#AM_Equality Tipsheet: September 21, 2017

by Allison Turner

Trump judicial nom thinks trans children are part of ‘Satan’s plan’; Jimmy Kimmel slams Cassidy-Graham ‘health care’ bill.

ANTI-LGBTQ TRUMP JUDICIAL NOMINEE THINKS TRANS CHILDREN ARE PART OF ‘SATAN’S PLAN’: Yes, seriously. Jeff Mateer, Donald Trump’s nominee for a federal judgeship in Texas, believes that transgender children are evidence of “Satan’s plan,”  supports the dangerous and debunked practice of so-called “conversion therapy,” and thinks marriage equality will lead to bestiality. A jarring piece from CNN’s Chris Massie (@ChrisMassie) and Andrew Kaczynski (@KFILE) is the latest in a series of terrifying revelations of Trump’s anti-LGBTQ nominees. Mateer joins the likes of Stephen Schwartz, who has a history of supporting anti-LGBTQ -- and especially anti-transgender -- causes, including the discriminatory HB2 law in North Carolina that attacked the rights of transgender people. He also joins Mark Green, whose record includes using slurs against the transgender community, describing former President Obama’s guidance protecting transgender students an example of “tyrannical government,” saying being transgender is a “disease,” and encouraging the state of Tennessee to defy federal law and deny marriage licenses to gay couples. More from CNN.

MORNING MUST WATCH -- JIMMY KIMMEL SLAMS CASSIDY-GRAHAM “HEALTH CARE” PROPOSAL: Kimmel’s emotional monologue focuses on his newborn son, Billy, who was born with a heart defect. Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La.) then shamefully made the untrue case that the proposal would pass the “Jimmy Kimmel test” meaning a child born with heart problems would be able to get appropriate health care in his or her first year. The proposal, concocted behind closed doors without any public input, is yet another effort by President Trump and some Senate Republicans to take away health care from millions of Americans. It has yet to have a hearing or receive a score from the Congressional Budget Office, and would allow states to charge higher premiums for people with preexisting conditions, gut the essential health benefits guaranteed by the ACA and cut billions of dollars in funding for Medicaid -- leaving states to make up huge budget shortfalls. More from The Washington Post.

  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) plans to put this disastrous bill on the Senate floor as early as next week. More from The Washington Post.

NEW VIDEO FROM HRC DETAILS HOMOPHOBIC ATTACK IN GEORGIA: HRC -- in coalition with 10 partner organizations -- has sent a letter to the Georgian Ambassador, urging his government to protect the human rights of LGBTQ people in the Eastern European nation. The letter focuses on a recent attack on Levan Berianidze and Tornike Kusiani -- two LGBTQ Georgians in the city of Batumi. HRC sat down with Berianidze to talk about being LGBTQ in Georgia, the attack, and what the community is calling on the government to do to prevent hate-motivated crime. More from HRC.

THROWBACK THURSDAY -- BILLIE JEAN KING AND ‘THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES’: Yesterday marked the 44th anniversary of the famous ‘Battle of the Sexes’ -- the tennis match where Billie Jean King (@BillieJeanKing) beat Bobby Riggs. King, who later came out as lesbian, is known for her LGBTQ and women’s advocacy. More from ESPN.

ARIZONA SUPREME COURT -- SAME-SEX PARENTS DESERVE EQUAL PARENTAL RIGHTS: The case involved two divorced women, and the ruling determined that each parent had equal parental rights, even if only one parent gave birth to the child. The decision drew on the Supreme Court of the United States assertion in Obergefell v. Hodges that same-sex couples are to receive the same “constellation of benefits” attendant to marriage -- including in parentage issues -- as different-sex married couples. More from HRC, Courthouse News Service and Slate.

NYC’S FIRST LADY LAUNCHES LGBTQ OUTREACH PROJECT: New York City’s First Lady Chirlane McCray will spearhead a new effort by the city to deliver services to LGBTQ youth. The NYC Unity Project will streamline the LGBTQ work done by 16 different city agencies. More from New York Daily News and AM New York.

  • New data from the New York City Department of Health found that a quarter of LGBTQ youth experience bullying in school, and are at higher risk for poor mental health outcomes. More here.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, WILL & GRACE!: HRC is celebrating the long- anticipated return of NBC’s Will & Grace on September 28. The series was critical to changing hearts, minds and American culture. The show aired while we battled for marriage equality state by state, took on anti-LGBTQ legislation and worked to teach our neighbors, friends and family that love is love. Check out this behind-the-scenes footage of the show’s journey from HRC.

TIFFANY PALMER TO LEAD THE LGBT FAMILY LAW INSTITUTE: Palmer, a Philadelphian practicing family law, will lead the joint venture of the National LGBT Bar Association and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. The institute is a networking platform for lawyers who focus on LGBTQ family issues. More from Delaware Law Weekly.

DISGRACEFUL -- BRAZILIAN JUDGE GIVES PRO- ‘CONVERSION THERAPY’ RULING: Sparking national outrage, Waldemar de Carvalho, a federal judge in Brazil’s capital, overruled a 18-year-old decision by the Federal Council of Psychology banning the dangerous and debunked practice of so-called “conversion therapy.” The Federal Council of Psychology has vowed to contest the decision, saying it “opens the dangerous possibility of the use of sexual reversion therapies.” More from The Guardian, HuffPost and BBC.

LIAM HEMSWORTH COMES OUT IN SUPPORT OF AUSTRALIAN MARRIAGE EQUALITY: “I personally do not believe that same sex marriage should come down to a vote. I believe it's a HUMAN RIGHT to be able to marry the person you love regardless of gender,” the Australian actor posted on Instagram. “To all the Australians that care about equality and human rights please say YES to same sex marriage.” Australian voters have until November 7 to mail in their postal survey ballots voting ‘yes’ to support marriage equality. More from Refinery29.


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