#AM_Equality Tipsheet: November 6, 2019

by HRC Staff

Virginia elects pro-equality majority in House & Senate!; New HRC program elevates Black & Latinx trans community.

VICTORY IN THE COMMONWEALTH! HRC CELEBRATES VIRGINIA’S NEW PRO-EQUALITY MAJORITIES IN HOUSE & SENATE -- AND HISTORIC RE-ELECTION OF DANICA ROEM: “For far too long, anti-LGBTQ politicians have had a chokehold on Virginia’s legislative process and blocked efforts to pass statewide LGBTQ non-discrimination protections, sowing hate and division while putting the lives and livelihoods of LGBTQ Virginians at risk,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid). “The Human Rights Campaign worked tirelessly to turn out the 1.2 million Equality Voters in Virginia, and last night we elected new leadership in Richmond that will put Virginians first.” More from HRC and Washington Blade.

  • Danica Roem again made history, becoming the first openly transgender elected official to be re-elected in our nation’s history. More from HRC, The Hill, The Advocate and The Daily Beast.
  • Inside HRC's campaign to install a pro-equality majority in Richmond with one of the largest state legislative investments in our history -- over $250,000 across the commonwealth -- and 27 endorsed candidates. More from Metro Weekly.
  • Anti-trans messaging falls flat, including in Kentucky where pro-equality Andy Beshear ousted anti-equality Gov. Matt Bevin. Read more at HRC.

ELIZ MARKOWITZ FORCES RUNOFF IN TEXAS SPECIAL ELECTION, COULD BECOME 6TH OPENLY QUEER WOMAN ELECTED TO TX STATE LEGISLATURE: “Texans need leaders like Eliz in Austin working to protect us and bring us closer to full equality,” said HRC Texas State Director Rebecca Marques (@_RebeccaMarques). More from HRC.

MAJOR ANTI-LGBTQ DONOR -- AND ROY MOORE SUPPORTER -- INVESTS HEAVILY AGAINST PRO-EQUALITY U.S. SEN. GARY PETERS OF MICHIGAN: A Richard Uihlein-funded PAC has launched an $879,000 TV buy against Peters, who is up for reelection in 2020. Uihlein previously donated more than $100,000 to Alabama's Roy Moore, half of which flowed to Moore after he was accused of sexual misconduct, and poured millions into a failed effort to unseat pro-equality and openly lesbian U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin. More from Detroit News.

WHAT WE’RE READING WEDNESDAY -- “THE TEXAS AG PROMISED TO REMEMBER MY TRANS SON. HIS RECENT ACTIONS SHOW HE’S FORGOTTEN”: In response to Attorney General Ken Paxton’s call for an investigation into a mother for affirming her transgender daughter amid a custody battle, HRC Parents for Trans Equality Council Member Amber Briggle (@mrsbriggle) writes in Time: “My family hoped that by finding common ground, we could get Paxton out of the political world and meet him on a personal level, away from the cameras, political strategists and lobbyists… But despite a home-cooked meal and a promise that he’d remember Max when he got back to Austin, Paxton has forgotten us.” More from Time.

  • Jo Ivester, a Texas-based advocate and mother of a trans son, also writes, “Gender-affirming parenting can save a child’s life.” More from NBC.

HRC FOUNDATION HOSTS FIRST ELEVATE FELLOWSHIP FOR BLACK AND LATINX TRANSGENDER PEOPLE: Elevate: A Fellowship Advancing Public Health Leadership for Transgender Women of Color brought 10 Black and Latinx transgender women and non-binary leaders to HRC headquarters for a groundbreaking pilot program that focuses on developing transgender women and non-binary leaders in the South to increase their career opportunities and ability to work on improving public health systems. More from HRC.

TRUMP-PENCE IMMIGRATION POLICIES CONTINUE TO PUT LGBTQ MIGRANTS AT RISK: The Migrant Protection Protocols program (MPP) is forcing some migrants and asylum seekers to wait on the Mexico side of the border to be processed -- which advocates say is leaving LGBTQ people in danger. More from Pink News.

THREE MEN ATTACKED, CALLED ANTI-LGBTQ SLURS OUTSIDE OF BOSTON LGBTQ BAR: Police are investigating and encourage anyone with more information to contact them. More from CBS Boston.

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TROYE SIVAN AND KACEY MUSGRAVES TEAM UP FOR CHRISTMAS SONG: The song will come out on Nov. 29! More from Out.

TONIGHT -- ATLANTA HAWKS WILL HONOR HRC FOUNDATION AT ANNUAL “LOVE WINS PRIDE NIGHT” GAME: The team will present a donation to the HRC Foundation at their night celebrating the LGBTQ community. More from The Atlanta Voice.


CHILE’S SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL COMMISSION APPROVES KEY STEP TOWARD MARRIAGE EQUALITY: The bill awaits legislative action in the full Senate. More from LaTercera

COMISIÓN DE CONSTITUCIÓN DEL SENADO APRUEBA PASO CLAVE PARA EL MATRIMONIO IGUALITARIO EN CHILE: Este martes, la Comisión de Constitución del Senado aprobó medidas clave para continuar la posible legislación del matrimonio igualitario en Chile. La iniciativa deberá esperar un voto en la sala para seguir su proceso legislativo. Más de LaTercera

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Vox looks at the history of a 1950s-era Florida state committee that targeted LGBTQ students, professors, teachers and staff of public schools and universities; CBC interviews a gay Syrian refugee in Canada who is now an LGBTQ advocate; The Hockey News talks about the rise of LGBTQ acceptance in the NHL; San Francisco Chronicle sits down with Clair Farley, director of San Francisco’s Office of Transgender Initiatives

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