10 Things You Might Not Know About the American Family Association

  1. AFA’s Bryan Fischer blames the Holocaust on LGBTQ people, stating, “Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews.”

AFA Blamed Homosexuality For the Nazis And Hitler And Endorsed Reparative Therapy. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “The [Family Research Council] and the [American Family Association] are certainly among the most powerful groups on the American religious right. They are also among the chief purveyors of lies about LGBTQ people. They have both regularly pumped out propaganda asserting that gay men molest children at far higher rates than their heterosexual counterparts — a claim that has been debunked by virtually all the recognized scientific authorities in the field….The AFA has declared that ‘homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler … the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews,’ suggested that gay sex be punished like heroin use, and said that the ‘homosexual agenda’ endangers ‘every fundamental right’ in the Constitution, including religious freedom. Both groups have enthusiastically promoted ‘reparative therapy,’ which claims against the bulk of the evidence that it can ‘cure’ gay men and lesbians and make them heterosexual, but in fact has left a string of people behind who were badly hurt by the process. Words have consequences. While the FRC and the AFA would certainly deny it, it seems obvious that their regular demonizing of members of the LGBTQ community as child molesters and the like creates an atmosphere where violence is all but inevitable.” [Southern Poverty Law Center, 10/11, Accessed 9/2/14]

AFA’s Bryan Fischer Claimed Hitler Was Gay And That ‘Virtually All Of The Storm Troopers, The Brownshirts, Were Male Homosexuals.” On AFA’s Focal Point, according to Right Wing Watch, Fischer said, “So Hitler himself was an active homosexual. And some people wonder, didn't the Germans, didn't the Nazis, persecute homosexuals? And it is true they did; they persecuted effeminate homosexuals. But Hitler recruited around him homosexuals to make up his Stormtroopers, they were his enforcers, they were his thugs. And Hitler discovered that he could not get straight soldiers to be savage and brutal and vicious enough to carry out his orders, but that homosexual soldiers basically had no limits and the savagery and brutality they were willing to inflict on whomever Hitler sent them after. So he surrounded himself, virtually all of the Stormtroopers, the Brown shirts, were male homosexuals.” [Right Wing Watch, 5/25/10, Focal Point, 5/24/10, VIDEO]

AFA’s Fischer Said, “It’s Indisputable That There Would Be No Nazi Party Without The Storm Troopers, All Of Whom Were Homosexuals.” In a radio interview with Bradlee Dean of Sons of Liberty Radio, Fischer said, “One of the things Hitler discovered is the homosexuals that he gathered around him in the brown shirts, the storm troopers, the SA, they were willing to do things that he could not get straight soldiers to do in terms of the brutality they were willing to inflict on his political opponents. This is fairly well-documented…. The myth out there is the Nazi party persecuted homosexuals, and it is true that they did, but the ones they went after were the effeminate homosexuals….The Nazi party would not have been possible without homosexuals in the brown shirts. They were the ones that kind of administered the lethal force on Hitler’s behalf and then of course the Nazis gave the Holocaust, now I’m not saying that the homosexuals are directly responsible for the Holocaust, but I think it’s indisputable that there would be no Nazi party without the storm troopers, all of whom were homosexuals, and the Holocaust would not have happened without the Nazi party so the dots there are easy to connect.” [Bradlee Dean, Sons of Liberty Radio, 4/18/11, AUDIO]


  1. AFA President Bryan Fischer has called for an “Underground Railroad” to take children from gay and lesbian parents.


Bryan Fischer: We Need “An Underground Railroad To Deliver Innocent Children From Same-Sex Households.” On twitter, Bryan Fischer tweeted, “Why we need an Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households,” and linked to an article by Robert Oscar Lopez, who stated growing up in a same-sex household made him “destined to exist as a social outcast.” [@BryanJFischer Tweet, 8/7/12, Public Discourse, 8/6/12]


