#AM_Equality Tipsheet: October 2, 2019

by HRC Staff

HRC mourns the loss of Channing Smith; Philadelphia City Council to consider non-discrimination protections for trans & non-binary youth.

HRC MOURNS THE LOSS OF CHANNING SMITH, A TEEN WHO WAS BISEXUAL WAS OUTED AND BULLIED ONLINE: The New York Times’ Emily S. Rueb (@Rueby) reports that at a vigil for her son, who took his life on Sept. 23, Crystal Smith said: “Just because you think it’s cute or funny to make somebody embarrassed or humiliate them, think again. Because if somebody would have realized that, my son would not be dead.” More from The New York Times.

  • It’s Bullying Prevention Month -- here are five ways to help young people become allies for their LGBTQ classmates & friends: Bullying in schools is as pervasive as it is damaging to all involved parties -- and it’s also preventable. HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program is sharing key strategies to help educators engage in this important work with students. More from HRC

WE CALL FOR JUSTICE IN THE UNSPEAKABLE ATTACK IN FLORIDA ON A GAY MAN WHO WAS BEATEN AND DRAGGED BEHIND A VEHICLE: Our hearts go out to the victim, who is struggling for his life, and his loved ones. This type of hate is fueled by the reckless rhetoric of our nation's leaders. In unity, we must stand against it and take action that empowers, protects and centers the most marginalized in our communities. More from HRC.

WHAT WE’RE WATCHING WEDNESDAY -- LIFETIME SHARES THE POWERFUL LIFE STORY OF ALEX COOPER: When she was a teenager, Cooper’s parents forced her into so-called “conversion therapy” with unlicensed individuals. Cooper, a former HRC Youth Ambassador, has also authored a book, Saving Alex, about her experience. Watch a video preview of her life story here

WISCONSIN REP. JOCASTA ZAMARRIPA HOSTS HRC WISCONSIN’S FIRST TWITTER TAKEOVER ON #BIVISIBILITYDAY: Zamarripa (@repjocasta) is the first Latina elected to the Wisconsin legislature and one of the few bisexual legislators in the country. Check out what she had to say on HRC Wisconsin’s Twitter (@HRC_WI) about the importance of being a visible champion for the communities she represents. More from HRC

PHILLY CITY COUNCIL TO CONSIDER NON-DISCRIMINATION PROTECTIONS FOR TRANS AND NON-BINARY YOUTH: “This [proposed legislation] will make other children like me feel seen and welcome even if they are not out to their family or at school,” said Itzela Wiley, a non-binary student at The Philadelphia School. More from Anna Orso (@anna_orso) in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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LGBTQ ADVOCATES IN MAURITIUS ARE SEEKING TO OVERTURN THE COLONIAL-ERA ANTI-SODOMY LAW: “All we want is the same rights as everyone else. The right to choose the partner we want. The right to have the freedom to love who we want,” said Najeeb Ahmad Fokeerbux (@YQA_Mauritius), one of the four gay men challenging the anti-LGBTQ law. More from Reuters

ALESSIA INJOQUE ES LA PRIMERA MUJER TRANSGÉNERO EN EJERCER LA PRESIDENCIA DE FUNDACIÓN IGUALES, EL GRUPO LGBTQ MÁS GRANDE DE CHILE: El mes pasado, Injoque dejó su trabajo como ingeniera para dedicarse a la defensa de derechos LGBTQ a tiempo completo. “Tenemos que llegar al punto…en que ser hetero, gay, lesbiana, bisexual o trans sea anecdótico a la hora de postular a un trabajo y no algo relevante.” Más de La Tercera

OPENLY GAY VETERAN ATTACKED IN EASTERN UKRAINE: Vasyl Davydenko told local television that he believes the assault was motivated by his sexual orientation. More from RadioFreeEurope.

GRUPOS DE DERECHA ATACAN A PARTICIPANTES DE LA MARCHA DE ORGULLO EN PARAGUAY: El domingo, la comunidad LGBTQ de Hernandarias realizó su marcha de Orgullo a pesar de que el alcalde intentara impedirla. Después de los ataques, el alcalde procedió a insultar al colectivo LGBTQ y justificar la violencia. Lea más de ABD aquí y aquí

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OutSports shares the beautiful story of athlete Anthony Armoni, who was voted his high school’s homecoming king after coming out as gay;

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