#AM_Equality Tipsheet: February 11, 2020

by HRC Staff

Anti-trans bill defeated in South Dakota Senate Committee; HRC to honor SNL star Bowen Yang at 2020 North Carolina Dinner

IN A WIN FOR TRANS AND NON-BINARY YOUTH ACROSS SOUTH DAKOTA, ANTI-TRANS BILL IS DEFEATED IN STATE’S SENATE COMMITTEE: “Across South Dakota, transgender and non-binary youth and their families were able to stand up, make their voices heard and make a difference,” said HRC President Alphonso David (@AlphonsoDavid). “It’s heartening to see how strongly South Dakotans stood against HB 1057 and that elected officials in the state are standing up against the misinformation and anti-transgender attacks that came from the bill’s proponents.” More from Daily Kos, Dakota News Now and The Daily Beast.

TUESDAY TWEET -- I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE -- HOW NON-BINARY TEEN QUINNCY PARKE OF SOUTH DAKOTA FOUGHT BACK AGAINST THE HARMFUL LEGISLATION TARGETING TRANS AND NON-BINARY YOUTH: “Kids like me deserve the opportunity to consult with our doctors, our parents and our physicians to make the decisions that are right for us,” said Parke. Watch the video here.

HRC TO HONOR SNL STAR BOWEN YANG AT 25TH ANNUAL NORTH CAROLINA DINNER: The trailblazing comedian, writer and actor will receive the HRC Visibility Award on February 22 in Charlotte. “Through his hilarious representation on and off the screen, Bowen Yang is inspiring LGBTQ young people and many others to embrace their authentic selves,” said HRC President Alphonso David. “As one of SNL’s openly gay and the only Asian American cast member, Yang is boldly moving visibility forward.” More from HRC, Bustle, New York Daily News and Trilby Beresford (@trilbyberesford) at The Hollywood Reporter.

OVER 200 MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS IN THE SOUTH SIGN OPEN LETTER OPPOSING BILLS THAT TARGET TRANS YOUTH: “These bills run counter to the growing consensus in the medical community that improving access to gender-affirming care is a central means of improving health outcomes for transgender people,” stated the letter, which was coordinated by the Campaign for Southern Equality (@SouthernEqual). More from Nico Lang (@Nico_Lang) at NBC

2020 HRC YOUTH AMBASSADOR ASHTON MOTA IS WORKING TO SUPPORT INDIVIDUALS, PAVING WAY FOR TRANSGENDER RIGHTS: “Being able to be that voice and kind of be a role model for people that are figuring out their gender identity or just their identity overall is just like really inspiring to me,” said Mota. “Regardless of what other people think, you know who you are and you’ve always known who you are.” Mota will be speaking at this year’s HRC Foundation Time to THRIVE Conference, which kicks off Friday. More from Nicole Defuedis (@Nicole_DeFeudis) at the Lowell Sun

ACROSS THE COUNTRY, TRANS PEOPLE CHALLENGING BANS ON UPDATING ID DOCUMENTS FOR THOSE CONVICTED OF CRIME: While specific law language varies, The Marshall Project has determined that least 17 states automatically ban people with some criminal convictions from changing their name, either permanently or temporarily. More from ABA Journal.

FOR THE FIRST TIME, SAME-SEX COUPLES INCLUDED IN COUNT OF MARRIED WORKERS IN U.S. ECONOMY: Previously, only different-sex couples were counted. More from CNN.

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ACTRESS, AUTHOR AND ACTIVIST MARIA BELLO IS ENGAGED TO CHEF GIRLFRIEND DOMINIQUE CREEN: Bello was honored with the HRC Equality Award at the 2015 HRC Austin Gala. More from People.   


HEAR THOSE WEDDING BELLS? TODAY MARKS THE FIRST FOR MARRIAGE EQUALITY IN NORTHERN IRELAND: Robyn Peoples and Sharni Edwards will be among the first to take advantage of the new law. Read more about the couple from Suyin Haynes (@suyinsays) at TIME.

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