Bryan Fischer: Minister On Trial For Aiding In Kidnapping “Head Of Underground Railroad To Deliver Innocent Children From Same-Sex Couples.” On twitter, Bryan Fischer tweeted, “Head of Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households goes on trial.” According to Huffington Post, “In that tweet, Fischer included the link to a Reuters article printed in the Chicago Tribune about the case of Kenneth Miller, a Virginia-based Mennonite minister who has been charged with aiding and abetting the kidnapping of 10-year-old Isabella Miller-Jenkins. Isabella's mother, Lisa Miller, reportedly took her daughter to Nicaragua three years ago after losing a series of family court battles in Vermont with Janet Jenkins, her former lesbian partner.” [@BryanJFischer Tweet, 8/8/12, Huffington Post, 8/8/12]


Bryan Fischer Doubled Down On Comments Defending Kidnapping, Saying “I Don’t Know What Other Choice The Mom Had.” Defending his comments calling for Underground Railroad in case of Lisa Miller, Fischer said, “I want to keep a judge from kidnapping this woman’s daughter and putting her in an abusive household. That’s what I want to do…The judge said to her, if you don’t put your daughter back in that environment, I am going to take her away from you and I am going to give her permanently sole custody to this lesbian, to your former lesbian partner who had no legal, no biological relationship whatsoever with the child. Now in my judgment, the mom had no choice at that point. The judge said I’m going to take her away from you if you don’t send her, if you don’t comply with my visitation order. I don’t know what other choice the mom had. I mean, moms have a sacred, solemn duty, a responsibility to God to look out for the welfare of their kids. We must obey God rather than man, Acts 5:29. That’s what this mom did, and I am defending her.” [Huffington Post, 8/9/12]

3.Fischer has compared criminalizing LGBTQ people with bans on murder, stealing, child molestation, delicious trans fats and prostitution.

Fischer Said “It Is Right To Discriminate Against Sexually Immoral Behavior” Such As Prostitution, Homosexuality. According to Right Wing Watch, “Last month, the legislature in Hawaii advanced a bill that would prohibit undercover police officers from having sex with prostitutes when conducting sting operations and, for Bryan Fischer, this just goes to show why homosexuality should also be illegal. Fischer cited the bill on his radio program today as evidence that certain types of sexual conduct between consenting adults can be and should be against the law because "it is right to discriminate against sexually immoral behavior" such as prostitution. As Fischer sees it, ‘homosexuality is sexual immoral behavior’ as well ‘and so it's entirely appropriate for us to discriminate against homosexual behavior’ in the same manner that society discriminates against those who engage in prostitution.” [Right Wing Watch, 5/6/14]


Fischer Said Homosexuality Should Be Banned Like Trans Fats For Being “A Hazard To Human Health.”  “Fischer:  Maybe you saw this deal where the FDA is making a move to abolish trans-fats.  Did you see that?  That’s what makes your hamburgers taste good and your French fries taste good.  That’s what gives a longer shelf life to food.  It adds flavor to food.  And they’re getting ready to abolish this thing because they are convinced it is a hazard to human health, even though it makes your frosting taste better, your donuts taste better, it makes your crackers taste better and improves their texture and their shelf stability.  They believe it’s bad for you, bad for your heart.  That’s their conviction, the FDA.  So we have got to ban it because it is bad for human health.  Well, if we were going to take that same reasoning, we would ban homosexuality for the same reason.  It is a hazard to human health.”  [“Focal Point,” 11/7/13; VIDEO]


