses the ECHR in order to legalize same-sex marriage in Italy.”  [European Center for Law and Justice Press Release, 5/19/14]


1998:  The ACLJ Established The Slavic Center For Law And Justice.  “Meanwhile, the ACLJ is expanding its international influence through its France-based European Center for Law and Justice and its Moscow-based Slavic Center for Law and Justice, both established in 1998.”  [Chicago Tribune, 9/5/07]

The Slavic Center For Law And Justice Supported Russia’s Law Banning LGBT “Propaganda.”  “Co-chair of the Slavic Center for Law and Justice Anatoly Pchelintsev told Voice of America that he believes there is such a thing as homosexual propaganda, and that it must be combated as much as possible. ‘You only have to turn on a few TV channels to become convinced: promotion of homosexuality is there in both direct and hidden forms.’ However, Pchelintsev believes there is no need to apply the law in all cases, since it is primarily minors who need protection against homosexual propaganda. ‘Adults are capable of understanding what is good and what is bad,’ added Pchelintsev.”  [Voice of America (translated), 12/19/12]

         Co-Chair Of The SCLJ Anatoly Pchelintsev Said He Was “Very Pleased” With The Adoption Of The Law.  “’I’m against homosexual propaganda, especially among minors. I am for strong families, but in this case I admit that there may be some kind of anomaly, it’s difficult to say in what way exactly—psychological, biological, or something else, but the problem exists—there are people like this. And let them live as they want to, but without propagandizing their way of life,’ believes the scientific director of the Institute for Religion and Law, lawyer Anatoly Pchelintsev. ‘So I’m very pleased about the adoption of this law on the federal level. The key will be that it works and guarantees some kind of punishment. In my view, citation for an administrative offense is sufficient, violations like this do not fall under the purview of criminal law.’” [Word You (translated), 3/29/12

The Head Of The European Center For Law And Justice Said The Enactment Of Russia’s Anti-Propaganda Law Showed That The Trend Towards LGBT Rights Was “Strong But Not Inevitable.”  “The ACLJ’s European affiliate also voiced support for the ‘propaganda’ ban. In an essay last year, ECLJ’s director, Gregor Puppinck, wrote that the law was “intended to protect children from messages about LGBT practices” that portray homosexuality as ‘favorable to or equivalent to marital relationships.’ He portrayed Russia’s suppression of gay rights as a beacon of hope to France and the rest of Western Europe, showing that the trend toward gay rights is ‘strong, but not inevitable.’” [Right Wing Watch, 5/19/14]

In April 2014, The Director Of The ECLJ Organized A Delegation Of French “Defenders Of The Traditional Family” To Moscow.  “Representatives of French Catholic organizations presented as ‘defenders of the traditional family’ are in Moscow until April 4 to meet with representatives of the Church Orthodox  and Russian politicians.  […] This trip is initiated by Gregor Puppinck, Director of the European Centre for Law and Justice, Strasbourg who wished to ‘organize a trip to Moscow for a group of people who actively in France for the traditional concept of the family and oppose abortion, euthanasia, etc..’ according to Father Ignatius Shestakov, representative of the Moscow Patriarchate in the Council of Europe.”  [La Croix (translated), 4/3/12]

10.)    ACLJ founder Pat Robertson thinks that introducing lesbians to your child might make “your children grow up as lesbians.” Robertson actually claimed a gay father given custody of his child over a Christian mother made the child “a flaming homosexual, and if I’m not mistaken, he contracted AIDS.”

Pat Robertson Told A Woman Not To Allow A Same-Sex Couple Into Her Home Because “You Don’t Want Your Children To Grow Up As Lesbians.” According to Raw Story, on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, “A viewer named Catherine told the TV preacher that she had recently reconnected with a childhood friend, who was a lesbian. She invited the friend to meet her children but became concerned when she asked to bring her same sex partner. ‘I don’t want her to think that I’m okay with her ways,’ the viewer explained. ‘And I don’t feel comfortable having her around my children.’ Robertson advised the woman not to ‘shun’ her friend, ‘but at the same time, you don’t want your children to grow up as lesbians.’ ‘That’s what you’re talking about,’ he said. ‘You don’t want to show them that that’s an acceptable lifestyle for your family. It doesn’t hurt to tell somebody, ‘Look, I love you and we’re going to do what we can to be friends if we can, but I have my lifestyle, it’s Christian. And you have yours, it’s not. And so, I’m sorry, we can’t indulge in certain things together.’’” [Raw Story, 12/12/2013, VIDEO]

