#AM_Equality Tipsheet: February 8, 2019

by HRC Staff

Trump praises actions of admin & states who license discrimination in child welfare services; new legislation to protect trans troops


BIPARTISAN LEGISLATION INTRODUCED IN CONGRESS TO BLOCK TRUMP’S BAN ON TRANSGENDER TROOPS: The move comes after the Supreme Court last month declined to hear any cases challenging the Trump-Pence Administration’s ban on transgender troops, and allowing the administration to move forward with implementing this discriminatory policy. More from The Hill.

  • From The Washington Post editorial board: “The transgender military ban is damaging America.” More from The Washington Post.

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY -- WHEN LAVERNE COX NEEDS HOPE, SHE REFLECTS ON THE HISTORY OF BLACK BRILLIANCE: “My ancestors went through slavery, Jim and Jane Crow, and yet managed to come out with some of the best music, art and culture that the world has ever known,” writes Black transgender trailblazer Cox. “When I look at the history and the brilliance of African Americans, it gives me a tremendous amount of optimism with perspective. It is horrible what far too many of us have endured. But the history of black excellence in America gives us a template for how to fight -- and how to not be demoralized by the fight.” More from TIME.

  • Read transgender writer and advocate Monica Roberts’ (@TransGriot) history of how Black transgender people have shaped the civil rights and LGBTQ movements from OutSmart Magazine.


  • A Colorado House committee has passed a bill making it easier for transgender Coloradans to change their name and gender on state documents. More from The Denver Post.
  • Anti-transgender bill defeated in South Dakota! The bill targeted transgender children seeking medically-necessary transition-related care. More from Argus Leader.
  • Also in South Dakota: The state’s top education officials and human rights advocates this week testified against an anti-trans bill that targets children. More from Argus Leader.
  • Anti-equality lawmakers in Tennessee have introduced multiple bills to give child welfare services a license to discriminate against prospective parents, including LGBTQ parents. More from The Tennessean.
  • HRC is strongly opposed to a Utah bill that would limit a person’s ability to change the sex listed on their birth certificate. More on this bill from ACLU Utah.

UCONN AND HRC FIND LGBTQ YOUTH DISPROPORTIONATELY BULLIED FOR THEIR WEIGHT: The findings, from the 2017 LGBTQ National Teen Survey, found weight to be a top reason cited for bullying among LGBTQ youth, after sexual orientation and gender identity. More from UCONN Today.

  • And a new study from the Family Equality Council shows the gap in the number of LGBTQ parents vs. non-LGBTQ parents is narrowing, with millennial LGBTQ parents at the forefront of the change. More from Susan Miller (@susmiller) at USA Today.

POLICE RELEASE NEW INFORMATION IN 1970s COLD CASE MURDERS OF FIVE SAN FRANCISCO GAY MEN: A new police sketch of the suspected killer, known as “The Doodler,” is being circulated and a reward offered in hopes of closing the case. More from USA Today.

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Gay Times gives an explainer on the government-sponsored violence against LGBTQ people in Chechnya; Entertainment Weekly shares an excerpt from Dustin Lance Black’s (@DLanceBlack) upcoming memoir “Mama’s Boy”; Forbes interviews openly gay executive coach Jody Michael; The New York Times Style Magazine looks at the history of LGBTQ  representation in children’s books

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