Fischer Said We Should Discriminate Against Thieves, Murderers, And Child Molesters And Ought To Discriminate On The Basis Of Sexual Behavior. On Focal Point, Bryan Fischer said, “We ought to discriminate on the basis of sexual behavior. I make no apology about that. We should discriminate! Yes! If you oppose civil unions, you are discriminating against homosexual behavior. We shouldn’t apologize for that. That’s what public policy and the law is all about — what the law is about is it’s about discrimination. We discriminate in the law against people who commit murder. Why? Because that’s behavior that we don’t want to promote in a civil society. In our law, we discriminate against theft. Why? Because it’s counter to the kind of society that we want to build. It damages society. It hurts society. So we discriminate against people who steal from other people. We discriminate against people who kill other people. We discriminate against people who molest children. All of this is right; this is the right kind of discrimination. The law is all about discrimination and I am saying absolutely, yes, we should discriminate against homosexual behavior. This is not behavior that ought to be promoted. It should not be legitimized. Relationships that are built on homosexual activity should not be glamorized, they shouldn’t be normalized, they shouldn’t be naturalized, they shouldn’t be given special protections in law. And I have no apologizes for saying yes we should discriminate against homosexual behavior.” [Think Progress, 2/11/13, VIDEO]


  1. AFA says God is going to use ISIS to punish America for being tolerant of LGBTQ people. 

Fischer Said God Will Use ISIS To Punish America For Acceptance Of Gay Rights. According to Right Wing Watch, on his radio program, Brian Fischer said ISIS would be used by God to punish America for its tolerance of homosexuality. Right Wing Watch writes, “Just as God used the Israelites to destroy the Canaanites as punishment for their utter debauchery and then used ‘pagan armies’ to punish Israel when it fell into sin, Fischer explained, so too will God use Islamic radicals to inflict his judgment upon America. Asserting that the people of Sodom and Gomorrah are ‘just like the Gay Gestapo is today’ and that America is celebrating behavior that God calls an abomination while persecuting those who stand for God's values, Fischer warned that ‘God eventually is going to run out of patience with the United States.’ And when that day comes, he said, God ‘will use pagan armies to discipline his people if they turn from him in rebellion and disobedience and descend into debauchery,’ pointing to the rise of ISIS to raise the possibility that ‘God will use the pagan armies of Allah to discipline the United States for our debauchery.” [Right Wing Watch, 8/22/14]


  1. AFA supported the passage of Uganda’s deplorable anti-gay law, which calls for LGBTQ Ugandans or anyone “promoting” homosexuality to be jailed – potentially for life.

Bryan Fischer:  Signing Of Uganda’s Anti-LGBTQ Bill Means This Is A “Winnable War.”  “Winnable war: Uganda's president signs a law that protects the natural family and restrains sodomy.”  [@BryanJFischerTweet, 2/24/14]


Bryan Fischer:  Uganda’s Anti-LGBTQ Bill Is “Pro-Health And Pro-Normal.”  “Uganda's new law is not anti-gay. It is pro-health and pro-normal.”  [@BryanJFischer Tweet, 2/15/14]


Bryan Fischer:  Uganda’s Passage Of A Bill Punishing Homosexual Behavior With Life In Prison Proves “It Can Be Done.”  “Uganda stands with Phil. Makes homosexuality contrary to public policy. It can be done.”  [@BryanJFischer Tweet, 12/20/13]


Bryan Fischer:  US Opposition To Ugandan Anti-Gay Law Is “Bringing Back Jim Crow.”  “US bringing back Jim Crow: to black nation of Uganda: you believe in natural marriage, you can't sit at our lunch counter.”  [@BryanJFischer Tweet, 2/26/14]


Bryan Fischer:  “Big Gay” Was Behind World Bank Decision To Suspend Loan For Uganda.  “Big Gay gets World Bank to punish Uganda for protecting the sexual health of its citizens.”  [@BryanJFischer Tweet, 2/28/14]


  1. AFA thinks the Boy Scouts of America would be better off drowning in the sea than allowing LGBTQ Scouts.


Bryan Fischer: “Jesus to BSA: ‘It Would Be Better...If A Millstone Were Hung Around His Neck And He Were Cast Into The Sea.’ Luke 17:2” As Boyscouts of America were considering changing their policy to be more inclusive of LGBT scouts, Bryan Fischer tweeted, “Jesus to BSA: ‘It would be better...if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were cast into the sea.’ Luke 17:2.” [@BryanJFischer Tweet, 5/24/13]