Pat Robertson Said That A Gay Man, Given Custody Of Child, “The Next Thing You Know, That [Child] Was A Flaming Homosexual, And If I’m Not Mistaken, He Contracted AIDS.” On Pat Robertson’s “Ask Pat” section of his website, Robertson responded to a question asking what to say to an LGBT friend considering adopting a child by saying, “You know, USA had a movie recently with Valerie Bertinelli about lesbian couples and adoption, and so forth. And I know about what happened when a young man was taken away from his Christian mother by a court and given to his homosexual father. And the next thing you know, that guy was a flaming homosexual, and if I'm not mistaken, he contracted AIDS. I don't think that homosexuals, especially single homosexual men, should be adopting children. I think it's just wrong. I think for any single man to think of adopting a child is in itself a dangerous practice because you don't have time, you don't have the mothering instinct. If you have to go to work, how are you going to take care of a child? It's very difficult to do for anybody that's single. To take on somebody else's child is difficult enough, but to do so in a homosexual environment where the contacts that the man is going to be having -- his various male lovers coming in, and this youngster's going to be exposed to all that? The answer is: this would be a terrible environment. So if there's any way you can do it subtlety say, `Look, Jesus loves you, but I think right now we ought to get you straightened out before you start taking on some other responsibility.' A life of a child is very significant, and that won't be a help for him.” [PatRobertson.com, Ask Pat, Bring It On: My Husband Is Taking Viagra, Accessed 10/23/2014]

2001: ACLJ Successfully Defended Social Worker Who Refused To Grant Foster Parent License To Lesbian Parent Due To Religious Beliefs. According to the Washington Times, “A federal appeals court has upheld a lower court ruling that found the state of Missouri erred when it fired a religious social worker who opposed the state's policy of licensing homosexuals as foster parents. ‘This is an important decision that underscores the fact that the government cannot discriminate against employees because of their religious beliefs,’ said Francis J. Manion, senior counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which represents the social worker, Larry Phillips, in the case. The Phillips case began in 1996, soon after the Baptist family man was dismissed from his job overseeing 80 foster homes after protesting, on religious grounds, Missouri's efforts to recruit homosexuals and lesbians as foster parents. Mr. Phillips, now 47, resisted when he was ordered to grant a foster parent's license to an admitted lesbian. He was even more concerned when his employer, the Missouri Department of Social Services, placed a young girl struggling with her sexual identify in that lesbian's home. When Mr. Phillips questioned the placement, he was told by his openly homosexual supervisor that his religious beliefs were hindering his ability to do his job. Gene Kapp, a spokesman for the ACLJ, said yesterday that Mr. Phillips was terminated on Nov. 18, 1996, both because of his religious convictions and ‘in retaliation’ for an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint he filed against his employer a few days earlier. A federal lawsuit that the ACLJ filed on Mr. Phillips' behalf in 1997 accused the state of violating his constitutional right to religious freedom.” [Washington Times, 7/22/2001]

2012:  ECLJ Lobbied For Restrictions On Reproductive Options For Same Sex Couples.  “Opponents say national health systems are not obligated to allow artificial reproduction techniques for same-sex couples. ‘The desire to be a parent does not create the right to have children,’ said Gregor Puppinck, director general of the European Center for Law and Justice, a Christian group that lobbies European lawmaking bodies. ‘What's lost is the best interests of the child,’ Puppinck said. ‘The child has a right not to have two fathers or two mothers.’”  [Associated Press, 4/13/12]

2011:  The ECLJ Intervened At The European Court Of Human Rights Opposing Adoption By Same Sex Couples.  “Natural marriage and the family are facing yet another attack through the European Court of Human Rights, which has agreed to hear a case next week on homosexual adoption in France. The case goes back to June 2007, when two women complained that French law did not allow the adoption of a child to couples in a same-sex legal union. […]  Gregor Puppinck, head of the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ), which is intervening in the case, said that it is clear there is no such thing as a right to adopt children between same-sex partners. The ECLJ, he said, has urged the Human Rights Court to ‘exercise self-restraint in ideological matters,’ and to respect the right of states to ‘legislate according to their own social needs and values.’” [Life Site News, 4/8/11]

         Puppinck Claimed That Allowing Adoption By Same Sex Couples Would Be “A New Step In The Destruction Of The Occidental Family Model.”  “He warned that a finding of ‘indirect discrimination’ would be ‘nothing other than a new step in the destruction of the occidental family model, in its legal, social and natural dimensions.’ He pointed out that it is ‘no accident’ that the case of Gas and Dubois is of interest to a large number of homosexualist activist NGOs at the EU. These include the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA-Europe), the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) and the Network of European LGBT Families Associations (NELFA). ‘We are witnessing the latest in a long series of attempts to attack the European common heritage, by introducing new anthropological, moral and social views,’ Puppinck added.”  [Life Site News, 4/8/11]