#AM_Equality Tipsheet: May 10, 2018

by Allison Turner

Opposition to anti-LGBTQ bill in Okla. grows; HRC responds to Wisc. AG speaking at ADF

CHORUS OF OPPOSITION TO OKLA. BILL GROWS: As Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin considers whether to veto SB 1140, a dangerous, anti-LGBTQ child welfare bill that passed through the state’s legislature, the chorus of opposition to the bill continues to grow. Voices speaking out against the bill include some of the most recognizable organizations working in the child welfare space, the Tulsa Regional Chamber, a group of Oklahoma-based and national faith leaders, some notable Oklahomans, editorial boards and more. Fallin will make her decision on whether to sign or veto the discriminatory bill within the next week.

HRC RESPONDS TO WISC AG SCHIMEL TAKING $$$ FOR SPEAKING AT ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM: Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel reportedly accepted thousands of dollars from the notoriously anti-LGBTQ Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) to speak at the group’s recent conference in California. “As Wisconsin Attorney General, Brad Schimel has repeatedly used his power to roll back our progress and undermine the rights and freedom of LGBTQ Wisconsinites,” said HRC Wisconsin State Manager Wendy Strout. “Schimel must immediately release the transcripts from his speech to ADF and donate the money he received for the appearance to a charitable organization in Wisconsin working to advance the safety and well-being of Wisconsin’s LGBTQ youth. ” More from HRC and Pink News.  

HEY, WE AGREE WITH GEORGE WILL -- PENCE IS THE WORST PERSON IN GOVERNMENT TODAY: In today’s Washington Post, the conservative columnist slams the “oleaginous Mike Pence, with his talent for toadyism and appetite for obsequiousness,” for a series of odious actions and stunts, including his latest: embracing Arizona’s notorious Joe Arpaio. In Will’s words, Arpaio, a “grandstanding, camera-chasing bully and darling of the thuggish right, is also a criminal, convicted of contempt of court for ignoring a federal judge’s order to desist from certain illegal law enforcement practices.” Read our take on “The Real Mike Pence”, and Will’s full piece at The Washington Post.

HRC CALLS FOR SENATE TO REJECT NOMINATION OF MICHAEL BRENNAN: HRC is calling for the U.S. Senate to reject the nomination of Michael Brennan following the Senate Republicans’ troubling dismissal of the “blue slip” tradition. “To ignore the blue slip tradition and silence the voice of Senator Baldwin and the millions of Wisconites she represents  is not only disrespectful, but also weakens the legislative branch and strengthens the executive branch at a time when checks and balances are needed more than ever,” said HRC Government Affairs Director David Stacy.” More from HRC.

HRC TO HONOR ACTOR NICK ROBINSON WITH HRC ALLY FOR EQUALITY AWARD: On Saturday, HRC will honor actor Nick Robinson with the organization’s Ally for Equality Award at the HRC Las Vegas Gala. Among his many celebrated roles, Robinson recently starred as the title character of the revolutionary film “Love, Simon,” about a closeted gay high school student who’s blackmailed into revealing his true identity before he’s ready. The first major studio film to be centered on a gay teenage romance, “Love, Simon” and Robinson’s critically-acclaimed portrayal of the conflicted Simon Spier have provided LGBTQ youth and adults with groundbreaking representation on the big screen for a global audience. More from HRC.

THANKFUL THURSDAY -- WHY SALLY FIELD WILL #FightLikeAMother FOR LGBTQ EQUALITY: Renowned actress Sally Field (@sally_field) spoke to HRC about her son, Sam, who came out at age 20 as a proud gay man. Since then, Field has been a strong supporter of HRC, advocating for LGBTQ community -- and especially the hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ youth who face homelessness. More from HRC.

JEFF SESSIONS WANTS TO SEPARATE CHILDREN FROM THEIR PARENTS IF THEY CROSS THE BORDER: In a statement, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that families who illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border will be seperated. Prying away kids from their parents is barbaric and un-American.  More from Time.

WHY AREN’T WE SURPRISED? NRA’S NEW PRESIDENT IS SUUUUUUPER ANTI-LGBTQ: New NRA President Oliver North once compared anti-equality extremists to anti-slavery advocates, saying “In the 1850’s a political party was born on the idea of a great moral issue, human bondage, the abolition of slavery in America. If we as conservatives cease to be a place where people of faith and those who believe in strong moral values can come, we will cease to be a political force in America.” He has referred to transgender people as “radical social experiments” and has claimed LGBTQ equality will lead to rights for pedophiles. More from LGBTQ Nation and INTO.


KENTUCKY TEACHER FIRED ONE MONTH AFTER COMING OUT AS BISEXUAL: Nicholas Breiner has filed a federal lawsuit against the Montgomery, Kentucky, County Board of Education, alleging he was fired after being questioned about his sexual orientation and subsequently fired. More from The Daily Beast.

HRC ENDORSES CALEB FROSTMAN FOR WISCONSIN STATE SENATE: “Caleb Frostman’s commitment to equality and ongoing work serving the people of Wisconsin make him the clear choice for voters,” said HRC Wisconsin State Manager Wendy Strout. “In the Wisconsin State Senate he will champion pro-equality legislation and policies, and fight for all Wisconsinites.” The special election is June 12. More from HRC.


HRC HONORS MADISON EDUCATOR DURING TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK: Fifth grade teacher Kristen Scott is an ally to the LGBTQ community, an advocate for human rights and a champion for her students. More from HRC.

MISSING DENVER TRANS TEEN FOUND: Scotty Fritzler had been missing nearly a week before he was found unconscious. He has been hospitalized and united with his family. More from Fox Denver.



INDIA’S NEW TAX RULE ALLOWS TRANSGENDER PEOPLE TO REGISTER WITHOUT SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: The country allows transgender people to register as transgender for tax-related purposes. More from Hindustan Times.

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