Bryan Fischer: The Boy Scouts Of America Are Now the ‘Boy Sodomizers Of America.’ On his radio program Focal Point, Right Wing Watch reported, “Bryan Fischer weighed in on the decision by the Boy Scouts of America to drop its ban on gay scouts last night. Admitting that he was shocked by the vote since he was positive that it was going to be retained, Fischer declared that the BSA should change its name to the "Boy Sodomizers of America." Fischer eventually read a passage from the Book of Luke in which Jesus says it is better to have a stone tied around ones neck and be tossed into the sea than to lead a child to sin as a warning to BSA leaders that they will face the judgment of God for endorsing this change in policy.” [Right Wing Watch, 5/24/13, VIDEO]


Bryan Fisher Told Listeners On The Focal Point Radio Show That Allowing Openly Gay Boy Scouts Would Create Sexual Tension On Camping Trips. The Huffington Post reported, “Bryan Fischer isn't taking news of the Boy Scouts of America's (BSA) decision to rethink their longstanding anti-gay policy lightly. The American Family Association's resident pundit, who earlier slammed the BSA's policy debate as a ‘suicide mission’ that would ultimately lead to pedophilia, told listeners on his ‘Focal Point’ radio show that allowing openly gay scouts would create ‘sexual tension’ on camping trips, Right Wing Watch first reported.” [Huffington Post, 2/1/13]


The American Family Association Said That The Boy Scouts Who Marched In Uniform During The Weekend’s Utah Pride Parade Reminded Him Of Nazi Germany. The Gay Sport news reported, “American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer has said that the boy scouts who marched in uniform during the weekend’s Utah Pride Parade reminded him of Nazi Germany and has promised to have Christian holocaust revisionist Scott Lively on his radio program to discuss the issue. Fischer repeated Lively’s claims that the pre-World War II German equivalent of the scouting movement was a major source of ‘homosexual recruitment’ and a source of recruitment for the Nazi Party… Fischer’s comments come only weeks after he dubbed the Boy Scouts of America the ‘Boy Sodomizers of America’ for allowing openly gay scouts to participate in the group.” [Gay Sport News, 6/5/13]



  1. AFA compares LGBTQ people to pedophiles and people who have sex with animals: "We should discriminate against unnatural and aberrant sexual behavior, whether pedophilia, bestiality, or homosexuality."


Bryan Fischer: “We Should Discriminate Against Unnatural And Aberrant Sexual Behavior, Whether Pedophilia, Bestiality, Or Homosexuality." Bryan Fischer tweeted, “We should discriminate against unnatural and aberrant sexual behavior, whether pedophilia, bestiality, or homosexuality.” [@BryanJFischer Tweet, 4/23/13]


Bryan Fischer: “The DOMA Ruling Has Now Made The Normalization Of Polygamy, Pedophilia, Incest, And Bestiality Inevitable.” Bryan Fischer tweeted, “The DOMA ruling has now made the normalization of polygamy, pedophilia, incest and bestiality inevitable. Matter of time.” [@BryanJFischer Tweet, 6/26/13]


