#AM_Equality Tipsheet: October 8, 2018

by HRC Staff

HRC releases 2018 Municipal Equality Index ratings; The Senate betrayed our country with Kavanaugh vote

HRC RELEASES 2018 MUNICIPAL EQUALITY INDEX RATING CITIES ON LGBTQ INCLUSION: The 2018 MEI evolved dramatically this year, instituting new benchmarks ensuring equal access to single-user facilities in public spaces, as well as protecting LGBTQ youth from bullying in city services and from dangerous so-called “conversion therapy.” Additionally, this year the MEI deducted points for laws that that include provisions licensing discrimination against the LGBTQ community. But even with these more stringent MEI requirements, cities and municipalities are meeting and exceeding our standards with innovative measures to protect LGBTQ people. A record 78 cities earned perfect scores for advancing LGBTQ-inclusive laws and policies -- up from 11 in 2012, the first year of the MEI. More from HRC and USA Today.

  • 46 “All Star” cities in states lacking comprehensive non-discrimination laws scored above 85 points.
  • The national city score average increased from 57 to 58 points. 78 cities scored 100 points; 25 percent scored over 83 points; 50 percent scored over 58 points; 25 percent scored less than 36; and 15 cities scored zero points.
  • Seventeen MEI-rated cities enacted local protections against the harmful and discredited practice of so-called “conversion therapy.”

HRC WILL LAUNCH THE MEI IN FOUR CITIES ACROSS THE COUNTRY THIS WEEK: Events will take place in Atlanta; Milwaukee; Reno, Nevada; and Brookings, South Dakota to highlight the fact that cities big and small, red and blue, are making strides to protect LGBTQ people. If you are interested in attending these events, contact press@hrc.org.

THE SENATE BETRAYED AND DISGRACED OUR COUNTRY: “In one of the most consequential votes of their lifetimes -- and of their constituents’ lifetimes -- 50 members of the United States Senate opted to back a dangerous, unqualified nominee who demonstrated he lacks the temperament, honesty and objectivity required of any judge and continues to face multiple credible allegations of sexual assault that have not been fully investigated,” said HRC President Chad Griffin (@ChadHGriffin). “The harmful consequences of the Senate’s decision to support Brett Kavanaugh will last decades. We thank the 49 senators who had the courage to do the right thing, vote their conscience and oppose this nomination. In the wake of this news, there is only one course of action. The millions of Americans who have fought a valiant struggle against this Trump-Pence nominee must make their voices heard in November and beyond by electing lawmakers who will stand up for our rights rather than sell us out.”  More from HRC and Metro Weekly.

MUST WATCH MONDAY -- NEW FREEDOM MASSACHUSETTS AD URGES VOTERS TO PROTECT YOUTH BY VOTING ‘YES ON 3’: Republican Gov. Charlie Baker signed a non-discrimination bill protecting trans citizens into law in July 2016, and it went into effect in October 2016. Since then, opponents of equality used anti-transgender tactics and messages to get Question 3, which would repeal these non-discrimination protections, on the ballot this election. More from HRC.

MORNING MUST READ FROM EMMA GONZÁLES ON VOTING, TRAUMA AND THE URGENCY OF ACTION: “You might not be a big fan of politics, but you can still participate,” González (@Emma4Change) writes in a powerful oped. “All you need to do is vote for people you believe will work on these issues, and if they don’t work the way they should, then it is your responsibility to call them, organize a town hall and demand that they show up -- hold them accountable. It’s their job to make our world better.” More from The New York Times.

HRC ANNOUNCES “ARTISTS FOR EQUALITY” ACTION TO ELECT PRO-EQUALITY CANDIDATES: The event is scheduled for October 22 at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York City, and will be hosted by Andy Cohen (@Andy) and Margaret Russell. More from HRC.




ROMANIAN ADVOCATES DECLARE VICTORY AS VOTERS REJECT EFFORT TO RESTRICT EQUALITY: The measure had sought to amend the constitution to change the existing language on marriage as being between two spouses and replace it with a restrictive definition of marriage being between a man and a woman. The unnecessary, anti-equality referendum cost Romanian taxpayers more than 20 million dollars. More from HRC and BBC.

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