#AM_Equality Tipsheet: February 7, 2017

by Allison Turner

NC stands to lose 133 NCAA championship events and $250m if HB2 is not repealed; Senate Dems hold floor all night to speak out against DeVos

NC STANDS TO LOSE 133 NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS AND $250 MILLION IF HB2 IS NOT REPEALED: Yesterday in a letter to state lawmakers, the North Carolina Sports Association warned that the NCAA will pull all of the state’s championship game bids through 2022 if HB2 is not immediately repealed. That could result in the loss of 133 events and at least $250 million in revenue, the association said. “It's far past time for a clean repeal of HB2,” said JoDee Winterhof, HRC Senior Vice President for Policy and Political Affairs. “Unless they act immediately, Senator Phil Berger and Speaker Tim Moore will be directly responsible for North Carolina losing out on six years of NCAA events and hundreds of millions of dollars. Make no mistake, the Republican leadership’s reckless and stubborn refusal to act is forcing the NCAA decision to take action and protect their athletes, employees, and fans.” HRC calls on North Carolinians to stand with Governor Roy Cooper and demand a swift vote to repeal HB2. Forbes estimated last year that HB2 had cost the state more than $600 million , and counting, in lost business.  The NCAA has already moved events for the current academic year because of the discriminatory law. More from HRC and The News & Observer.

  • Over the weekend, HRC held a political training in Charlotte for volunteers interested in getting into politics and fighting to repeal HB2. More from Time Warner Cable News Charlotte.
  • And in Texas: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick speciously claimed yesterday that SB6, the harmful, anti-transgender bill being considered by the Texas state legislature would not have an economic effect on Texas.  Lt. Gov. Patrick,  allow us to direct you to North Carolina. See above.

TUESDAY TWEET: In a final attempt to swing one Republican vote against Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, Senate Democrats held the Senate floor all night. Democrats shared the concerns of their constituents, who have been burning up the phone lines urging their representatives to vote against DeVos. HRC Senior Vice President for Policy and Political Affairs JoDee Winterhof joined a number of U.S. Senators at the accompanying rally outside of the Capitol. She shared details of a recent HRC survey highlighting increased bullying and harassment after the election, and the need for a Secretary of Education who will stand up for our most vulnerable students.

GROUNDBREAKING DOCUMENTARY ON GENDER PREMIERES ON NATGEO: Last night, Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric premiered on the National Geographic Channel.  The documentary not only explores deeply personal stories, but also the scientific, cultural and historical understanding of gender -- drawing on interviews with scientists, advocates, transgender and intersex people and their families. Couric will be honored for her work advancing LGBTQ understanding at HRC’s Time to THRIVE conference in April. More from People.

REAL DATA ON TRANS PEOPLE A POWERFUL TOOL IN TEXAS LEGISLATIVE BATTLES: Earlier this year, the National Center for Transgender Equality surveyed more than 27,000 transgender Americans -- including 1,490 Texans. The center’s data breakdown will be crucial in the coming battle in Texas against anti-transgender bills like SB6, Lou Weaver, Transgender Programs Coordinator at Equality Texas, told Houstonia Magazine. “This is huge—having the ability to be able to refer to numbers, saying ‘X number of people have suffered from this,’” said Weaver, a member of HRC’s Board of Governors.  “We can say, ‘well this is going to affect real people on a daily basis.’” More from Houstonia Magazine

TODAY -- HRC’S SARAH MCBRIDE TO JOIN WASHINGTON POST FOR ONLINE DISCUSSION ON THE STATE OF LGBTQ EQUALITY: She will speak with Steven Petrow (@StevenPetrow) today at 1 PM ET on WaPo Live. Watch here.

OHIO CITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT POSTS TRANSPHOBIC SIGN NEAR WHERE TRANSGENDER WOMAN MURDERED: The city council president of Olmsted Falls, Jay Linn, has put a cruel, transphobic sign outside of his business -- just four miles from where a transgender woman, CeCe Dove, was brutally murdered in 2013. There have been six reported murders of transgender people in Ohio since 2013. More from LGBTQ Nation.

HRC’S NOEL GORDON SPEAKS TO A&U MAGAZINE ABOUT HIV PREVENTION: HRC Senior Program Specialist for HIV Prevention and Health Equity Noël Gordon talks about his advocacy work, his upbringing and HRC’s strategy to achieve an HIV-free generation. Read the full interview here.

OPENLY GAY MAN BECOMES FIRST ELECTED IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Rep. Jason Elliott is the first openly LGBTQ legislator in the state -- hailing from an extremely conservative part of the state. The Republican lawmaker says he did not think his sexual orientation was an issue during his campaign. More from NBC.

LADY GAGA’S HALFTIME PERFORMANCE COMES AT IMPORTANT MOMENT IN TEXAS POLITICS: HRC’s Sarah McBride (@SarahEMcBride) writes for Newsweek that, “some of the best political art is often subtle in nature. [...] Singing about “transgender life” in Texas, whose state legislature is currently considering North Carolina-style anti-trans discrimination in Senate Bill 6, sends a powerful message to the young trans boy in Denton, Texas that he is loved and that he matters.” Read more here.

RUBY ROSE ON COMING OUT, BULLYING: Last weekend on TODAY, Willie Geist (@WillieGeist) sat down with genderfluid actor Ruby Rose (@RubyRose) to talk about her career, coming out and bullying. Watch the full interview here.

RESEARCH SHOWS YOUNG PEOPLE STRUGGLE FOR ACCESS TO HIV TESTING: A new study out of Baltimore showed those at highest risk for HIV tend to have lower HIV testing rates -- largely because it can be difficult to access testing. Young people, people of color and men who have sex with men who are particularly at risk for HIV often lack access to affordable testing. More from Reuters.


BuzzFeed profiles Anjali Lama, the Nepali transgender woman who walked the runway at Lakmé Fashion Week… Teen Vogue discusses Lady Gaga’s powerful message for LGBTQ equality in her Super Bowl halftime performance… The Fresno Bee interviews a queer, undocumented man about his health care needs…

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