Bryan Fischer Said That Oral And Anal Sex Spread Diseases And That Homosexuals And Heterosexuals Who Engage In Such Should Be Punished Or Sent To Rehab. The Huffington Post reported, “It’s not a shocker that the controversial conservative Christian spokesman for the American Family Association, radio host Bryan Fischer, is backing up Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, calling for banning oral sex as well as anal sex between consenting adults -- among heterosexuals as well as homosexuals -- claiming the practices allow for the spread of diseases. But dragging Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky into this, and suggesting speeding tickets be issued to those who engage in oral sex, are eyebrow-raising even for Fischer. In what appeared to be a reference to HPV-related cancers, Fischer said in a conversation with me on SiriusXM Progress that a rise in head, neck and throat cancers ‘among millennials’ is a direct result of the influence of ‘Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.’ Throughout the interview, Fischer refused to clearly state what the punishment should be for those who engage in the sexual activity he believes should be banned, alternating between the idea of issuing summonses like ‘parking tickets’ and ‘speeding tickets’ and putting those who engage in oral sex or homosexual sex -- which he compared to drug trafficking, pedophilia and bestiality -- into something similar to drug rehab, at one point even suggesting an ‘intervention.’… While discussing laws to ban various kinds of sexual activity, Fischer explained that he believes sodomy bans should be brought back because ‘homosexual behavior should be contrary to public policy.’ Fischer was then asked what he thought should be a done about both oral and anal heterosexual sex… About homosexual sex in particular, Fisher said, ‘there ought to be sanctions against it, absolutely.’ ‘I’m saying homosexual behavior, like prostitution, like drug use, like drug trafficking, like pedophilia, like bestiality, that homosexuality ought to be contrary to public policy,’ he said. ‘We send drug users to rehab. My point is that there are a variety of responses.’ ” [Huffington Post, 7/25/13]


  1. AFA thinks fewer students will commit suicide if adults tell young people its wrong to be LGBTQ and help them to “choose” to be straight – a practice that has been condemned by every major medical and mental health organization in the country.


AFA: “If We Want To See Fewer Students Commit Suicide, We Want Fewer Homosexual Students” And Encouraged Adults To Help LGBTQ Students “Resist Dangerous Sexual Impulses.” According to Right Wing Watch, AFA wrote on their blog, “Homosexual conduct is as risky and dangerous as injection drug abuse. No right-thinking adult would encourage a student tempted to shoot up to yield to such impulses and plunge headlong into a drug-addled lifestyle. In fact, we would be highly critical of any adult who would do that, and hold him partially accountable for the destruction that would follow. Nor should we encourage students wrestling with same-sex attractions to take the plunge. Rather, they should be helped to resist these self-destructive impulses and redirect their sexual energies in healthy and life-giving directions. It can be done; in fact, it happens every day. If we want to see fewer students commit suicide, we want fewer homosexual students. What all truly caring adults will want to do for a student struggling with his sexual identity is to help him resist dangerous sexual impulses, accept his biological identity as either male or female, and help him learn to adjust his psychological identity to his God-given biological one. Along that path lies psychological, spiritual, mental and emotional wholeness. Along the path of sexual depravity lies loneliness, self-torment, disease, and even death. It is a cruel thing to help a sexually confused student walk down a path that leads to darkness rather than urge him to choose a path that leads to light. The choice between life and death lies before America’s students. Let’s not punish the folks that will help them choose life.” [Right Wing Watch, 10/13/10]


AFA’s Fischer Implied That LGBTQ Groups That Encourage Students To Come Out Of The Closet Are Culpable For Suicides Of LGBTQ Youth. According to Right Wing Watch, Fischer said on his radio program, “I want to suggest that homosexual activists are not wholly innocent in these tragedies, in these horrible suicides by these students….Now part of the agenda of [LGBT groups] ... is to urge students at younger and younger ages to come out of the closet and declare a disordered sexual preference for themselves. So you've got sexually confused young people - and again, they're trying to push this down into kindergarten, they're trying to get this brainwashing into students of all ages even starting in elementary school - and what they're urging them to do is self-declare as homosexuals before they are mature enough to make any sort of rational decision about sexual matters. So I'm suggesting that adults that pressure these students to declare a disordered sexual preference when they're too young to know better, that they share some culpability for those that take their life, just like an adult encouraging a young student to experiment with injection drug abuse - we would say to that adult, you share some culpability for what happens in the life of that student.” [Right Wing Watch, 10/14/10, VIDEO]


