HRC Foundation Launches Gen Z Sexual Health Program: GENERATE

by Vanessa Castro

As the next phase of the My Body, My Health campaign, GENERATE was created to mobilize Black and Latinx LGBTQ+ youth to join together and advance efforts to end HIV and promote sexual health through advocacy, education, and storytelling. We will be working with 18-24 year olds to promote sexual health on college campuses and within local LGBTQ+ communities to finally build a generation free of HIV.

We are selecting 15 GENERATE peer facilitators across the country to finally build a generation free of HIV and stigma.

Sex Positivity

It’s time to strip away the shame of sex, get sex positive and take control of our health. With the attacks on LGBTQ+ sex education and the loss of a generation of teachers from the early HIV crisis, we are coming together as a new generation to embrace our sexuality and build a generation free of HIV and stigma.

The HRC Foundation has launched GENERATE, a Gen Z sexual health program to energize 18-24 year olds across the country to take control of their sexual health and reduce the spread of HIV through advocacy, education and storytelling.

GenZ Sexual Health

As advocates and rising leaders in your local community, being a GENERATE fellow connects you with LGBTQ+ health equity leaders, influencers and policy makers across the nation. Through partnership we help arm you with the tools you need to help end the HIV epidemic. Connect with our team to see how you can join the movement.

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Embrace our sexuality free of judgment, shame and stigma.

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We're building a generation free of HIV and embracing sex positivity with My Body, My Health campaign. Are you in?