#AM_Equality Tipsheet: November 02, 2018

by HRC Staff

56 major companies sign letter to say trans people #WontBeErased; New database tracks 600 acts of violence against LGBTQ people

56 MAJOR COMPANIES RESPOND TO ALARMING EFFORT TO ERASE TRANSGENDER PEOPLE FROM LEGAL PROTECTIONS: Their business statement in support of transgender equality comes in response to a rising tide of legislative and administrative attempts to further marginalize transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex people -- including a recent report by the New York Times on administrative efforts to erase transgender non-discrimination protections through reinterpretation of existing law. Read the full letter from HRC. More from The Hill, CNBC, CNET, Axios and The Washington Post.

  • Yesterday, Twitter unveiled a new emoji for the hashtag ‘#WontBeErased’


  • ICYMI -- Yesterday, HRC President Chad Griffin (@ChadHGriffin) joined Texas LGBTQ and pro-equality leaders in Houston to #TurnOut the vote for HRC-endorsed candidate Lizzie Pannill Fletcher (D).
  • TODAY: Griffin will join Texas LGBTQ and pro-equality leaders in Houston for a #TurnOut the vote event on the final day of Texas Early Voting. Interested media should RSVP to nick.morrow@hrc.org.
  • AND LATER TODAY: Griffin will join HRC-endorsed candidate MJ Hegar (D) and other Texas LGBTQ and pro-equality leaders in Austin for a #TurnOut the vote Canvass Kickoff. Interested media should RSVP to nick.morrow@hrc.org.
  • SATURDAY: Griffin will join HRC-endorsed candidate Colin Allred (D) and other Texas LGBTQ and pro-equality leaders for a #TurnOut the vote Canvass Kickoff for Allred’s Campaign in Richardson. Interested media should RSVP to nick.morrow@hrc.org.
  • Get a snapshot of HRC’s efforts to #TurnOUT the vote for Senator Tammy Baldwin and other champions for equality in Wisconsin from Isthmus.
  • How anti-LGBTQ extremists are mobilizing behind Mike Pence, a “secret weapon” for anti-equality candidates. More from USA Today.
  • Anti-LGBTQ Pennsylvania State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe is attacking his openly gay opponent in mailers. More from CBS Pittsburgh.
  • ICYMI -- HRC set up free shuttles to help attendees at Las Vegas Pride vote early!

FIRED UP FRIDAY MUST READ FROM HRC PRESIDENT CHAD GRIFFIN -- “TRUMP EMBOLDENS THE DARKEST SIDE OF AMERICAN SOCIETY”: “Through his actions -- and inactions -- Trump has emboldened the peddlers of racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, prejudice and bigotry. When any other president would seek to extinguish the flames of hate, Trump has fanned them, often for his own political gain,” Griffin writes. “When you cast your ballot, consider which candidate will actively work to curb the tide of hate, and which will embolden it -- either through their rhetoric or their silence. The time has come for we as a nation to declare that enough is enough.” More from The Hill.

ICYMI -- HRC SENDS FOIA REQUEST FOR ALL RECORDS OF TRUMP-PENCE ADMINISTRATION’S ATTEMPT TO REDEFINE “SEX”: “What we’re attempting to do here is get better information about how the [Trump] administration came to its conclusion that it was permissible under federal law to define ‘sex’ in a way that it’s never been defined before,” HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow told The Daily Beast’s Samantha Allen (@SLAwrites). More from The Daily Beast.

POWERFUL OPED FROM A SEXUAL ASSAULT SURVIVOR ON WHY MASSACHUSETTS SHOULD VOTE ‘YES ON 3’ TO PROTECT TRANS PEOPLE FROM DISCRIMINATION: “Trans people are my neighbors, colleagues and friends, and I refuse to be invoked as a reason to deny people I love the freedom and dignity we all deserve,” writes Jaclyn Friedman (@jaclynf) in WBUR.

THE COLORADOAN HAS TRACKED MORE THAN 600 ACTS OF VIOLENCE AGAINST LGBTQ PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES SINCE MATTHEW SHEPARD: The full database, compiled by a team of eight journalists, is available from The Coloradoan.

NOVEMBER IS NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH: Native Americans -- including out congressional candidate Sharice Davids -- are among the hundreds of pro-equality candidates running this year on the federal, state and local levels to better represent ALL Americans. If elected to represent Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District, Davids would be the first Native American lesbian representative to serve in Congress. More from HRC.



OSCE TAKES ACTION TO INVESTIGATE ANTI-LGBTQ ATROCITIES IN CHECHNYA: Sixteen countries at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), including the U.S., invoked the “Moscow Mechanism”, which authorizes a fact-finding mission to investigate anti-LGBTQ atrocities that have occurred in Chechnya over the last 18 months -- and the Russian government’s failure to respond.  Said HRC Government Affairs Director David Stacy (@david_stacy). “With this investigation, we will finally get an objective multinational report on the atrocities against LGBTQ people in that region and the key perpetrators behind them. This is a big step toward justice for those targeted by violence, and for preventing anti-LGBTQ violence in the future.” More from HRC.

READING RAINBOW - Bookmark now to read on your lunch break!

Illinois Newsroom interviews a local high schooler working to make the state’s sex ed cirrculumn LGBTQ inclusive; On Top Magazine covers actress Nicole Maines (@NicoleAMaines) speech at HRC’s Chicago dinner; Hollywood Reporter asks what the recent decision by India’s Supreme Court to decriminalize same-sex relations  means for the country’s film industry; Dallas Voice reports that Dallas Police LGBTQ liaison Amber Roman was honored at a recent event by the Friends of the Dallas Police Department

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