Fischer Said “If You Believe That What Drug Abusers Need Is To Go Through An Effective Detox Program, Then We Should Likewise Put Active Homosexuals Through An Effective Reparative Therapy Program.” In response to a letter from a listener complaining about Fischer’s comments on sanctions for homosexual behavior, Fischer clarified, “It might be worth noting that what I actually suggested is that we impose the same sanctions on those who engage in homosexual behavior as we do on those who engage in intravenous drug abuse, since both pose the same kind of risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. I’d be curious to know what you think should be done with IV drug abusers, because whatever it is, I think the same response should be made to those who engage in homosexual behavior. If you believe that what drug abusers need is to go into an effective detox program, then we should likewise put active homosexuals through an effective reparative therapy program.” [Science Blogs, 2/2/10]


Donald Wildmon Sponsored The Ex-Gay Truth In Love Campaign; The Campaign Star Michael Johnston, Who Had “Prayed Away The Gay,” Was Later Exposed For Having Sexual Relations With Men He Met On The Internet. Truth Wins Out wrote, “Donald W. Wildmon, chairman of the rabidly anti-gay American Family Association, stepped down today, citing an illness resulting from a mosquito bite… Under his 30-years at the helm, the Tupelo, Mississippi-based AFA became obsessed with gay people and was a sponsor of 1998′s notorious ex-gay Truth In Love Campaign. The organization made a video with Truth in Love star Michael Johnston, who discussed on the video how he had prayed away the gay after he became HIV+. In 2003, Johnston was exposed for meeting multiple men on the Internet and having sexual relations with them. The AFA acknowledged the scandal saying that Johnston had a ‘moral fall.’ Amazingly, the AFA continued to sell‘It’s Not Gay’ and never bothered to tell viewers that the poster boy featured in the video was living in a sex addiction facility in Kentucky. (Indeed, the organization continues to sell the video and peddle the fiction that gays can go straight.)” [Truth Wins Out, 3/4/10]


  1. AFA thinks the NFL celebrating Michael Sam coming out as gay is the same as the NFL celebrating “a brain concussion.”


AFA’s Fischer Compared Praising Draft Of Michael Sam To Praising Concussions, Suggested NFL Urge Reparative Therapy Instead. Writing on Michael Sam being drafted by the St. Louis Rams, Fischer said, “The NFL is celebrating the sexual equivalent of a brain concussion by going gaga over Michael Sam’s sexual proclivities. …For a league increasingly priding itself on concern for player safety and health, it is bizarre that they are enthusiastically praising a draftee for a lifestyle that could send him to an early grave. The NFL has already spent $765 million in compensation to former players who suffered concussions during their careers, and are limiting helmet-to-helmet contact in such a way that the league will soon be reduced to flag football, all in the interest in player health. This makes their fluttering hysterics over Sam inexplicable in a sane, rational world…. In other words, as a young, black, homosexual male, Michael Sam is in the single highest risk category for HIV/AIDS that exists on the planet. The NFL should be warning him, not glorifying him…. If the NFL possessed one ounce of genuine compassion instead of the ersatz kind that exalts what should be condemned, they would be meeting privately with Michael Sam to urge him, in the strongest possible terms, to pursue reparative therapy in the hopes of saving his life. Alas, the only people who truly care for Mr. Sam are those who love him enough to tell him the truth about the health risks of homosexual behavior – and that sadly does not include the leadership of the NFL. They long ago sold their souls to the virulent, vitriolic bullies and bigots of Big Gay. But it will be Michael Sam who pays the price for their soulless cowardice.” [One News Now, 5/12/14]

