#AM_Equality Tipsheet: July 13, 2018

by Allison Turner

Koch Bros. network pouring millions to target Sen. Tammy Baldwin; House GOPs adopt license to discriminate amendment

KOCH BROS. NETWORK CONTINUES TO POUR MILLIONS INTO TARGETING PRO-EQUALITY CHAMPION SEN. TAMMY BALDWIN (D-WI): “Big powerful special interests groups and right-wing out-of-state billionaires have set their eyes on Tammy Baldwin and opened their checkbooks in an effort to defeat her, setting record after record with their barrage of unprecedented spending and attack ads in our state,” said HRC Wisconsin State Director Wendy Strout. “As two anti-LGBTQ extremists, who have pledged to double down on the Trump-Pence administration’s discriminatory agenda duke it out for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination, the people of Wisconsin know that Senator Baldwin will continue to stand up to special interests and fight for all Wisconsin families.” More from HRC.

BETRAYING CHILDREN IN NEED, REPUBLICANS ON HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE ADOPT “LICENSE TO DISCRIMINATE” AMENDMENT: If it remains in the final bill, the amendment would grant a “license to discriminate” allowing child welfare placing agencies that receive federal government funding to turn away qualified prospective parents based on the agency’s religious beliefs. “Congress should be focusing on ways to help children in the child welfare system find homes rather than creating needless obstacles for prospective parents, effectively shrinking the pool of qualified folks who want to provide children with a loving home,” said David Stacy, HRC director of government affairs. More from HRC, Metro Weekly, CNN and NBC.

TRUMP WILL MEET WITH PUTIN ON MONDAY. WILL HE RAISE ABUSES IN CHECHNYA? For more than 15 months, Donald Trump and his administration have refused to publicly condemn the systematic torture, abuse and murder of LGBTQ people in the Russian republic of Chechnya. Putin has licensed the violence to continue. More than 100 LGBTQ people have been rounded up, tortured and abused -- and as many as 20 have been murdered. HRC has repeatedly called on the Trump-Pence administration to condemn the crimes against humanity and raise them with Russia. Will Trump finally address it when he meets with Putin in Helsinki? More about the barbaric Chechen human rights abuses from HRC.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TRUMP’S SCOTUS PICK -- UNDERMINING LGBTQ RIGHTS, REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS, HEALTH CARE AND MORE: Brett Kavanaugh has ruled that an employer’s religious beliefs should be allowed to override their workers’ access to birth control. While refusing to answer whether he believed Roe was correctly decided during his confirmation hearing for the DC Circuit, once on the bench he wrote that his colleagues had “badly erred” by determining that an undocumented immigrant teen should have access to an abortion. And, in dissenting against the Affordable Care Act, Kavanaugh claimed that “the President may decline to enforce a statute… when the President deems the statute unconstitutional, even if a court has held or would hold the statute constitutional.” More from HRC and Glamour.

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY -- MEET THE 12-YEAR-OLD WHO FOUNDED HER TOWN’S LGBTQ PRIDE FESTIVAL: Molly Pinta, who started her middle school’s LGBTQ student club, has now taken her activism one step further  -- raising thousands to fund the first-annual Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Pride Parade. “This is amazing coming from a 12-year-old girl,” said Beverly Sussman, president of the Village Board in Molly’s town. More from NBC

ICYMI -- HISTORIC GATHERING OF HBCU PRESIDENTS AND SENIOR LEADERSHIP TO DISCUSS LGBTQ EQUALITY ON CAMPUS: Dillard University President Dr. Walter Kimbrough (@HipHopPrez) took over HRC’s twitter to share what his campus is doing to best serve LGBTQ students and his takeaways from the summit. Read the takeover here.

  • Morehouse College has released an alumni survey proposing a updated policy on transgender inclusion at the all-men’s HBCU. More from Newsone.

HRC ENDORSES MIKIE SHERRILL FOR U.S. CONGRESS IN NEW JERSEY’S 11TH DISTRICT: “Mikie Sherrill is a proven leader who will fight each and every day in Congress for the hard-working families of New Jersey’s 11th District,” said HRC national field director Marty Rouse. “As we face shameful attacks on the fundamental American values of fairness and equality, Mikie Sherrill will stand up to career politicians who put their own ideology ahead of the people of New Jersey. HRC is proud to endorse Mikie Sherrill, and we look forward to working closely with her in Congress to advance LGBTQ equality.” More from New Jersey Globe.

NEW SURVEY FINDS THAT 14 PERCENT OF OF MILLENNIALS IDENTIFY AS LGBTQ: The GenForward survey also found that people of color experience discrimination at higher rates. More from PrideSource.

HRC’S CHARLOTTE CLYMER (@CMCLYMER) FEATURED ON COVER OF METRO WEEKLY: Read her full interview with John Riley (@JohnAndresRiley) at Metro Weekly.

HRC MOURNS TOM GALLAGHER, BELIEVED TO BE FIRST FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER TO COME OUT: Gallagher, 77, also worked at the Gay Community Services Center in Los Angeles during the height of the AIDS epidemic. More from The New York Times.

EMMYS NOMINATE LGBTQ AND ALLIED STARS AND SHOWS: Nominees include Darren Criss (@DarrenCriss); Sarah Paulson (@MsSarahPaulson); Edgar Ramírez (@edgarramirez25); Ricky Martin (@RickyMartin247) the cast and crew of “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” (@ACSFX); Allison Janney (@AllisonBJanney); Jeffrey Wright (@jfreewright); Evan Rachel Wood (@evanrachelwood); Tatiana Maslany (@tatianamaslany); Samira Wiley (@samirawiley); Lily Tomlin (@LilyTomlin); Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers); Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow); Queer Eye (@QueerEye); Megan Mullally (@MeganMullally); Dan Bucatinsky (@danbucatinsky), Tituss Burgess (@TitussBurgess); RuPaul (@RuPaul) and the cast and crew of RuPaul’s Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) and more! See all the nominees from Variety.

  • CAN YOU BELIEVE?!?! Watch as Queer Eye darling and star of the ever-hilarious Gay of Thrones Jonathan Van Ness (@JVN) reacts to finding out his shows were nominated for four Emmys. More from ET.

THE WANDA ALSTON HOUSE AND FOUNDATION CELEBRATES ITS 10TH ANNIVERSARY: The organization, which serves DC’s LGBTQ homeless, is directed by HRC board member June Crenshaw. More from Washington Blade


FIFA SUPPORTS LGBTQ SOCCER CONFERENCE IN MOSCOW: Yesterday’s event was hosted by the Russian LGBT Sport Federation. More from OutSports.

  • Morning must read: Trans author and journalist Juliet Jacques shares her love of soccer and her hopes for its future when it comes to LGBTQ equality in The New York Times.

 IRISH SAME SEX PARENTS MAY SOON BE ABLE TO INCLUDE BOTH PARENTS’ NAMES ON CHILD'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE: A bill amending the 2015 Children and Relationships Bill was passed by the Dáil, Ireland’s lower house. More from The Irish Times.


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BBC profiles the late prolific LGBTQ artist Robert Mapplethorpe; FOX San Diego reports that an alumni of San Diego State University has donated $1 million to the school’s Pride Center and LGBT Studies program;  Forbes interviews lesbian comedian Hannah Gadsby (@Hannahgadsby)

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