#AM_Equality Tipsheet: November 27, 2017

by Allison Turner

“Hate in America is on the rise;” New Report -- NYPD still not adequately trained on trans issues

“HATE IN AMERICA IS ON THE RISE” -- MORNING MUST READ FROM WAPO: In 2016, 6,121 hate crime incidents were reported -- a five percent increase from the previous year. And nearly 20 percent of the crimes were based on sexual orientation or gender identity bias.  “It’s important that the United States be able to tackle this growing problem with the best data it can gather. The FBI’s statistics on hate crimes, while the best we have, are also incomplete — partly because it’s up to state and local police departments to decide whether to provide the federal government with their data. What’s more, a study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics suggests that many hate-crime victims never report the offense,” writes The Post’s editorial board. “Police departments should work to provide the federal government with more complete data. But taking this rise in hate seriously also requires that law enforcement officials cultivate trust with the communities they serve. Victims need to know they will be treated with respect if they come forward -- especially in the current political environment, where many may be particularly fearful.” More from The Washington Post.

  • The FBI hate crime statistics also highlight the ongoing epidemic of anti-LGBTQ violence. Of the total hate crimes reported last year, 1,076 were based on sexual orientation bias and 124 were based on gender identity bias -- a two percent and nine percent increase, respectively. Of the incidents motivated by gender identity, 105 targeted transgender people, an increase of 44 percent from 2015. More from HRC.

NEW REPORT -- NYPD STILL NOT ADEQUATELY TRAINED ON TRANS ISSUES: While a report in 2012 provided suggestions to increase trans competency, a new assessment found that only six of 77 precincts received mandatory training to better serve the transgender community. More from The New York Times.

TOMORROW IS #GIVING TUESDAY HRC & WEST ELM PARTNER ON ‘LOVE IS LOVE’ EFFORT TO SUPPORT LGBTQ EQUALITY: HRC is proud to join forces with West Elm to launch a special “Love is Love” effort on #GivingTuesday, a global day that encourages giving back to your community. To honor the day, West Elm is committing 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of items in its “Love is Love” line, available online and in stores. More from HRC.

MUST WATCH MONDAY: NPR interviews four transgender people -- including HRC’s Laya Monarez -- who dispel rumors and misconceptions about being transgender, share their lives and talk about the discrimination and violence too often faced by the community. More from NPR.

NATIONAL LGBT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE UPDATES NAME, MISSION: “We’ve always served the full LGBT community, but now our name reflects that, and we continue on a journey to be as inclusive and as forward thinking as possible,” Jonathan Lovitz, NGLCC’s senior vice president, told Metro Weekly.

THIS WEEK IN ‘HUH?’: MassResistance, a Southern Poverty Law Center-certified anti-LGBTQ hate group, opened a recent conference with an… um... let’s say “unexpectedly” colorful opening act. Waving wing-like rainbow flags - yes, rainbow flags, a performer executed a lengthy  interpretive dance that likely befuddled attendees, who had gathered to hear the group’s ugly anti-LGBTQ agenda. Trust us, this is not to be missed. More from Advocate.

NATIONAL ADOPTION MONTH -- NEW VIDEO FROM HRC HIGHLIGHTS IMPORTANCE OF LGBTQ FOSTER AND ADOPTIVE PARENTS: “A lot of these children are sleeping on the streets, witnessing abuse or are victims of abuse themselves. If we can just provide safe places, I think our future would be a little brighter,” says foster and adoptive parent Jo Jakeway on the importance of providing loving homes to vulnerable youth. Watch the full video here.

AKRON, OHIO, AWARDS $34,000 IN GRANTS TO LGBTQ CAUSES: Thirteen local LGBTQ causes and organizations will benefit from the grants. More from Gay Star News.

ANTI-LGBTQ CRIME IN RUSSIA DOUBLES IN FIVE YEARS: Research by the Center for Independent Social Research cites the country’s anti-LGBTQ “propaganda” law as one reason for the disturbing numbers. More from Reuters.

  • Earlier this month, two LGBTQ advocates were attacked outside of a conference in Moscow. Local police have yet to open an investigation. More from Human Rights Watch.

“IT’S JUST THE START” -- TURKISH LGBTQ ADVOCATES FEAR GOVERNMENT CRACKDOWN: Concerns have intensified since the governor of Ankara, the capital city, announced an indefinite ban all LGBTQ film screenings, panels and exhibitions and other public events. More from The Guardian.

  • A Turkish district governorship in Istanbul last week banned a LGBTQ film screening event. More from Reuters.


Sports Illustrated reports that Huddersfield Town defender Mathias Jørgensen wore rainbow laces during a game this weekend to support LGBTQ equality; The Associated Press notes that Laurel Hubbard will be the first openly transgender athlete to be represent New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games;

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