AFA’s Tim Wildmon Defended Tony Dungy’s Criticism Of Michael Sam Draft Selection And Worried About Sam Being In Locker Room With “All That Beefcake.” AFA’s Tim Wildmon, on criticism of Tony Dungy’s comments that he would not have drafted Michael Sam because Sam would be a ‘distraction,’ wrote, “Sexually, God made man for woman and woman for man. It's obvious. It's natural. Progressives can't stand this. So they are always trying to equate homosexuality with heterosexuality or elevate homosexuality over heterosexuality. When someone like Dungy makes a comment that can in any way be seen as challenging this narrative, then progressives believe that person must be immediately discredited or publicly shamed – no matter the truth of what he is saying. By the way, having been a sports reporter for a few years I've been in many football locker rooms where the players walk around naked or half-naked, changing clothes and going in and out of the showers. Putting a man like Sam, who says he is sexually attracted to men, in with all that beefcake seems unfair to the straight players and a distraction to Sam. Would you put a heterosexual man in the locker room/showers with all the female cheerleaders? Would you tell the girl cheerleaders who objected to this man being in the locker room that they needed to end their bigoted and sexist attitude and treat the man with respect?” [One News Now, 7/25/14]

AFA’s Fischer Said The NFL Has “Discriminated Against Everybody But Michael Sam.” According to Right Wing Watch, “The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, who isn’t exactly a fan of Michael Sam, said that the only reason the Dallas Cowboys signed Sam to the team’s practice squad was due to pressure from NFL officials, even though Cowboys owner Jerry Jones flatly denied the suggestion. The ‘Focal Point’ host argued today that Sam is only on the practice squad “because he’s a homosexual.’ ‘What the NFL has done here is they have discriminated against every heterosexual football player that also got cut,’ Fischer said. ‘They didn’t go to bat for those guys, they discriminated against everybody but Michael Sam.’” [Right Wing Watch, 9/5/14, VIDEO]


  1. AFA supports criminalizing LGBTQ people and, when talking about punishment, asks, "Do you put them to death, do you lock 'em up...what do you do?"


Fischer Said On Punishments For Criminalizing LGBTQ Behavior, “Do You Put Them To Death, Do You Lock 'Em Up...What Do You Do?” And Compared LGBTQ Behavior To Drug Abuse. On his radio show, Fischer said, “I believe that homosexual behavior should again be contrary to public policy. To put it bluntly, it ought to be against the law. So then the question becomes, so what kind of sanctions are you prepared to propose? If it’s going to be against the law, and the law is going to be applied, somebody is apprehended in a way that calls into play this law, this public policy against homosexual behavior, what should be done? What should be done with these offenders? And that’s a legitimate question. Do you put them to death like they did under the mosaic code? Do you lock them up? Do you fine them? What do you do?....Here’s my suggestion, very simple, very straightforward, that our sanctions for homosexual conduct should be the same as they are for drug abuse. In other words, whatever we decide are appropriate public policies to deal with drug abuse, those ought to be the same policies that we use in dealing with homosexual behavior, because the risks are the same.” [Focal Point, 8/19/13, YOUTUBE]


Bryan Fischer Said There Was “No Reason Why [Same-Sex Activity] Could Not Be A Criminal Offence Once Again. Good As You wrote, “The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer recently said ‘there is no reason why [homosexual activity] cannot be a criminal offense once again, absolutely none,’ adding to his years of comments that have crudely slighted LGBT people (and others) in every way humanly possible.” (Good As You, 9/14/11)


Fischer Said Same-Sex Behavior Should Be Criminalized Because It “Represents An Enormous Threat To Public Health.” According to Christianity Today,Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association agreed with Sprigg [that Lawrence V. Texas was wrongly decided]. Citing policies and findings of the Federal Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control, Fischer concluded that homosexual behavior should be criminalized because it ‘represents an enormous threat to public health.’ ‘It's a simple matter of common sense, sound public policy, and a concern for public health. … Whatever we think we should do to curtail injection drug use are the same sorts of things we should pursue to curtail homosexual conduct,’ said Fischer, AFA's director of issue analysis. Fischer further justified his view by claiming that 1 Timothy 1:8-11 says ‘those 'who practice homosexuality' should come under the purview of the law just as much as those who take people captive in order to sell them into slavery.’” [Christianity Today, 2/5/10]